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I am very excited to have a special guest with me today.  A guest who I really believe can help you in your business.  I have Caitlyn Doemner.  After studying at Oxford University and getting her MBA, Caitlyn launched virtual coaching sales and that was back in March of 2013.  Listen to this woman.  Within two weeks, they had sold over $250,000 for their client.  That turns me on.  That is why I asked her to come.  By December of 2015 they closed over 3 million in new business for their clients.  They also generated a million for themselves in their first 33 months of business.  I know that you have been listening to the show and you know how few businesses do a million.  Especially female operated business.  Caitlyn is the author of the Unseen Sales Machine: How to scale and automate your high end sales.  And something that speaks to me:  Sell with heart.  How to grow your company with love and authenticity.  Her vision is to empower entrepreneurs to become CEO’s by scaling them out of their own sales process so they make more money doing less selling.  I know you all want that.

Caitlyn and her husband outside of LA with 4 kids and 11 chickens and 4 turkeys.  I am so happy to have you.

Caitlyn:  Thank you so much for having me Terry.

Terri:  You are welcome.  Let’s jump right in.  What kind of sales was your client doing?  All of a sudden you have $250,000 in two weeks.  What kind of sales?

Caitlyn:  Her name is Margaret M. Lynch and she is an expert speaker and the author of happy into wealth.  She helps people unblock their money mindset and step into their power.  Financially and personally.  It’s in the coaching industry is where we started.  We worked with many great people.  We really have been blessed to work with amazing female coaches in the industry.  We support them in their sales.

Terri:  What is different?  Coaches out there trying to sell themselves.  What is the secret sauce that you bring?

Caitlyn: I have to admit, when I first started virtual coaching sales, it was when my coach asked me to sell for him.  He wanted me to sell for him.  I told him, I don’t know how to sell.  I told him I never sold anything in my life.  My background was academic.  I was afraid of selling.  My business partner at the time was this coach’s sales consultant.  Together we came up with a two part model.  Find the problem and then create a solution.  I thought, I would love to do that.  So I scheduled an appointment for my boss.  The thing I wish someone would have told me at the time, all that work I was doing was actually selling.  It took me a long time to recognize that selling is not some secret formula.  It’s simply listening really well to what people need and want and then coming up with a solution that is profitable for you and fits in their value equation.  This two part model, setting the appointment, then closing the deal on the second call, it really broke the sales process into two very easy to do pieces so that nobody felt they had to take them from a cold lead to a closed deal.  It’s very grueling for a single person.  Also, it provides a level of credibility for the closer and the coach we are doing this for.  We have 3 degrees where if the first person can’t get through then the second and third may try.  It provides a level of consistency and reliability to the sales process.  This is something many entrepreneurs lack.  There is no system in place to make sure that leads are qualified and educated and engaged and invited into the program day in and day out.

Terri:  I love this.  I have trained 5000 coaches so I know this is something they need.  I will say it resonates one of my books is Sell without Selling Lessons from the Jungle for Sales Success.  It’s all about what I call Heartrepreneur selling.  Being connected and selling with your heart.  Let’s say someone is listening and they are a coach, consultant and they are sitting here going I would like to have $250,000 in a couple weeks.  I would like to have 3 million.  What is the first action they need to take?

