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Episode 23 Interview With Michael Tamez

Welcome back to Heartrepreneur Radio. This is Terry Levine, Chief Heartrepreneur Business Growth Strategist and excited that today I have a special guest with me. And I have with me Michael Tamez and he is a lifestyle expert, a wellness author, an echo consultant and a motivational speaker. Listen to this. He experienced a 15  year health and life transformation and this really captured my attention. So hold on, get ready.

On his incredible adventure, Michael lost an astonishing 105 pounds. Yeah, you heard me right, 105 pounds.  And he used food to heal his body and he also cured his life-threatening illnesses without medications and without surgery. Do I have your attention? I know I do.  Michael’s writing style is inspired by holistic health and wellness, green living and metaphysical spirituality which I know appeals to you. His books are infused with invaluable life lessons that are aligned with his purpose and Michaels mission is to inspire a permanent shift in the way people eat, think, feel, live and love. Perfect here for Heartrepreneur Radio. Welcome to the show Michael.

Michael:  Thank you so much Terry. That was an awesome intro. I appreciate it.

Terri:  Well I have to tell you. You totally caught my attention. First of all, let’s start with the health transformation in losing 105 pounds. I celebrate you, I acknowledge you, I honor you and I’m really excited to hear how this journey transpired and what occurred?

Michael:  It’s a long journey — 15 years about. I put on alot of weight when I was in my late teens due to a dysfunctional relationship I had and it actually manifested in other dysfunctional relationships because of that and I gained alot of weight in a short period of tie and I developed some health conditions because of being severely overweight and that’s the point in time where I had enough. And I actually fell asleep when driving because I had sleep apnea so bad and that was one of my aha moments.

Terri:  MMMM

Michael:  I had to wake up and do something. I was about 19 years old and I had all kinds of issues with my health so I decided to do start researching and learning everything I possibly could. I was educating myself and really learned alot and it enabled me to be able to share this info with people who may be experiencing health-related issues whether it is being overweight or having sleep apnea or diabetes or other lifestyle related health concerns. So I decided to find my passion in helping people and coaching them and I wrote a book about my journey about everything I learned and now I do blogging, I do all kinds of other stuff to help people on their journey, not only to weight loss, nutrition and healthy eating and all that but in other areas like financial health and relationships, vacation, career and stuff like that. I have a lifestyle approach.\

Terri:  I have goose bumps. 105 pounds is a heck of alot of weight. That’s a big accomplishment.

Michael:  It’s like a whole person.

Terri:  It is. I weigh 104 pounds. So I’m like that’s a whole me. And the fact that you figured out how to use food to actually heal your body. So talk a little bit about what that means.

Michael:  Yeah, it’s basically the concept of Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine. He said let thy food be thy medicine and medicine thy food.  That’s basically what everything that I do revolves around nutrition and wellness.  Because we are given this food — we have this food on the plant, herbs, plants, nuts, seeds, animals. We are given this food to heal our body and we turn to medication when we start experiencing symptoms to cover our symptoms. But that’s really all medication does. It doesn’t address the underlying imbalances that cause the situation. That’s why I’m encouraging people to go back to nature and get their cures and healing from plants, herbs and everything that comes from nature.  It’s there, it’s there for a purpose and I really see that our medical system is starting to embrace this more and turning from the side effect ridden medications to more nutritional healing based approach which is very powerful and I think is going to transform the medical system that we have right now.

Terri:  I want to speak to that and I’m so glad you shared that. So as some of the listeners may know, I have a neurological disease called reflex sympathetic dystrophy and after 6 or 8 years of trying every medication under the sun, including ketamine infusions which is elephant tranquilizer and it all having horrific effects and nothing helping, and being to the point of really desperation, almost giving up, I met someone who was a nutritionist who said, “listen if you just change the way you are eating, I’m not going to tell you I’m going to cure your disease, but I’m going to tell you you will have less pain.” I said I’ve tried everything, I’ve gone all over the world, I’ll try this.  And now it’s year 4 of eating in a really clean, healthy organic way with lots and lots of fresh veggies and a little bit of greens here and there getting rid of all sugars and all processed foods and all gluten and dairy and blah, blah, blah. For 4 years now, I have significantly less pain, alot more energy and people tell me I look better and I certainly know I feel better. So I’m a big believer and really excited to hear this. Now what are the titles that we should be searching under so I can grab a book. Cause I’m selfishly asking for me and I hope the listeners will too. But Terry wants a book.

Michael:  The name of my book is Transformative Nutrition, The Ultimate Guide to Healthy and Balanced Living, that’s my flagship book where everything, all the info I uncovered, all the stuff I discovered, all the research over the course of 15 years is all contained in that book.  Every word written there comes from my heart and it is written with the intention of making a significant and positive impact on every person, every reader’s life. So that’s again the name is Transformative Nutrition.

Terri:  I love it. Thank you. And by the way the title is brilliant and more of what I hear underneath this. I knew instantly I had to have you on my show. I can tell when someone does business Heart to Heart and from a mission and a purpose and I looked you up and was checking you out on the internet and your website and I’m like I have to have Michael on the show.  He’s definitely a heartrepreneur.  So Michael, if somebody is listening and maybe they work in a business, or they own a business, how can holistic health and wellness and green living and all of this, how can this help them do better day to day? Can it?

