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I am so excited to introduce my guest.  I got introduced to him only a few months ago and it feels like I have known him for a long time.  I instantly could feel his light just radiating.  I could feel how much he was willing to give and share and contribute to others.  I was so attracted to his being.  I am so excited that he has agreed to be my guest today.

Jason Freeman equips people to do their imperfect best.  I love those words.  In their professional and personal lives.  He is a bravery coach and inspirational speaker.  He inspires people to get off of the sidelines of their lives and do their imperfect best.  One of the expressions I say all of the time is that we are all perfect with our imperfections.  So it’s so beautiful to have a guest who gets my philosophy.  Welcome Jason.

Jason:  Thanks for having me today.

Terri:  I thought we could begin with your story and then your why as to what you are doing.

Jason:  When I was born, I lost a little oxygen when I was little and developed a speech impediment also some coordination.  For years, I was down about them.  I then realized that all I had to do was my imperfect best to move forward and my outlook on life has transformed and so I want to share that with other people that whatever their problem is, that change can happen.

Terri:  I love this because as you shifted and accepted imperfection is perfect, you were able to not only amp up your life and the quality of your life, but now you can make an impact on others, yes?

Jason:  Definitely.

Terri:  When you speak and when you are out there as a bravery coach, who do you like to speak to and what is the big message.

Jason:  I love to speak to people who are willing to make a change in their lives.  The big message is not to sit on the sidelines and keep planning to add one day and take small imperfect steps to gain momentum in the direction in the way you want to do.

Terri:  Beautiful.  I was thinking about this when I was introducing you.  You are a bravery coach.  I have trained over 5000 coaches in my training school.  I have an email of 25,000 coaches, I have never in all of my experience meet anyone who has come across my path and said they were a bravery coach.  How did you come up with that?

Jason:  I came up with it because I realized that bravery is where people most need to listen to themselves.  There are no excuses.  Why things are possible and it takes true bravery to cut through the excuses day after day and take the smallest steps forward.

Terri:  Beautiful.  I heard somebody say something and I thought about you.  They said, I always say yes, even if I am scared.  Even if I don’t know how or think I am going to fumble or mess it up.  I always go ahead and say yes. It made me think of you.  Can you relate?

Jason:  I think it’s important to say yes to the things we really want to do in life.  But by the same token, I firmly believe we need to be clear on what we don’t want to do in life and say no to going down those paths.

Terri:  Thank you for that.  Say yes to the stuff that is juicy and exciting and challenges us, and then also have your clear boundaries on what doesn’t feel good or right.  Perfect.  If someone is tuning in and they are not so happy with their business or their life.  What is the best piece of advice you can give them in this moment.

Jason:  Life is about change.  That change is possible.  Their unhappiness isn’t permanent.  They have frustrating circumstances and they are not permanent.  They just need to the very next right thing.  I think so often we look at the five year picture of whatever, and we get really overwhelmed.

Terri:  What great advice.  It has been my experience too.  Something could seem like its going wrong or its overwhelming, and just that shift in my mindset, sometimes it’s just forcing a smile on my face and all of the sudden it changes.  Did you ever notice that with just smiling or changing your physical state?

Jason:  oh, yes, for sure.  Sometimes just taking a deep breath can be so powerful for changing.  Yeah, smiling.

Terri:  One of the things I will say about you is I can tell when I first met you, you had a sparkle in your eyes and a huge smile on your face.  It was so inviting and welcoming.  Do you intentionally say you are going to smile and welcome people?  How does that come to be?

Jason:  I realize increasingly I am interested in people and all the variations.  My human story is I just want to meet people and be with them and absorb their ideas.  I guess that makes me naturally welcoming.

Terri:  I believe that is key.  We can teach people a lot of skills and tell them what to say, I think the ability to be naturally welcoming.  I love those words, really brings people into our life and experience.  I am grateful you came into my life and my experience.  I know listeners are going to want to connect with you.  My only bravery coach I have ever met.  You are an inspiration and you really understand that imperfection is absolutely perfect.  How can people connect with you?

Jason: is my website.

Terri:  Freeman, isn’t that interesting.  Jason thank you so much for being my guest.  I hope you feel a giant hug from me. I encourage my listeners to reach out to Jason.  He is truly one of the most extraordinary human beings that I have had the honor of meeting.