Caitlyn:  The biggest thing is for them to understand who they are serving and what that person wants.  I find that too many entrepreneurs love something.  They love coaching people and they want to help people unlock their potential and then they make up a system.  They say I am going to make a yearlong program or a six week program.  They create it in a vacuum.  They assume people are just going to come to them and buy it.  Then they twiddle their thumbs and wonder why nobody is showing up.  I tell them, you have to listen to the market.  You have to build in response to what the market is telling you what they want and need.  I encourage them to start with a sales survey.  The biggest mistake most people make is they sell to their friends and family instead of selling through their friends and family.  Referral of a Lifetime by Kim Templeton.  Buy this book.  It changed my life.  Make a list of 250 people that you know.  Tell them what you are doing and who you want to serve and why this is so important.  Send it as an email.  Then get on the phone with them.  Tell them you would love to ask them about the industry.  IF you can serve them, great, if not, maybe you can get referred by some of them.  You need to hear about what people want.  Then you can get them on the phone and you can say, hey, this is what I do.  Then you ask them specifically, if I am a life coach, what do you want in your life?  What would you pay to get in your life?  What is their goal?  When you are new to selling it seems scary.  But really there are only 6 elements to every single sales conversation.  There are three pairing.  The first one is goal and motivation.  The goal of what they want.  The motivation is why they want it.  You have to know what motivates someone to move forward.  If they say I want to make $250,000 then that is the goal.  Then you have to ask them why is $250,000 so important to you.  What would it allow you to do?  They will tell you maybe, a dream home, get their husband home from work, family vacation, etc.  The second pairing is challenges and pain.  Challenges is what is keeping them from the goals.  The pain is how it is showing up for them.  Why is this a problem?  I can’t reach $250,000 because….then you figure it out.  They don’t know how to close a deal or to get a system in place.  The pain is well, it’s keeping me from that $250,000.  So that is the cost.  It’s costing them $250,000 every year if I don’t solve this problem.  The third pairing is desired solution and their budget.  Then you can easily go into well, tell me, what would you love to have as a solution to this problem.  If I can help you do XYZ, would that fit in?  You get them to tell you what they want and what they are looking for.  I would focus on this sales survey process, when you are talking to people, always try to get them to tell you an end result.  At the end of our time together, what would you like to achieve?  Get them to fill in the blank.  You don’t want them to say, well, I want 250 one on one hours with you.  That is the problem with a lot of coaches assume they should have an hourly rate.  No, you build a packet.  Then you charge them for that end result.  You don’t charge for the process.  They say well I want to make $250,000.  You say:  perfect.  I will get you a program that will get you there.  Then you can go into the last piece which is their budget.  You say, what are you thinking in terms of getting this amount?  How much is this worth to get this figure next year?  It’s harder if you are a life coach or spiritual healer to quantify the value of what you provide.  I hear that a lot.  The opposite is true when I am telling people about the money I can make for them.  I tell them I can make you a million dollars next year.  I tell them i am going to make you happier, healthier, more marketable, a better relationship with your husband, your children.  Money is only a placeholder for value.  You have to connect that value back to what is this worth?  When you can understand that.  You said, well I can make you $250,000 and you say, how about 10%?   Would that be a good deal for you?  You give me a dime I will give you a dollar.  They say yeah.  Survey your market, understand the end result that people want and then create a value proposition that is a no brainer for them to move forward with you.

Terri:  Wow! I took notes.  I recommend that everyone listens to this again.  Caitlyn you have brought so much value.  I am going to walk away with a much better understanding of how to use a sales survey.  I have not used them in this way.  Speaking about the end result and creating the value proposition.  Money is a place holder for the value that you bring.  I love that you also talked about creating the package that gets them to where they want to go.  Everyone needs to have this as a take away:  Charge for the end result.  Not the process.  We are out of time.  I have to say thank you thank you thank you!!  This has been incredible.  How can people find you?

Caitlyn:  We offer free copies of our book on our website  You are welcome to download them for free or go to Amazon for $20.  Just send my team a note.  We have information at  We would love to talk to you about how to grow your business.  In coaching or any other industry.

Thanks for tuning in.  I am really excited about today’s interview.  I came across Gayle Katz and thought she has to be here.  She helps others to discover that they are not as fat, ugly and stupid and they think they are.  Let me tell you why that resonates with me.  I grew up with that story in my head.  She is a recovering self-depreciator, I guess I am too.  She works hard every day to not let her past dealings with toxic people interfere with her happy, present life.  If difficult people have put you through the ringer, chances are she’s been there.  She has been blogging not too long ago.  She wrote two books designed to help you with toxic people.  They draw from her experiences over the past 30 years.  She is not a psychologist, but what she has done is developed real life strategies to deal with the toxic people in her life so she can live a great life.  She shares that so you can live a great life too.  Gayle, welcome to Heartrerpeneur Radio, thanks for coming here.