Michael:  Oh absolutely. It may actually be one of the motivating factors or one of the tenets or building blocks of creating a successful and sustainable business. Not only like going green and all that, but I’m talking about putting your health first, investing in your health. In my opinion its the most lucrative investment that gives you the most ROI available because when you invest in your health you are investing in a bright future. You can have all the money in the world, stocks, bonds, IRAs, precious metals, but when you invest in your health you have something that’s priceless and there are people who have alot of money but poor health. What’s the point in that? You can’t enjoy life. You have no quality of life that way. So I think taking care of yourself first and foremost, especially as an entreprepeneur or small business owner. You tend to put in lots of hours when starting out and you get stressed and burnt out and it’s very important to step back and see what can I do to do de-stress or take some of this tension away and get some me time. Schedule a massage, yoga class, or do meditation, things that we can do to put me first. Get the time so you don’t burn out and you create and manifest your goals in business and entrepreneurship.

Terri:  Perfect. Beautiful. Great answers, great responses.  So what’s the biggest thing that’s happening in your business or your life that you want our listeners to know about? What’s next for Michael on your journey?

Michael:  That’s a really really good question. Because I honestly don’t know. It’s been like leap in the net and that’s how it’s been for me this whole journey. I started out calling myself a health coach because I am certified. I did a year-long program to become a certified health coach but I dropped that title because it has negative connotation. And that’s because is there’s alot of MLM supplement companies and multilevel product and DVDS that label their sales reps as health coaches. They are MLM sales reps but they’ve given the name health coach a really bad connotation and people now see that name health coach and they are like this guy is probably a quack or phony and he’s just trying to sell supplements.  That’s the reason I don’t label myself a health coach anymore because of that. And rightly so, because all of the areas that I specialize in now and write articles about, it’s so much more than just health coaching, so much more deeper than nutrition and healthy living. Like I was saying in the beginning of the interview. It does deep like relationships and spirituality and finances and career and meditation. These are all areas that make us whole and complete and that’s why I’m now referring to myself more as a lifestyle coach or entrepreneur and helping people to establish that relationship with their body and with their life in every area of their life. That’s kind of where I’m headed right now and I don’t know what that is going to look like. But I like it.

Terri:  I love that you are open and just letting it flow which is one of the thing I encourage people to do. And I want to speak to the title health coach. And if you’ve listened to my show for a while you know I don’t resonate with the term coach at all anymore, even though I owned a coach training school for years. I’ve shifted to the word, for me, consultant. I am also a certified coach with 3 different coaching certifications and I don’t use the word coach exactly for what Michael says. So many people use the word who are sales reps, who don’t have any training. And you are right Michael. I recently was talking with someone who said I’m a health coach. And I said great! Tell me what you do with your clients. And she said they buy this supplement I sell and I try to get them on my team. And I said you are in network marketing.

Michael:  Exactly what I’m talking about. That’s not health coaching, that’s sales and marketing.

Terri:  Exactly. So I resonate with what you said. I just had to share that back. Totally totally.

Michael:  Thank you. I’m glad you get it. It’s rampant.

Terri:  It’s actually really sad because it changes the “profession” I’ve been in the profession for over 20 years and when I first got into it anyone who was calling himself or herself a coach back then was going through coaching certification of some sort and now it’s become a fad. Like oh I’ll just be a coach so I’m glad we brought this up. Thank you for that.

Michael:  Self-proclaimed coach. MLM products.

Terri:  Exactly, exactly. I hope that at some point in time that word coach will be a word that only certain folks can use. But I do think we are a long way off from that  so I’m glad this came up. How can the audience connect with you? I’m just very excited about who you are, what you do and I know there are people listening. I’m talking to you. Who wants to work on your health, your wellness, your weight, your illnesses because you guys reach out to me all the time. And I want you to connect with Michael. Michael, how can they do that?

Michael:  The best way would be to visit my website which is and on my website I have a ???? letter. Actually I have a free book that I wrote about going green. Making your own personal care and cleaning products and sustainability. It’s a really cool introduction into understanding how to live sustainably. It’s a free download on my website. It’s there. And I also write informative and in depth articles about certain areas of life. I’m on social media, facebook, twitter, linked in. So the website is definitely the best place to find me and all my work and platforms and connect with me.

Terri:  And can you give the name of the book one more time and where we can get it? I’m getting my copy of this book as soon as we are off. I want a copy of this book.

Michael:  Absolutely. It’s Transformative Nutrition: The Ultimate Guide to Healthy and Balanced Living and it’s actually available on my website, Amazon. It’s available in paperback and it’s also on iTunes and Barnes and Noble.

Terri:  Michael it has been a joy to have you and  I’m so glad I’m getting to know you and I’m going to read your book and I’lll probably reach out to you after that. Thank you so much for being here on Heartrepreneur  Radio today.

Michael:  Thank you. Absolutely feel free to reach out and if you’d like to have me back on your show that would be great.