Jason:  It was a pleasure, Terry thank you so much.

I have an incredible guest with me today.  This is someone I am honored to call a friend and introduce you to because she is going to provide value.  Her name is Marianne St. Claire.  She creates energy and passion.  As a muse, her unique zest for life inspires numbed out high achieving professionals on the brink of burnout to tune into their feelings and experience life pleasures from the boardroom to the bedroom.  She inspires her clients to deliberately pursuit pleasure and increase their willingness and capacity.  So they can live a liberated and free and easy life full of child like qualities of wonder and adventures and play and fun.  Her motto is your power is in your pleasure.  She has more than 20 experience.  She is a wife, life coach, massage therapist, she has assisted thousands of professionals.  The mystique of the muse is what makes her special.  She is highly sought after.  I have been doing radio interviews for years and years but I never had a muse on.  Marianne’s most recent venture is Two Muses.  A personally tailored life changing experience for the sophisticated client whose sumptuous lifestyle necessitates the feminine energy of the muse to increase their creativity to bring adventures to fruition.  This is rock and roll different.  Outside the box.  I have on my first muse.  Marianne, welcome.

M:  Hi Terry.  It’s a pleasure to be here today.

T:  Not only do I get to have you but I get to introduce the world to the muse.  Your power is your pleasure.  We are talking about boardroom to bedroom.  We have an interesting topic don’t we

M:  Let’s put everyone who is listening in this space of expansion.  We are going to expand and blow their minds and their world apart.  Let’s do it.

T:  I want to get into two things.  How did you get into what you do/ describe what you mean by muse?

M:  It’s been an adventure.  A calling with in me for many years.  Putting that mystique into words or a way to describe energy and how it flows has been a challenge because I live in the world of feelings.  As a muse, what I do is a little different than coaching in that it’s not coaching or counseling, its people come to me to get tapped into something, a stream of energy that is bigger and more expansive than where they presently are.  So, with that, feminine energy is our ability to create.  Our ability to be the essence of things that are going to be birthed into the world.  Hence the female and the womb.  A muse is that essence.  Tapping into the beauty and creativity and it’s something that with that mystique it’s a little bit out of the box.  It’s a tuning in and tapping in and boom the ideas spark.  Getting out of the realm of everyday and getting into a place that through play and adventure, that we spark something new that wants to come in.

T:  wow.  Now let’s get into the boardroom to bedroom?  Where did that concept come from?  Who should be the ideal client?  How raises their hand and says I am in.

M:  It means professionally and personally.  There is no difference in our lives that how we are in one, like being controlling, overworked, letting the masculine, more dominate the linear, we are going to show up that over when we come home.  We bring that more or less in our personal life also.  The boardroom to the bedroom is a concept I have been hearing for over 15 years in my head that we can live a life fully expressed, fully enjoying what we are doing from the boardroom to the bedroom.  It’s our ideal client would be that person who is feeling burnt out.  Stressed.  Like the mundane.  They are continuing going to work every day and they come home and their relationships are teetering.  Numbed out.  Not passionate about the things they are doing.  They are doing it out of necessity.  Out of responsibility.  This can be male or female.  That person who knows that there is something that has been calling them, but they just haven’t got the spark or the ideal to know what it is. Its there and they feel it but yet they haven’t been ready to birth it.  I love to really get my clients out of their norm and get out of their environment and then we find out through experiencing something new.  Openings for wonderful and exciting new concepts or new business ventures to come through.  It’s creating that space and you can’t create that space when you are trapped up in your heads.  The A type personality that is driven, goal driven, those are my ideal client.

T:  You stated that so beautifully.  What is your one really big goal?  What would you like to achieve and leave this planet with?

M:  People are experiencing pleasure.  That they understand that it isn’t in pain and moving away from pain, that life gives forth life.  It’s in the pleasure.  In the seeking to enjoy life and increasing our capacity and willingness to bring in more love and more experiences.  That is where we will change the world.  We will see new world opening up.  I just want to see smiles on faces and love and hearts.

T:  Smiles on faces!!  True heartrepreneur.  It’s been a delight to have you.  How can the audience connect with you?  I really do suggest that they do.  I value who you are in the world and this approach.