Gayle:  Thanks for having me.  It’s great to be here.

Terri:  I am so excited to have you and I am being transparent with my audience.  I did grow up being told I was fat, ugly and stupid.  Even though I was underweight.  I believed I was fat and then I got fat.  I love when you say recovering self-depreciator.  I have had toxic people in my life.  First of all, talk to us about what do we do, how do we notice if we have toxic people?  How do we push them out?

Gayle:  There are so many ways that somebody can be toxic that it’s much simpler to look at your reaction to them.  So, if you are feeling sad, or angry or upset, or hating yourself after talking to someone, chances are, the person you are talking to you may be toxic to you.  They are inherently making you feel bad.  That is not a good thing.  You want to live a great life and want to be happy.  If there are people who make you feel those not too good feelings that is not good.  As for getting them out of your life, that is interesting.  It took me 30 years to figure that out.  I grew up in the same environment.  I was overweight and my father always let me know that.  You are not the only one.  I am not the only one.  I finally realized that.  The first thing you really need to do if you are in the middle of a situation, you need to diffuse the situation and take out the tension.  If you are in the middle of talking to someone who is making you feel bad, stop doing what you were doing and try something new.  Such as when you are in a conversation with someone, and they are trying to push your agenda, or they are saying something nasty, you can say, you are right.  Whether you agree with them or not, how can you argue with someone who is telling you that you are right.  Some people might have trouble with that.  In those situations, you can say things like I understand.  Or can you explain that.  The beauty of those phrases is that it shows that you are listening.  These people that are making you feel back, they just want people to listen to them.  They might even be flattered that you are listening to them and taking their suggestions seriously.  Those little words can change the whole dynamic of a conversation.

Terri:  I am sitting here and I am like shaking my head up and down saying, I recently got rid of someone toxic and it took me almost 2 years.  I knew they were toxic and couldn’t get rid of them and finally, I just stopped arguing.  Whatever he says, whatever.  I am not going there and not going to get into it anymore.  It made him almost give up.  He told me one time, you are impossible.  I am like, hmmmmm, it’s because I am not arguing.  I wish I had you because I would have taken all of the power away.  This is what I love about you.  You give simple easy strategies and you are not coming from a psychology background.  I would rather have someone who has experience and living a happy life.  Who do you specialize in?  Who do you like to work with and why?

Gayle:  I like to work with women.  We have a way to internalize this bad toxic behavior and they don’t understand that it’s not their fault.  Toxic people driving you crazy have issues themselves.  Whether they had a fight with their partner, their career didn’t work out, whatever, it’s not you, it’s them.  It has nothing to do with you.  That is the key that a lot of people miss.  They internalize it.  You need to embrace how you feel.  If you feel sad or angry, you need to express that.  It’s a feeling.  You don’t want to bury it inside you and express it.  Embrace how you feel.  You need to let it go.  And you are in a situation where somebody makes you feel angry.  Those things are ok.  Just don’t hold onto it.  Typically women have more of an issue with that.  A lot of men let it roll off of their back.  In some cases, they are still affected.  It’s really people from all walks of life.  It feels like this is a sickness.  I think people forget that it’s not about them.  Then they internalize it and they forget who they are.  What I try and tell people is you need to take those words, express how you feel, then let it go.  Put yourself first and do something that is constructive.  Don’t do things like what I used to do.  I would eat too much and make myself sick.  Or drinking, or hurt yourself.  Do something that will make your situation better.  Something you enjoy.  If you don’t know what that is, try new things.  I started learning Spanish.  It can be as easy as jumping in the shower and letting the water hit you and just experience.  Just keep trying.  Maybe it’s exercising.  Planning a weekend getaway.  Getting lost in a movie.  Once you take the emotion out of everything, and you are back to center, you can figure out what to do next.  Do you want to keep the relationship and save it?  If that is the case, then you need to say something.  In some cases, these toxic people don’t even know they are toxic.  If you are not getting anything out of the relationship, then cut it off.  There is no shame in that if they constantly make you feel miserable.