Terri:  Excellent. I’ll definitely take you up on that. And once again for the listeners go over to Michael’s site and grab your free book and at the same time I recommend that you also get The Transformative Nutrition: The Ultimate Guide to Healthy and Balanced Living. Thank you listeners for being here with me today. Make sure that you actually connect the iTunes app so that you are certain never to miss one of our shows. They can automatically download right to your Ipad, to your phone, whatever you choose so make sure you connect with our show and never miss an episode. Thanks for tuning in and we will see you at  Heartrepreneur Radio next time.

Episode 22 Interview With Dr. Amber Robins

Welcome to Heartrepreneur Radio and thanks for tuning in for another episode. I am your host Terry Levine, the chief heartrepreneur and I am here today with my special guest who is Dr. Amber Robins and she is the family medicine resident physician at the University of Rochester, kind of close where I went to college, personal wellness and media coach and she is also an international best selling author of the The Write, the Write Prescription and what her hope is and what her personal vision is is to help to motivate others to achieve their best. And truly she is a heartrepreneur. Welcome to the show Dr. Amber.

Amber:  Thank you so much. Thank you for having me. I’m excited to be here.

Terri:  I’m excited to have you, really excited. So it’s such an interesting combination. I have to ask you, so you are in medicine at the same time you are interested in personal wellness and media. How does all that come to be?

Amber:  They are actually several passions of mine. So in regard to being a doctor I got led into that because my dad got diagnosed with a spinal cord injury really early on when I was younger so I’ve seen medicine all my life and I’ve also seen the importance of being well and making sure that you are taking care. Especially with medicine. And alot of doctors and just people in general get burned out so I see the importance of that and then the media portion brings everything together. I would say because I see patients come in the clinic but alot of the patients I’m trying to reach aren’t necessarily coming to the clinic so having the outlet of media and getting to people giving them good information about how to live their life in a healthier way, that’s important to me too. So the media gives me that outlet. So that works together I think.

Terri:  It does, it does. It’s just as though is interesting and I love to hear how people combine what they are interested in and why they got interested. So thanks for sharing that. I definitely want to hear…I’ve got to tell you the title of the book is awesome. The Write Prescription.

Amber:  Thank you

Terri:  That’s brilliant! How did that come to be? What’s included in the book? I’ve got lots and lots of folks that own businesses that need to write, want to write, some are writing books, some have books, I’d love to hear what that’s all about for you.

Amber:  So if you call a doctor or whatever they say can you put in a prescription for whatever, blah blah blah blah and I say well that’s a catchy thing that a doctor is also known for.  And the fact that I love writing and I love journaling and I encourage both patients, family members, friends to write things down and that’s a way to come up with a goal and actually meet the goal. So the book itself goes through my first year of medical school and the reason why I did it that way is because I wanted people to know that it doesn’t matter if its medical school, life or whatever, everyone has  a struggle.  So they way the book is set up is it starts out when I’m first starting and it ends when I end the first year. But within it are places where the reader can actually write down what is going in their life. They have different questions about what your goals are, what do you do when you are in a place of being scared or being discouraged, and then in addition there’s scriptures so those are the ways that I got through that year and I continue to get through hard times in my life and I felt that it’s always helpful to have someone there to hold my hand. And in my instances it’s been my family, my friends, but alot of people don’t have that so I thought I would be able to be their companion and walk them through whatever hardships they may have in life. So writing is the prescription to the ????

Terri:  I love it. It’s such a nice healthy prescription and as an author myself I journal like crazy and starting writing books after journaling. The journaling is a great process for me to get through whatever life’s curve balls are. So i  love it I love it. What’s it going to look like for you to motivate others to help them achieve their best. What’s your vision of doing that? What does it look like?

Amber:  It’s me actually talking with people about what their goals are and making sure #1 they are realistic goals and that we have things to do in order to get them. So action steps. And alot of time I find that people have goals, but trying to get there and coming up with those action steps is very very difficult and in addition having someone to be accountable to to make it there is difficult. Also, being able to talk with someone to encourage you. Finding an encourager is so hard. I would think its easier to do but it’s very hard to find someone who is there to say, “hey  you are doing a great job! Hey, you may need to tweak some things so that you can do it maybe a better way,” but really being there to walk someone through so they can get to that goal. So that’s what I would say it is that I do and what I’ve done with several of my clients. I  kind of walk with them and even my patients too and letting them know you can do it. You may go through difficult times, difficult struggles, but coaching them through that time and pushing toward the goal and toward where a person wants to be. So that’s what honestly I’ve done throughout all my life and now I’m making a part of my practice of medicine, how I coach, is just something I’ve naturally done.

Terri:  That’s beautiful. So you can give an example, maybe of the kind of work you’ve done with a client on that journey?

Amber:  So I have different things. So I coach through media someone whose interested in being more visible or someone whose interested in actually tweaking their blog. They have the goal that making sure the blog looks better or going on television, figuring out what to do in regards to segments. For myself I do segments and I’ve done several over the last year or so and then this goes more to the medical side. I talk to alot of people about weight and helping with weight management and going through different changes that they can do and seeing many people actually losing several pounds, 15, 20, 30 pounds.

Terri:  Wow

Amber:  By going through that process so it’s something that I’m really passionate about. I feel like alot of people are very hard on themselves and they make it wherever they need to be and I’ve found that that’s my life’s passion to help with that and it brings me so much joy so be a part of that, but also to empower someone to give that to someone else too.