M:  One is by phone 386-466-6466.  Also, you can find me on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

T:  Pick up the phone and make the call.  Connect with Marianne.  She puts out great posts every day.  Thank you so much for being my guest today.  I look forward to having you back in the future.

M:  I will be honored to be here.  Thank you.

Do You Hate Your Occupation Every Monday?

Terri Levine with Heartrepreneur radio and I am glad you tuned it.  I am going to ask you how excited are you about your occupation?  I mean really excited.  Get honest about how you are making a living.  I want to ask you this because I am feeling so incredibly blessed.  I am really living the life I chose to live.  I am having a great time working with clients.  Having free time to spend with my family, community, spiritual practices and taking good care of my body and health.  I have time to be with my family.  I am feeling so blessed.  At the same time, I am also reflecting on what my life was like due to my work situation 20 years ago when it wasn’t this way.  My first book, Work Yourself Happy, my first book.  I wrote that when I found out how liberating it was to wake up and love what I do and wanted to help other people do the same.  So I recognize today the contrast of what it used to be like.  I hated work on a Monday morning.  I hated coming home from vacation.  I don’t know your desires, I just want you to have greater financial security.  I don’t know if you are male or female, but I will tell you Mary Kay Ash is one of my mentors, a man is not a plan.  By the way, a job is not a plan.  I really believe that we are all put here to do what is in our hearts.  To do what we truly desire and long to do.  It’s our passion.  It’s our brilliance.  We deserve to be paid well to make a great living at it.

That being said, are you excited and energized by your work each day?  Are you focused in your daily activities?  Really think about this.  I was talking with a client this morning.  She was talking about writing letters and sending them out.  It sounded really boring.  I told her not to do it.  I told her to delegate it or ditch it.  I love to work with my clients.  That is what I am brilliant at.  Coaching, mentoring, people and figuring out what their passion is and how to make money with that.  If it’s about something else like emails that have to go out, or anything like that, I don’t like it.  I don’t enjoy it and its not using my brilliance.  I learned a long time ago that in order to work less and enjoy the world more, the passion that I have and what I am brilliant at is all I should really do.  That’s it.  So I don’t like cleaning toilets.  I am not brilliant at it.  I don’t do it.  I hire it out.  Any task in my company that I am not truly brilliant and or needed to do, I let someone else do it.  Now, I choose not to have a job.  For me, that’s because I like freedom.  I like to be able to work anywhere I want in the world.  I like to work the hours I chose with the people I choose to work.  Also, I can turn up the dollars any time I want.  For me, it doesn’t work to be a salary slave.  If I want to make more money, I have to sell more, or sell something that is higher priced.  I just rather sell more whenever I need to.  If I need more income, I support kids through my foundation  All that means to me is I have to be willing to share more of who I am with people.  I wrote the book also a best seller, Sell without Selling lessons from the Jungle for Sales Success.  I wrote that book to really show people that you don’t need to sell.  You don’t need to sell anything.  All that you want to do is if you need more income and want to sell more products or units or services, you need to reach more people and you need to share with more people the result of what you do.  The best way to increase your income and the only way is to add more and more value.  Value is creating what your audience needs or wants.  What keeps them up at night?  What is the goal they want to achieve?