Terri:   Brilliant.  Great advice and so logical.  You get to make the choices in how you want to react or respond.  Women are different I agree.  Our stories are deep.  We breathe them in deeply.  I know from growing up with being fat, ugly and stupid, it took me years to get that out of my head.  The stupid part didn’t leave me until about 15 years ago.  Somebody said something and they said stupid and I became a raving lunatic.  My husband told me to calm down.  I couldn’t stand to be called that.  I have a PHD.  I am not stupid.  My husband helped me with that.  People don’t choose to be toxic.  There is something going on with them.  They are not born wanting to cause trouble.   This rocked.  I could talk another hour.  I would like to bring you back.  How can people get in touch with you?

Gayle:  You can visit my website called  and there you can hit up my blog and you can grab a freebie that will help you frame your toxic person and how to deal with them.  It’s kind of like a toxic person survival guide. and you can check out my books.

Terri:  Thanks for joining us here today.

Gayle:  Thanks for having me.

kristie kennedyWelcome to Heartrepreneur radio and I have a special guest.  Her name is Kristie Kennedy.  She is a licensed image enhancement consultant. A certified Women’s Wellness expert.  She provides confidence and clarity coaching to female leaders, executives and business owners who are being the world’s best kept secret and are ready to claim center stage of the leading lady of their own life and powerfully shift in their mind and magnificently shine.  I am excited about this interview because I know many of these women and I have a feeling some of you are listening.  Let’s pay attention to some of the brilliance she can bring us today.  Thanks for joining us.

Kristie:  Thank you for having me.

Terri:  I am always curious.  What is your background and experience?  What did you do to get here?

Kristie:  I was the fearful one.  The timid one who never raised my hand, so I understand the internal fears and how you can become a prisoner in your own home and in your mindset.  It wasn’t until my later years that I realized I no longer wanted to be in prison.  No longer wanted to blend in a crowd in a room.  I wanted to be the centerpiece.  I dedicated the rest of my life to helping other people who are like me.  Shy and on the inside and need a little push to get it out of them.

Terri:  wow.  What is it that makes you so passionate about your business?  I can hear the passion.  I was looking at your sheet and what popped out was amazing.  So much passion.  I see it in your photo.  What is the passion that is driving you?

Kristie:  When I came from an environment where I was labeled as not being the smartest one in the room, people had no idea that I was multi-talented.  I didn’t even know it.  I know the power that resides on the inside of us when we take time to discover it for ourselves.  We are our own heroes.  We are looking for someone to say pick me or choose me on your team even though I may be the ugly duckling or whatever it may be.  I am for the underdog.  I know what resides on the inside of someone who may be overlooked or casted aside because the y don’t verbalize.  I am an introvert but a powerful speaker.  Most people don’t think that we don’t have things to say.  We have mounds of things to say.  We take time to feel people’s heart and their pain.  We have the empathy for others.  That is where it comes from.

Terri:  People sometimes laugh when I tell the audience this.  I have been speaking on stage since age 5.  Some audiences as big as 5000 in a room.  I say to people, I am an introvert.  They will laugh.  I really am.  My preferred way of being is quiet and myself.  Put me on a stage, and I have a lot to say.  I am resonating with this.  I do have a question, I always hear as a business coach, I hear life issues as well as business.  I always hear the reasons people can’t do things.  Can you speak to the women in particular who step up and get stopped and their momentum gets stuck.