Terri:  Hmmm. I love that. But with me what I love doing is the work that I do because it is a gift to someone else and then seeing my clients and bring that out to their clients is even a bigger gift.

Amber:  Exactly, exactly. The gift that keeps on giving.

Terri:  I love it. That’s beautiful. The gift that keeps on giving. So, if somebody is struggling with something in their business, their personal life, their health, their career, their relationships, how do they reach out to you? how do they get to know you or experience you?

Amber:  You can email me at and then you can also look at my website Also on Facebook you can find me on facebook too. I’m always checking all those things so feel free to contact me. I love helping people. I mean that’s why I’m in medicine, that’s why I’m in coaching, that’s why I wrote the book.  So I would love to hear from whoever is interested in talking with me.

Terri:  Yea. I just encourage people, one of the reasons that I really wanted to have you on the show is I went to your website. I was on your Facebook first. Then I went to your website and I just said “wow this interesting” and I love the name of your book. And where can people get the book? Why don’t you give the name and where they can get it.

Amber:  So they can get it actually on, type in the Write Prescription and Dr. Amber Robins and you’ll see the book come there. So that’s the place you can get it and then in the next couple of months and probably even continuing further than that, I’m going to be doing different master classes based on the book and just personal coaching and having all that available to people to bring what they really want because it’s hard for me to know exactly the goals of people as they go through the book individually unless I have contact with them. So bring whoever is interested together and really talking about what your experiences with the book and how we can get you to tht goal. So again that coaching piece. So you can contact me in those different ways and I would love to talk with you.

Terri:  And everybody remember it’s Write Prescription W R I T E and you know it’s such a rare treat to have an author who is actually willing to take you and take you through the book and guide you because it’s very different when we read a book than when we can actually have contact with the author. We can get some advice and coaching and speak to the author and ask questions. So that’s a real real gift. I’m going to encourage people to go get a copy of the book. I’m actually on Amazon right now getting my copy. So I encourage

Amber:  Oh thank you.

Terri:  Oh yea I’m excited to read it. I encourage you to get a copy, connect with Dr. Amber Robins on Facebook. Definitely go to her website like I did. There’s just great information and knowledge and grab a copy of the book and then take advantage of whatever she is offering and I just want to thank you.  I’m so honored to s peak with you and love hearing how you took things that you are passionate about and combined them together. It’s just brilliant and I hope it inspires other heartrepreneurs who are listening.

Amber:  Yes, well thank you for having me. I really enjoyed speaking with you and I’ll continue listening to your conversations as well. I love the content that you have.

Terri:  Awesome. Thank you. And for all of the listeners, please be sure that you do tune in every single episode. The best way to do that is subscribe right on I-Tunes. It’s the easiest way to do it and we love it when you share us on Facebook. We love it when you give us some 5 star ratings and comments. So make sure we’re sharing Heartrerpreneur radio. The goal is to create more people doing business heart to heart with transparency, integrity and results. Thanks for tuning in to Heartrepreneur Radio. Bye for now.

Episode 20 Interview With Dawn-Marie Mutell

Welcome back to Heartrepreneur Radio. I’m really glad you tuned in. It’s Terry Levine Chief Heartrepreneur. And I have someone I’m really anxious to interview today. I have so many questions so her name is Dawn-Marie Mutell and she is the founder and CEO of Life’s Necessities and Body Luxuries. So it’s a home, body, soul and lifestyling business and I had to have her on the show when I heard that description. I was like Wow! They actually call her a life commodities broker and she is very versatile. She’s a wardrobe styler, a personal stylist and a makeup artist. I want all of that. I’m just saying. She has over 25 years experience in fashion, entertainment, beauty and even an event planning businesses. As a young model and a dancer she aspired to be a dancer on Broadway and little did she know she’d be hit by a drunk driver at age 22 and her life would change forever. Her self-esteem crumbled and it took many many years to get back on track. And that’s when she decided to help others lead happy, fulfilling and beautiful lives. I am so excited to have you with us Dawn-Marie. Thank you so much for joining us.

Dawn-Marie:  Thank you Terry I’m honored to be here.

Terri:  I have to tell you I’ve gotten your file when we scheduled this and I looked you up on line and was all excited to have you and as I was reading your bio I was like Wow aspired to be on Broadway and then I was like oh my goodness. So, how did you literally, I have to ask you, how did you pick yourself up and move forward.

Dawn-Marie:  That’s really a good question. My parents taught me to be a strong-willed person and so that really helped me. When I was hit everything in the body went down and I thought okay the only thing I had was to aspire to be on Broadway. So I didn’t have a Plan B and my dad would always say have a Plan B. So I didn’t know what to do.

Thankfully I knew how to type. I was able to get a job actually working at some music store after that. So that helped me pick up a different avenue of where I would go.  So I wound up working in music business for quite a while.  I said okay I can’t dance but I can still groove to the music. And so that kind of kept me going. But I still felt there was something missing in my life and one of the things I loved to do was to help people and watch them flourish. If I can lift somebody’s spirits then I’m a happy camper. I tried to find ways to do that and I started to do commercials and getting people in the music industry networking to different nightclubs and so I could connect with one another because I’m a connector. And I still felt like I’m still not doing what I wanted to do so I wound up finding a program at FIT to be an image consultant certification for 2 years and I thought OH this is it.