How Do I attract More Eyeballs To My Business Or Product

As you know, my other best seller, Turbo Charge:  How to Transform your Business as a Heartrepreneur.  I am honored about this book.  As I talk to people, I realize that their biggest need is how do I take everything in your book and dissect and turn it into something that I can generate income automatically and increase my celebrity.  What is my audience’s biggest question?  I got really clear.  What my audience really wants, is they want some systematized way that I have already done that I know is working that I can share with them so that they can get a lot more prospects and those prospects can be converted into sales without them having to sell them.  They want to increase their marketing expenses.  I can do all of this.  I can give them one tool that will get them a ton more prospects who say yes.  So, what I do in my 8 week master class webinar series is I just take someone.  Its only $1000 and I do a webinar with them.  For six weeks for once a week they are watching a webinar with my content to show them what to do so they get tons more eyeballs.  They can target their audience and from that they are then able to make more money.  It’s a very simple process.  I just teach that one thing.  I do what I am brilliant at.  It works for me every day of the week.  It works for my clients.  All I need to do is just share that.  I come from a philosophy of all I want to do is help people.  All I want to do is share with people.  So sales isn’t forcing something down someone’s throat, overcoming objections, manipulating, etc.  All I am saying is that I my name is Terri Levine and I help people increase their business.  I’ve got expertise doing it.  I’ve done it in 20 plus years.  I have helped over 5000 people and I am truly committed.  I don’t need to sell you.  I offer to you and show it to you and either you are going to see that transformation that I can create for you and say wow, I would love to have that or it’s not going to resonate..  I am not going to tell you it does and I am not going to overcome your objections. I am going to allow you to leave, to go.  If it’s not going to serve, it shouldn’t be offered to you.  If you say, I don’t eat gluten, I am allergic, I don’t say to you, here is some fresh baked bread.  If we get together and you are looking at my master class for $1000, you can weigh it and say does it fit?  We may say yeah, or nah, it’s pretty simple.  All I am doing is getting a lot of eyeballs that is the exact target audience and I am only focused on serving my clients and sharing what I do.  That’s all I do.  I share what I do when I serve my clients.  If I am going to talk to someone and they decide should I work with Terri?  It’s super easy.  Let me tune into you with my heart and let me be interested vs. interesting and let me hear what it is that you are trying to do in your business.  Or what is your dream?  Let me listen.  I mean actively listen.  Put everything else aside.  Put my ego and agenda aside.  My attachment to an outcome aside and just be here now.  Just really hear you and listen to you.  And if I think I can help you, I will tell you that.  If I don’t think I can help you, maybe I will have another resource I can point you to.  It’s simple.  I am happy to talk to you in a webinar.  Think about me just doing my brilliance.  I am brilliant and consulting and mentoring and also equally brilliant at hearing you.  Should you hire me?  I don’t know.  Let’s figure it out.  What are your goals?  Why is that important?  What’s in your way?

So, I also want to know, what are your goals?  What do you want to accomplish?  Maybe I can help, maybe I can’t.  I saw a post by someone I follow on Facebook.  He is a in your face, interesting guy.  He has seen a lot of my posts of Facebook where I talk about my no sell mentality.  He came out and said, what?  You need to sell.  I am going to sell!  I thought maybe I should clarify that.

We Sell Something Everyday

Things do need to get sold.  There is a want of selling without selling vs. pushing.  Let’s take it down to the basics in your household.  What do you want for dinner?  You say I don’t care, but you really do because you want Chinese.  Your partner says there is an Italian place and then you say, I heard about this Chinese place I read about it in the paper.  You are selling!!  You say Chinese is good, it’s healthy.  I am overcoming the objections.  Do I sell you?  Yes.  I bring it to you based on what your needs are.  I am happy to say hey, here is something I have that might work for you.  This is a potential solution.  Do I have your permission to reveal it.  Those are important words.  I do have a solution.  Do I have your permission to reveal it?  If they say yes, awesome.  If they say no, just as awesome.  I think its really important.