Kristie:  Just recently a lady in boxed me about being stressed out about wanting to run and hide in her life.  It’s so easy because women wear so many hats.  It’s not secret.  You have to be strong and for the woman who feels like she is stuck, it’s just a mindset.  I tell people, in your mind, especially if nothing massive has occurred by being passive, you have to recognize that if you are going to be great, it’s going to be a fight.  Fight for what you believe in.  Fight for your dreams.  On the inside, there are limitless possibilities.

Terri:  I am going to repeat a couple things.  Write this down.  Nothing massive occurs by being passive.  One of the key quotes that I have heard here.  I love this:  Focus on something other than the problem.  I think that is a big part of the problem of keeping people stuck.  They are just focused on the problem.  It keeps running in their head.  What are some of the mental obstacles, what are some of the things that people are saying to themselves?  They can hear how they do that?

Kristie:  I am not good enough.  I don’t have enough.  My mentor told me when I first started, never allow money to dictate what you do.  Or listen to things said in your head like, I don’t know certain people. I can’t even get in the door.  I hear those things all of the time.  I had to decide what I wanted in my head.  I would say to myself, I want to be on that platform and I wasn’t going to stop until I got there.  When I have something on my mind, I become fixated on it until it comes to fruition.

Terri:  Power of persistence.  You have some of the best language.  If there is a message that you want people to leave Heartrepreneur radio with today and breathe it in and get it, what is the message?

Kristie:  You can live large and in charge.  Create the life that you desire and that you love.  By design and not by default.  The life you live right now, you can create by design and not by default.

Terri:  You remind me of someone.  I am writing down your quotes.  I don’t do that often.  Les Brown and you are very alike.  You are a female Les Brown!

Kristie:  I love him and just ordered his book yesterday.

Terri:  I am going to call him and tell him I have met his female counterpart.  You are amazing and I know the audience is going to want to get in touch with you.  What are the best ways to do this? 

Terri:  Who is the right person?  If someone is listening and thinking I got value from this, but am I the right person Kristi can help?

Kristie:  The ordinary one with big dreams ready to do extraordinary things.  Ready to work with me.

Terri:  I hear your passion and feel your passion.  I can tell that you are doing the work you do.  I call a person like that a heartrepreneur.  They work from their heart.  I am glad to know you I am speaking to all of the women in the audience.  You are going to want to connect with her.  Thank you Kristi.  I have a page of quotes.  I don’t think I have ever sat and written quotes in twenty years.  I have a list of your quotes that I know that will empower me.

Kristie:  Thank you for the work you do.  Thanks for having me.

Today I am going to help you make more money by shifting the ways you think about selling. I know a lot of people think that sales is a negative four letter word. My experience is that it is a fabulous four letter word. When you sell something, you are able to help that person by serving them. Selling to me, is replaced with the word, serving. If you take your products and services and you bring heart to them, honesty, integrity, authenticity, then you are not selling. You are not trying to pressure people and do a hard sell. You are coming from your heart. You are doing a heart sell. Selling is about moving people and its firing them to take action on something they already need and something they already want.

One of the biggest issues that I have seen with sales and sales presentation and you know all of that is either people do nothing, they are like oh wow you want my product, then call me. Really? People don’t do that because you haven’t served them. Or people talk too much and overcome objections and try to convince people. So, first be honest with yourself. What do you think about sales? How do you feel? Do you say you are not good at it? I don’t like it. I can’t stand picking up the phone. What is that for you? We all have our own story. Take a look inside yourself and notice the story. However we feel and identify ourselves, that is what we achieve. If you believe that I understand that sales is service and it comes from the heart and I want to serve, I want to serve from authenticity, truth, and integrity and if you come across that way and you see and feel yourself that way, you will totally be able to sell without selling. You might have read Sell without Selling. Lessons from the Jungle for Sales Success, my book.

Take Your Passion For Something And Share It With Others

I don’t think any of us were born in the world to be a great salesperson. I believe we are all born however to have a passion for something and to be able to take our passion for whatever it is and share it with other people. You do need to learn how to do that. You do need to learn how to take your passion and bring out to others. You can’t just bring it out to others if you don’t embrace and fully believe and acknowledge and understand the concept that when, hey, when I share, I guess you can call it selling. There is nothing wrong with selling. The thought of selling is fine.