I love fashion. My mom was a clothes horse and she really got me into fashion when I was a kid. Being a model when I was younger I was around makeup and fashion and I thought this could be a really great fit for me and that’s how I got into it and kept it going.

Terri:  Wow that is really cool. Thank you.  I always find it interesting when we are doing our thing and life throws up some kind of crazy curve ball. We never know what the heck life has in store. And not everyone can pick themselves up and keep and go forward and what I love is not only did you do that, but then you made that decision, I’m going to help others. So what is it exactly that you do? I’m fascinated.

Dawn-Marie:  Well I help men and women take the pain out of trying to get ready everyday. Whether they work out of an office or if you an entrepreneur and you have to go deal with clients or you maybe are a public speaker.  First impressions, I mean it used to be 30 seconds, now it’s like 3 seconds, you have to make a great impressions. So I help them build their wardrobes and one of the things I do is I do a let’s shop in your closet program where I actually go into their closet and really delve into it so they can see exactly what they own and what that may need to fill in there and I’ll take them personal shopping or I’ll shop for them and they can bring it home and try things on.

I also create new outfits from the stuff they already own in their wardrobes. They do’t have to spend any money. People think I can’t hire a stylist. It’s going to cost me thousands of dollars. No, I work with all budgets because I’m a very frugal woman myself and I never want to spend tons of moneys on clothing, but I always wanted to look good.  So I’ve learned the ways over the years of how to ???? a great deal and then chat with my clients about that as well. So we go through colors for your hair, your makeup, you really need to know what your colors are to look great all the time and make them build a capsule wardrobe which is 9 articles of clothing and you can make 30 outfits out of it.

Terri:  Ok, I’m going to need you. I’m telling you right now. I want that. I want that. So I think this is so important because everybody that I know male or female has got to have different kinds of clothing right? We’ve got to show up, let’s just say you’re an entrepreneur and you need to go to a speaking engagement and let’s say you are in corporate America and let’s say you are like aahhh I’m just going to be around the house most of the day but oh goodness I am doing a webinar and I’m going to be seen on camera, I’m always getting asked and I certainly don’t know the answers. What should I wear? What should I look like?

One of the questions I want to ask you, I’m so excited to ask you this. I work with alot of speakers and speakers constantly say I need a signature look. What would you say to a speaker who is listening and considering this signature look? What does that even mean? Do then need one? Male and female if you could.

Dawn-Marie:  Well it all depends on what kind of business they are in and who they are speaking to. So, what is their audience? IF they are a bunch of creative people that they are speaking to then your look can be very creative. But on the other flip side if your audience is very corporat3e, bankers, lawyers, then you are going want to appear a bit more buttoned up and more conservative. Because that’s how they are dressed and if they see you looking creative they may not trust and like you as much. So I always say there’s 7 different fashion styles and you can always mix them up and create your own look.

Terri:  7 different fashion styles? Say more, I’m very curious.

Dawn-Marie:  Yea, well you have the feminine which is you know you have alot more lace and details and a bit more ornate like maybe some different pieces on the shoes are a bit more ornate; then you have the sporty look where you may just have some khaki pants and the cool safari jacket; then you have somebody who might be more alluring which is the tight knit dress with a little bit more cleavage showing; or you may have somebody who is a little bit more creative where you may find like think of Annie Lennox; then you have these looks and you can pull pieces of each of them and intertwine them to create your own style which is really what I love to do because you should really show your personality I feel when you dress. You don’t want to conform to something you’re not. You want to be comfortable in what you wear everyday.

Terri:  I’m actually really glad you said that and the reason I say that is I love funky stuff, like really funky stuff and I wear funky stuff. It makes me feel good, it’s certainly part of my personality and many years ago I met a woman who was an image consultant who I didn’t resonate with by the way and she said “Oh you can’t wear funky clothes at your age.” Can we talk about that? Do you disagree?

Dawn-Marie:  I definitely disagree.

Terri:  Yeah!

Dawn-Marie:  I always say there are certain things that women and men should be conscious of when you hit a certain age. So I feel that anything over 40, I mean you don’t want to go wear something that makes you look like something that you’re not because that is really a bad look. So you can still have fun with your wardrobe, but you may want to tone certain things down. So you may not want to walk around with flaming pink hair if you are 60 years old, but you can maybe have something that’s pink, like a blouse under a jacket or some really cool accessory piece that has that color in it where you can still bring it in, but it’s really age appropriate. It’s not flattering to dress in something that you are not.

Terri:  I love it. It’s funny you mentioned pink because that is the color that I wear the most of. I’m like yes! Pink! I love it. So another question I have, this is all about Terry, I live here in Pennsylvania, we’ve got people listening to Heartrepreneur Radio from all over the place, what if we don’t live close to you, then what?

Dawn-Marie:  I do sessions over Skype, so I can work with you. They are anywhere in the world and we can always work with them.

Terri: That is so cool and I was keeping my fingers crossed, like I hope she says she can do that. That is awesome, that is awesome. What’s a couple of critical things that you may offer to anyone listening that’s concerned about what they look like and what they should do in terms of I’ve got to figure out what I should do in terms of my look and my hair, my whatever, what are a couple of key things you can tell folks?