I watch Shark Tank.  It really resonates with me.  My favorite shark is Barbara Corcoran.  I think she is brilliant and down to Earth.  I was reading an article and she talks about a mantra that she has.  She talks about her fears and then she says I have a right to be here.  Well, so do you.  I don’t share it if it doesn’t make sense for the other person.  Let’s pretend I was selling a how to be a better blogger.  I am talking to you on the phone and I say to myself, they don’t need to blog, they just need this webinar, and it will be a waste of their time.  I am not going to say, do I have your permission to reveal how to be a better blogger?  It wouldn’t work.  I would listen to you and see if there is a match.  That is how it works.  You need to look at what you are brilliant at.  What connects to your heart?  What connects to your heart and your passion?  What feels good to you?  What makes sense to you?  What are you passionate about?  Anything that you are not, get away from that and turn it off.  Say goodbye to that.  I am against sales funnels.  I don’t like them.  I think they are offensive.  I want people to feel value and get massive value right away.  I want to give them something for free and then just keep moving them if its right for them into something else that might help them.  What most business owners lack are the right leads.  When they do have the right leads, it might not be your brilliance to do follow up.  It might not be your brilliance to pick up the phone and call every one of them.  It might not be your brilliance to write emails to every single one of them.  So, let’s stop hard sales.  Stop selling people and let’s get you into your brilliance.  Whatever that is.  I want you to love what you do.  Just as much as I do.  And to sell what’s in a customer’s best interest and to offer what is in your customer’s best interest.  To do more of it, in a lot less time.  You get focused on your brilliance.  I don’t want to spend time looking for who can I convert or close?  I am not interested in doing that.  So I want you to breathe this in and try it on.  Notice this week everything that you are doing.  Ask yourself, am I brilliant at this?  If not, dump it or delegate it.  Just imagine yourself only doing two things.  1.  Whatever your skill is.  How you make your living.  If it need you or not.  2.  Remember that in your business, since you always have to be marketing, you want to be part of the sales process.  Connect with people.  Heartrepreneurs try every day to make heart to heart connections.  That is what we do.  IF you have not created for yourself the work that comes from your heart and is your passion, reach out.  I can help you do that and turn your passion into profits.  Reach out in your business.  You are not doing seven figures and that is what you want.  I will help you.  I have invited you to my Facebook group.  We get so many great posts and conversations there.  It will bring you value.  Go to groups on Facebook and put in the hashtag heartrepreneurs.  Connect with me.  You will be part of a free Facebook group.  Lots of value and free help.  What I want for you is to live your brilliance and be your brilliance and stop doing anything that doesn’t make your heart sing.  I want you to be a happy Heartrepreneur.  I am glad you tuned in today and please take some action and share with others.

Signing out.  Terri Levine.  Chief Heartrepreneur.

We Don’t Have The Luxury Of Negative Thoughts

Hello Heartrepreneurs. It’s good to be with you. I am excited about what I want to share today. I often find myself saying to my clients that you can’t afford the luxury of a negative thought. Not even one for a second. I share with them the thoughts are the most powerful things. Just breathe it in with me. Whatever thought you take a moment and think or a second and think, significantly impacts not only emotions but your mind as well. Your physical body. What happens when a thought is put out there? Your body responds to the thought. Let’s play with this. I want you to think of a lemon. Did you have a reaction? How about fingernails on a chalkboard? How about an emery board in your mouth going back and forth side to side through your teeth. I think I have proved my point. Thoughts cause your body to response. They influence your emotions as well. Think of something you absolutely love and adore. I am guessing it creates a feeling or emotional response. Now think of something you hate. Another emotion comes up. So let me give you good news. You don’t have to change your emotions because your emotions actually follow thought. They go along for the ride. All you want to focus on are having the right kinds of thoughts. When you have them over and over again, you will have the right kind of business and life.

Positive Thoughts Creative Positive Results

It can be said that your positive thoughts create positive results and vice versa.
One of the things I recommend is that you imagine your favorite place. Maybe it’s in nature or by the beach or skiing or sitting in a park or walking along the river. Just imagine that for a moment and get into the feelings of it. Once you feel that, that is going to be your go to place. Any time you are having a thought that isn’t a thought that is going to move you or your business forward, then all you do is shift your thinking instantly to that favorite place. You will notice that your emotions will follow through. Let’s go deeper. You may be wondering why I am talking about this. I teach this all of the time. Everything that we do comes from working on the inside first. The outer actions of your business success come from your inner game or alignment. Anyone who is just teaching you actions is not helping your business move forward.
The human mind is designed to look for danger. Fight or Flight. As humans, we look for what’s wrong. Let’s face it, something is always wrong. Our minds, if we are not careful, they do what they do. They focus on negative. We don’t want to activate that. If you start focusing on the negative the mind will attract more negative. So, we don’t want to mobilize this fight or flight unless we are in physical danger. We don’t want this to happen all of the time. Cave people had to have this, we don’t anymore. In fact, when we trigger this response, it stops our body from being the best it can be. We start putting out chemicals that are toxic to our body. I don’t want to add anxiety or nervousness or tears to my life. So, I want you to notice whenever you are in a place where you are feeling fear or upset or anger, notice it and remember its coming from your lack of paying attention to your conscious thoughts. Any of these feelings like rage, guilt, depression, resentment, shyness, withdrawing, grieving, any of these and they are usually not very rational. Many times people get so caught up in these negative feelings of fear and they become habits of how they think. They literally become an addiction. Any habit can be an addiction. An addiction creates disease. Maybe you have an addiction. Either emotionally or physically or with your mind and you don’t even know what that is. But it affects your thinking. One of the addictions that I have had for many years that I work on each day and every day is my mind being addicted right. To proving that I am smart or I know something. That we are right mentality and having my body go I am right and I am going to fight for this, sure it creates a rush of adrenaline however its tied me up in negative thinking and my emotions get tied up.