Let me tell you, you are already selling. Have you seen a favorite movie and told you friends they need to see this. Or your partner asked you where do you want to eat? How about Chinese they say? And you say, oh how about an Italian restaurant that I heard great things about and I want to try it. That is selling. It’s not manipulating or pressuring. It’s speaking truth from your heart. Zig Ziglar was one of my early mentors and Zig really taught me that when you focus on helping other people achieve their goals then you achieve your goal. You get what you want when you serve, serve, serve, and create value. Value. I really mean this. It’s literally taking yourself and looking at how can I serve people? Give them, share, whether I let them sample my products or services. I give them a taste. I invite them into my store. I give them a few minutes of a massage. I give away some free coaching. An eBook. A book.

Right now in this moment, what is holding you back from serving people? You have a story or few its not just me. The whole universe has it. There are all kinds of stories. Those are things you believe. Once you start affirming that it is my responsibility to serve, which is sell, once you start affirming, every day I will help more people. Every day when you reaffirm, people give me money because I serve them. You will make more money. Every day that you focus on being authentic and in truth, you will make more money and you will be reaffirming your ability to do this. So today I want you to write down the stories in your head. Come on. What are the stories? I am not good at sales. I am not going to be able to do this. It’s difficult, blah blah, blah. That is all it is. Then start shifting to, I like to serve. I choose to serve. I am excited. I am authentic and I want to make a difference to people. My products and services do that and I am going to share them. Right in this moment, I want you to amp up and shift your beliefs. Make your beliefs really resonate with you. Make them become what you choose and want to believe.

The purpose of serving others is to be able to deliver your products and services. I am always great at give away, give away, and give away. Why do I give away so much? Because I know that I like to serve and it comes from my heart. I know that when I believe serving and selling is the same thing, then I get to impact massive numbers of people in the world and make a true difference for them. So, I want that to happen for you. What can you begin to think right here right now?

Focus On The Client And The Sales Will Come

Let me give you one right now. I am going to share one. When I shifted my thinking years ago from oh, I have to make the sale and make money. I shifted to: I am going to focus on the prospect. I am going to give and share and add value. Nothing more. That’s all I am going to do. I stopped thinking about any attachment to the outcome. Stopped focusing on it. My focus became let me add value to a customer and share. You know what, I became top salesperson in the company. I won all of the prizes and everyone said, wow, you can really sell. I remember laughing to myself. I stopped selling. All I did was add value, value, value and kept helping other people, other people, and other people. Whether on the phone or in person, I just focused on adding value.

That’s what I want you to do. Take the focus off of you and put all of the focus on adding value and what can you do today? To make a real difference to someone else? I want you today to go do something for someone else and add value. A current client or prospect. I know this is going to increase your business dramatically. I know. It’s happened over and over and over again. Take the focus off of you and put it on someone else. If you don’t have a copy of Selling Without Selling. Lessons from the Jungle for Sales Success, you might want to pick that up. Thanks for tuning in today. It’s a pleasure being with you on Heartrepreneur radio.

Be A Celebrity In Your Niche

I am glad have you back and joining me and delighted that you are amping up your business.  Turbo Charging Your Business and Making the Shift to a Heartrepreneur.  Really breathe in the words heartrepreneur.  It lets you enjoy your business more than ever before.  Achieve what you want in your business and overcome the blocks and limitations that have held you back so you can create your business your way.  From your heart.  You know before we get into the gist of today’s show, take a minute.  Visualize yourself having more income.  Having more sales.  More revenue and more profits and actually having all of this with ease.  I really want to help you shift and transform your business.  Every time we get together here, I want to assist you further and further your journey.  So that you can really understand how to bring heart into business and to make the connections that you want and to truly be noticed in today’s marketplace.