Dawn-Marie:  Well, I always say to start with whatever you have already. So go to your closet and really make an assessment. So pull everything out, I know it sounds like a tedious task but once you do this you are going to be amazed. You are going to see all the things that you never wear.

If it’s something you haven’t worn in a year or 2 put it aside. Pull it out. Make 3 different piles, one to toss, one to donate and one that you made need to do some mending. You may have a great piece but let’s say you lost weight and it’s a little too big and bring it to a tailor and have them tailor it to fit you and you can still wear it. Or if you can sew you can do it yourself.  But always try on everything. Because you want to see. Does it really fit?

And then you want to check if the color, if it’s the right color for you and if it’s in season, what’s the palette for your wardrobe plan? Check the line and the texture. The line is the center ???? So if you know your body type which is really another important piece of the puzzle, then you know certain things than you can wear and certain things that you can’t wear with your body type. So, you may have things in your closet where whether you went up a couple of pounds or down a couple pounds either way they are not going to fit you properly so carve them out and maybe you can give them to your neighbors, friends or family or donate it to Goodwill what have you.

Also as I’ve mentioned before, that fit your personality today. Maybe you worked in the corporate world 10 years ago, but now you are more of the creative type and those suits are not going to fit your wardrobe, but you might be able to take the jacket and not the skirt or pant and vice versa and still be able to utilize it in your wardrobe.

And does if fit your lifestyle? How much do you work in a week and do you have kids and are you at their soccer games? If you are a stay at home mom you may be doing  more of those activities and your wardrobe may want to reflect that and you may not be going out as much. So you may want to think about those types of things.

Also the weight of the material is very important too because if you are a petite woman and you wear very chunky sweaters you are going to disappear in those types of things. So you have to keep that in mind when looking at your wardrobe as well.

Terri:  Perfect, perfect. Wow you have given so many tips. I’m so excited. I’m so glad to get to know you and I just knew, I have to get Dawn-Marie on my show. I just know she is going to bring a ton of value and man you have. So how can people get in touch with you and what’s the best way of reaching out for help

Dawn-Marie:  Well, they can do 2 things. They can call me directly and the number is 727-858-3515 or they can reach me at my website at and that’s all spelled out or they can email me at

Terri:  Perfect. I love the name of your business too.

Dawn-Marie:  Thank you.

Terri:  Your website is awesome. So first I just want to say thank you Dawn-Marie. Wow, there’s been so much valuable information and I’m actually really really excited and am going to give you a call myself. So I recommend to my fellow heartrepreneurs, male and female, I think we can all use some expert advice in this area. Wouldn’t it be cool if you just wake up in the morning, you’ve got these outfits, you know what goes together, you know which pieces, I mean I’m just very excited about it. So make sure you reach out to Dawn-Marie and Dawn-Marie thank you so much for being a guest here on Heartrepreneur Radio today.

Dawn-Marie:  Well thank you Terry I really appreciate that.

Terri:  And to the listeners. Make sure you tune into each and every show. You can simply subscribe to the show and that way you never miss an episode. I have some more amazing guests booked. So share, tell your friends and everyone keep tuning in here on Heartrepreneur Radio. We’ll talk again soon. Bye for now.

Episode 19 Interview With Sally Thibault

Hello Heartrepreneurs and welcome back to Heartrepreneur radio. It’s Terry Levine and I have a special guest with me today. You are going to enjoy her and you are going to want to pay a lot of attention for this interview. So my guest today is Sally Thibault. She is a professional speaker, a counselor, author, certified EFT practitioner and a woman success mentor. She has over 35 years of experience in the health and wellness areas. As a fitness instructor, trainer, tv show host, she facilitates the reclaiming of your passions. They are designed for business woman who want to reignite their passion, power, and purpose to create meaningful success and purposeful life and work balance. So she has been feature extensively in Australia, National and local media, I could go on and on. I want to get right into the interview. Welcome, Sally. I am so glad to have you with me. You have so much going on. Thank you for making time for me.

Sally: Thank you for having me. It’s a great honor to be here.

Terri: I am really excited. There is a piece we didn’t talk about. All of these other things that you have done since your son’s diagnoses of Asperger’s. There is so much you do and you are so full of helping people and to giving people. What do you do for you? How do you reignite your passion, power and purpose?

Sally: Thank you for that question. I am focused on self-care. I have a daily routine. I am an early riser up at 4:30 and 5:00. I meditate and tap every morning and I work out about 5 times a week. So, things like that to me are essential when you want to give to others. When I am with clients, one of the things I focus on most of all, if you want to serve others, you must look after yourself. Those are just non negotiables.   It’s simple because I don’t have children in the house anymore either. I can live more selfishly.

Terri: I want to highlight some of the things you said. We have all kinds of business owners listening. A lot of us, fall out of routines and I think what you said, the words, non-negotiable are so powerful. It’s really simple yet really profound which is if you are going to serve others, you have to look after yourself. I think that is so brilliant. Talk to me about the reclaim you. As soon as I heard that name, I just got goosebumps. What is that program?