Negative Thoughts Are Addictive

If you are going to move your business forward then you want to establish habits of thinking that move you forward. Most people are living not being conscious of their thoughts. Those negative thoughts are addictive. They can be called an addictive disease. Let’s really process this. Every single thing, everything begins with a thought. You may know I was a speech pathologist in my early career. I studied communications and neurology and one of the things I learned is nothing in the world happens, including language, without thought. A chair, your computer, the device you are listening to this show on, everything started as a thought that someone had. Then these thoughts generate ideas and in our society, ideas turn into reality. Edison came up with this idea of light bulb electricity. Ford came up with automobile information, etc. In your business, you are having thoughts all of the time. Some of your thoughts aren’t becoming real in terms of ideas, and some of them might be holding you back.
I want today for you to start having one dominant thought. That is a thought you can have over and over and over again until it brings you to the success you desire and deserve. So let’s just say that you decide to think of a thought of becoming a bestselling author. I want to be a bestselling author. You focus on that over and over and over again. A million times a day. And you start being more of that. Feeling it. Acting as if. Believing it. Be living it. So, don’t just believe it but truly start living as if. Accepting that it’s coming. Feel it abundantly flowing towards you. I am not talking about the secret or the law of attraction. I am talking about the action part of attraction. Yes, we can attract more of what we think about as long as we are doing as well. If I am focusing on bestselling author over and over physical manifestation start. I pick up my pen and write or I start keyboarding. Start thinking about what you do want. Your one focus. Start thinking about it all the time. When you start to have those worries or fears, just notice that worry and self-doubt all of those things I mentioned, they come from one thing: fear. When I learned from Zig Ziglar back decades ago, I learned that fear is false evidence appearing real. FEAR. All of those thoughts are just a series of thoughts. If you allow yourself to continue to think those thoughts, you will become that. If you are concerned about how little money you are making and are concerned about it you will create more of that situation. Your thoughts create your reality. Your reality is created by your thoughts. Right here and now at Heartrepreneur radio decide where you will put your focus. Not only do I want you to have that one dominant thought, I want you to go to that positive place in nature that we started with today. I want you to notice the actions that will bring you in the direction you want to go.
Let’s say I desire to be a bestselling author and I am thinking and vibrating and feeling it all of the time. Then I say, what actions can I take that are consistent with this? Here is why the secret wasn’t quite right in my experience. It brought about the law of attraction and an understanding of humans. I can’t just say today I want to be in Mexico. I can’t just say it. It doesn’t happen that way. Try it. Put yourself anywhere you want to go. Think it and feel it. You won’t get there with only holding that intention. You also have to look at activities that can move me towards it. I have this intention that was subconscious and now I have made it conscious. I am feeling and thinking it. Once you bring those intentions to your consciousness, the coolest thing that happens is all you have to do is ask yourself one question: What can I do to get there? I have to do something. What do I need to do? Now I am taking small action every single day. I always recommend small action. Baby steps. A little today, then tomorrow, then the next day. All of a sudden you will say wow, how did I get across this bridge? You will notice that you ended up in the place you wanted to be.
I want you every single day to notice whenever you have negative thinking. When it creeps in and says those things, don’t worry about the how to. It’s just the fight or flight showing up. Instead of living in this miserable way, live in this great way and quiet that voice and bring up that special place in nature. Feeling it and staying there. Be there. Staying there. I want you to remember that fear is false evidence. It’s an illusion. What we do as humans, we treat illusions like they are real. But they are just feelings. Decide to let it go. All you need to do to overcome fear is: You can realize you have fear. Big deal. Big deal. I am going to take action anyway and here is the coolest thing to share today. When you physically take an action and you move in a direction of what you do want, like bestselling author, the fear starts to go away. Absolutely. Fear moves when you take action and you’re gaining strength and confidence. It’s what happens. So, I am going to share a quote. It’s from Eleanor Roosevelt. You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, I lived through this horror. I can now take the next thing that comes along. You must do the thing you think you cannot do. Catch that. You must do the thing you think you cannot do. So that is my challenge to you. That is 100% my challenge to you. I want you to move through fear. And I want you to start acting by taking action. Accentuate the positive. That is the cure for what your fears are and what is stopping you. Start focusing on the positive and focusing on that one goal. Whatever you look for, appears. If you want to focus on the beauty of the roses, and how they are growing in the garden, you will find that. So, how you feel from the inside determines your business from the outside. How you feel depends on what you choose to put your attention on. Look around you. What is beautiful and positive? What is that image in nature that you are going to visit any time you need or want to? Don’t forget its ok to notice the negative. I am not teaching you positive thinking. Taking yourself to that positive image in nature, that is actually moving you in a more joyful direction. Remember this: The present is perfect. It’s your gift. The present is the future. The present is the future that you dreamed of a long time ago. Enjoy the future and take your actions and I will see you next time right here at Heartrepreneur radio.

What Does Your Work Life Balance Look Like?

Have you ever stopped to look at your work life balance? Business owners who are part of the heartrepreneur movement know that living a balanced life is one of the key concepts behind being a Heart-repreneur®.  When you have life work balance you are able to be more present and come from a more heart centered place and you then attract more of the right prospects and you serve your clients better as well.

Do You Have Life Work Balance?

As a Heart-repreneur® and business mentor I’ve found that most business owners are out of balance and don’t even realize that they are. When they are in this situation they end up not being in their hearts and often making poor decisions that aren’t in the best interest of their prospects and their clients.  Their businesses suffer and their profits decline. Customer service falls off. They feel stress and dissatisfaction with their businesses as well.

To help business owners measure the degree of balance that they have between the demands of work, family responsibilities and personal time and to become present and aware of their gaps between what they want and what they have, I created a quiz.  I want business owners  who want to join the Heartrepreneur movement to become fully aware of  these gaps so they can begin to shift their consciousness and bring into the light what is not quite right yet and take responsibility for creating more alignment in their business and their lives. This is more conscious way of doing business. It is the way Heartrepreneurs do business.

Work Life Balance Quiz

Measure your current degree of balance in your life and work as you look at the demands of work, family responsibilities and personal time. Answer each question with a number, with 5 being “always” and 1 being “never.”


Does your family complain that you don’t spend enough time with them?

Do you often feel anxious about the demands of your family?

Do responsibilities at home make you resentful?

Do you expect your family to adapt to your career needs?



Do you feel frustrated because your income is not enough?

Do you feel guilty about the time you spend on your career?

Do you resent having to bring work home?

Do you worry that your work interferes with family needs?



Do you feel there’s never enough time for yourself?

Do you feel guilty about taking a vacation?

Do you wish you got more exercise?

Do you feel you never get to do what you like to do?



A total score of less than 20 indicates you’ve learned to balance family, career and personal needs successfully.

21-30 indicates a good balance with some need for improvement.

31-40 indicates a fair balance.

41-50 shows that you’re barely managing the juggling act of home, career and personal needs.

Work Life Balance Tips

Want to get into life balance and work balance fast? Begin by keeping a journal for 3-5 days of how you are currently spending your time. Notice where you are spending most of your time. Is your time being spent on your life values and life and work priorities? Are you choosing in each moment with presence how to spend your time and being intentional in your choices?

When you compare where you want to spend your time and where you are spending your time, don’t get discouraged. By seeing the choices you are making you are bringing awareness and light to where you are currently at.  This information is allowing you to make changes. This awareness will create for you a “gap” – the difference between what you want and what you currently have.

Having identified what you want and knowing your current situation, you can now begin to change your everyday actions to move you closer to what you desire. It’s clear when you can see where you are and to be present to where you are at and where you want to be what you must do to move forward.

If you want some help on your journey, the Heartrepreneur movement can assist you to build balance between work and play and to create more joy in your life and to find more passion in your work and life. Don’t live your life out of balance. Live life full out with heart in all you do. Don’t let your life slip by with you saying “if only…”. Make a decision today to move you closer to what you want and to to be present with heart in life and work.

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What is your biggest life work balance challenge?