Sally: I have a great belief that success is not changing who you are, it’s reclaiming who you are. We are all born with amazing abilities that serve us. We need to go back and reclaim those aspects of us. Raising a child with Asperger syndrome, I learned early on that in order to be present for my son and help him navigate his world, I had to be a whole human being. A whole mother. There were times during those years, he is now 31 and about to get married. He lives in Montreal now. The times when I was most shattered, as I like to say, were the times when he was most stressed. I learned that early on that I needed to be myself. Not anybody else. In order to truly connect with him on a heart level. We are heart centered people. When our hearts our whole, we attract people into our lives. I don’t like to be anybody different. We have to say, here we are. The shattered pieces. We get lost in life.

Terri: I like the concept of reclaiming who you are. I was thinking, yes, part of my journey over the last two decades, really has been picking up those pieces of me that I forgot and so the word reclaim really fit. The other thing that is so true to me is when you are heart centered and authentic and transparent, and you are focused on living in the present with your heart, with knowing who you are and what you passion is, oh my gosh, the universe keeps sending you more of that, more of that, more of that.

Sally: That is the law of attraction. You attract to you. I believe change happens through you not to you. Whenever we are going through a massive change in our lives, we simply need to get quiet and ask what do I need to heal with me in the moment. If you have a block somewhere in your business, instead of looking outward all of the time, look inward and ask yourself the right questions. Where am I creating this pattern in my past? What do I need to heal in order to allow to let go? This is some fabulous research about the impact of our heart engine. It reaches out about 9 feet from us. So whatever you are feeling in your heart, you can question it out in a radius about 9 feet around you. If you walk into a room and you can feel certain energy. That is the same with us too. Whatever we are feeling internally, authenticity, we know what that is because heart centered people feel that. They just know it. They sense it. When you are working an event and you meet people that you resonate with and some others you don’t, you feel that energy. I believe, Terry, I think we are being called to step into their true sense of who they are right now because we need leaders who are heart centered and authentic to change what is going on in the world. We are being called to do this.

Terri: I couldn’t agree more. I love how the universe works. Right before our segment I was chatting with someone about the fact that their organization they need to change all of the leadership and my question was why? They said we are not heart centered leaders. Because of that we are losing customers and we can’t complete business that needs to be done. Whether its politics or something else, it needs to come from the heart. I am glad to hear that is what you talk about. You mentioned asking a question that I loved. What do I need to heal? I want to have the audience to note that. Write it down. It’s really brilliant. Look at what is happening in your life. Look at the patterns that you don’t want that is not quite right yet. Look at what you are not attracting that you really want in your business. What do I need to heal? You had mentioned that you and your husband have been married for 35 years. Congratulations. You are now discovering a new passion, power, and purpose for the next stage of your lives. Could you talk about that?

Sally: We both hit a major decade birthday this year. My husband is ten years older than I am. What I love about this time in my life, we have three children. Two now have made their home in Canada. We live in Queens and my husband is Canadian. Two have made their homes in Canada and one is lives here. She just announced that she is moving to Canada. So, my husband sat down and said, ok, what do we do? We don’t want to give up this life. We love living by the Ocean. We also want to be able to be free and travel and spend time with the children. We are building a new business. We looked at everything we didn’t want in our lives. What is wonderful about this stage of our lives, the majority of the mindset has always been, when you reach 60 you are thinking about retiring. Well, that is the furthest from what we want. I ask myself, where is my passion. Because we don’t have children in school and worrying about dance lessons, the money we make is about what we want to do. We continually ask the question, how can we best serve ourselves now in this stage in our life? What are we going to do? We are looking continually at what is my passion, purpose and power? We are continually re-honing our business to do that. Thank goodness for the internet where we can connect in ways we couldn’t do before. A perfect time for us to reclaim what we want to do in our lives.

Terri: I have goosebumps. I honor and celebrate that. Our time just went so quick. I want you to know that just in this conversation, I am feeling more passionate. I hope the listeners are excited about rediscovering their passion, power, and purpose. Sally, how can they connect with you?

Sally: On Facebook Sally Thibault or I would love to continue the conversation.

Terri: I appreciate you being here. I wish you and your husband happy, wonderful birthdays and I look forward to staying connected to you.

Sally: Thank you I feel the same.

Terri: Thanks to the listeners and come back to Heartrepreneur radio and share us and let others know about the great people that come and visit us and create value for each of you. Thanks again Sally. Bye for now.

Episode 18 Interview With Dr. John McGrail

Heartrepreneur_John_McGrailWelcome to Heartreprenuer radio. I am excited to be back with you. I have someone today who teaches something very simple and yet very profound. His name is Dr. John McGrail is a renown hypnotherapist and a self-improvement expert and spirituality teacher. He promotes and teaches precepts. Life is supposed to be fun. As Heartrepreneurs you know that. That is why I have him here. He has helped thousands of clients and students and all walks of life, find their fun. He does this in his clinical practice and through self-improvement and seminars and workshops. He has a book exclusive synthesis approach that integrates science, spirituality, transformation and listen, the things we all want in our lives. Balance. I have to tell you he is really a featured expert. He has had his writings featured in major print like Time, Readers Digest, Cosmo, Redbook, Chicago Tribune, Huffington Post, etc. He is here right now and his book, we will get into and talk about The Synthesis to Direct Path to Personal Power and Transformation. Welcome!

Dr. McGrail: Thank you so much I am delighted to be here today.

Terri: I found you online and sort of stalked you for a while. The whole philosophy I believe so strongly is life is supposed to be fun. Let’s talk about how you resonated with that and then your approach.

Dr. McGrail: First, I am not sure I came up with that slogan. I may have learned it along the way in my studies. What it means is not an endless series of hedonistic parties and just a big ole bash. What it means is when your life is working the way you want it to and you have balance working for you, then when you get up in the morning, you look forward to the day. You like the way you are treating yourself. You like the relationships you have. You love what you do, hopefully. Most of us, have to earn money. It is the nature of our society. When all of that is working, you look forward to the day. You like the people you are hanging out with. You like what you are doing for a living. It creates an enormous feeling of well-being. I don’t know the whole no pain no gain thing. It’s not supposed to be that way.

Terri: I couldn’t agree more with that. That way bugs me. My very first book I wrote about 20 years ago, Work Yourself Happy. I was living a miserable life and I didn’t understand the whole concept that life was supposed to be fun. It wasn’t fun.

Dr. McGrail: I had a similar experience in my earlier career. I have had several careers. I was in a similar place and I see this over and over again with my clients. People who are trying to live up to the expectations of others. Family, or society, memes, and they are miserable because they are not being true to themselves. When you live your life the way you want to live it, my favorite quote, There is only one success: To live your life in your own way. When you do that, it is just amazing how flow. How you begin to manifest in every way possible. That is what it is all about. That is what my synthesis process is all about.

Terri: Please talk about your synthesis process.

Dr. McGrail: It came from my terror, if you will at trying to find a topic for my dissertation. At the end of my PHD studies, I had done all of these research papers and now it’s time to do something original. I thought what do I have to contribute to the field of human beings. What am I going to add to this? I was really terrified because I couldn’t come up with anything. Call it divine providence, an inspiration, I thought I have over 1000 case files in my archives. I realized that most of my clients do very well, and some do ok. There are only a few that don’t do so well. I said, let’s see if we can find the common denominators for those folks who really excel and get through the process quickly, those that do ok, and those who don’t. What are the differences? After reviewing over 1000 case files, certain elements seem to come forward over and over again. When you balance Western thinking which is puristic, I will believe it when I see it. When you balance that with what we might call more indigenous or Eastern thinking, which is the exact opposite. You use tools like hypnosis, which is a tool a state of consciousness, meditation and a variety of other models I began to put together. When you bring them all together with your conscious mind, your logical thinking, and spiritual mind that is when things really begin to cook. That was the common denominator which was the birth of synthesis.

Terri: What can we get if we pick up your book The Synthesis Effect? Who should be reading it?

Dr. McGrail: I would like to say everybody. There is no silver bullet. What the book does, is it’s designed for anybody who feels stuck in any area of your life. It doesn’t matter because the common denominator of being stuck is explained how and why we get in these pickles. How did I get this way? Most of my clients don’t know. They say for as long as they can remember. I take them through the process of understanding how our mind works and is programmed in our positive and negative patterns. Once you get that, you say, it’s not my fault, even though I did it. Then the book provides a set of tools to use to change that and then a process through which to use the tools. Three parts: Create understanding, present the tools and techniques, and here is how to use them. What happens is the reader actually begins to do the process of synthesis themselves. By the end of the book, you are well on your way and are synthesizing a life that you feel is fun. I am gratified to say that you have an intention when you write a book. What you want it to do but the proof is in the pudding. The reviews on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, are great. It works.

Terri: I love it. Not only the concept of what you teach, I love the title. As soon as I read it, it resonates with me. How can people get the book?

Dr. McGrail: It is available online on Amazon and both in paperback and ereaders. It’s not in stores anymore until the second printing. For those who prefer to read it in Chinese, there is a version published in China and it’s completely Chinese.   The Synthesis Effect or just my name Dr. John McGrail. I have a challenge for everybody. I hope the listeners will take advantage of this. If you buy the book and do the process just like it’s laid out, if after 30 days you don’t feel a change in your life, you send me proof of purchase and I refund your money. Read the book do the exercises as they are laid out. If you don’t feel a change, contact me. I have not one reader ask me for their money back yet. I don’t mean to brag. I got lucky. I don’t know what guided me. Sometimes I can’t even believe I wrote it. It’s one of those incredible moments. So that is the challenge. I hope you all take me up on it. I am confident that you will feel better. You will have some powerful tools.

Terri: Wow, I have never heard that author make that claim. I will go get this book and I will work through the process. Thank you so much for being here on Heartrepreneur radio. Is there any other way for people to connect with you?

Dr. McGrail: Thank you again, for inviting me. I can be reached through either of my two websites: or There is tons of information. I have a new video on YouTube. The Better You is the name of the series on YouTube. If anybody emails me or calls me, you will get a personal response. I personally respond to every single inquiry. I don’t have my people do it. If you have any questions about the process or about finding professional help if they need it. Sometimes a book is not enough. I am happy to provide that absolutely free.

Terri: You rock. I got the book and am going to take the challenge. I am suggesting that you all do the same. Thank you so much. I know you are very busy.

Dr. McGrail: Thank you again Terry. It’s been a delight.