In order for you to rise up to the top, and for the marketplace to notice you, you want to be above an authority.  A lot of people talk about authority.  An authority is someone who has an expertise.  Right?  I am an authority in financial planning, health and weight loss coaching, business consulting, whatever it might be.  There is something bigger, better, greater, beyond that will totally shift your business.  This is where you are at the pinnacle.  The pinnacle in a field that person will attract the most business.  They are at the top of the field making the bulk of the money.  I want that person to be you.  Inside of you there is a calling to be a more conscience leader and to business more heart to heart, more integrity and more authentically.

I want to help you to get to the pinnacle and to become a celebrity.  What do I mean by celebrity?  The celebrity in the field is the one that everyone knows.  Who is the guru of life coaching/ most likely you will say Tony Robbins.  He is noticed in the marketplace.  The marketplace gets excited and choses him.  He can charge anything he wants.  He is the chosen one.  Think about the word celebrity.  That word is just like the celebrities you are familiar with in movies, print, television.  People love famous people.  In our society, we are attracted to famous people.  As I am here with you, and you allow me to help you get position, you are going to be right at the top.  Take a moment with me and I want you without thinking, go right from your heart, not in your head, and name your very favorite celebrity.  Go.  Ok.  The person got positioned as a celebrity.  It didn’t just happen overnight.  They got there.  The celebrity might not always be the best of the best in their field.  They might not be the best at fashion design, relationship consulting, speaker, it doesn’t matter.  Once they got to celebrity, they are magnetic.  They pull people towards them and this, this, this is the concept of reverse marketing.  People coming towards you.

Think about your own marketplace.  Your own niche, your own specialized field.  Who is the celebrity in your marketplace?  Who is the top of the top that people think of?  If you look at life coaching, look at Tony Robbins.  How did Tony get to be who he is?  He did something.  He positioned himself.  It’s about positioning yourself.  He did infomercials.  He invested in infomercials and they literally positioned him.  The question I want you to ask yourself is how can I position myself?  So that the marketplace truly, visions me and sees me at the top.  Now, we are heartrepreneurs right?  So positioning for this is different than for a large corporation.  We are not going to spend thousands of dollars on branding and positioning.  If you know me at all, you know I am all about low and no cost marketing.  Let’s remember, we don’t need to do that anymore because we have the internet.  The internet gives us the opportunity to position ourselves as the celebrity.  The internet allows us to impact our marketplace and have them seeing us the way we want them to.  Now, please remember, it’s authentic and honest.  You want to identify the kind of characteristics your marketplace wants.  You want to be the person that the market is looking for.  Of course, having the highest intrinsic value.

Why become a celebrity?  Because you are sought after.  People flock to you.  I want you to ask yourself three questions.  You might want to journal these.  Who is your ideal target audience?  If I say to you I am going to make you famous, what can I make you famous for?  And going back to your unique positioning, how are you different from other people?  Target audience.  Famous for.  Differentiation.  Those three things.  You might say, I don’t know how to be famous.  The truth is you get what you focus on.  If I never saw myself impacting millions of people with my messages, my products and services, that would never happen.  I didn’t do that for fame or money.  I did it because I have a burning passion.  To impact people.  You need to amp up your mission, your vision, your passion, for what you are doing.  If it’s important enough, you will want to be sought after and famous so that you can impact masses of people.  What makes you different?  What is your core unique positioning statement?

I want you and you want you to be positioned above everybody else.  So that core unique positioning will help you become the expert.  You simply take your core, unique positioning message and you put it into everything you do.  That is your brand.  Social media, signature files, business cards, blogs, audios, website, everywhere if you have a store, in your store.  Everywhere.  Everything must reflect that same core unique positioning because that is the desired perception.  You want your audience, listen carefully, you want your audience to perceive you as a celebrity.  Before they even do business with you!  You want people to be able to hear you, see you, know about you, experience you, trial your products and services so that they say this:  They say wow, this the leader.  This is the expert celebrity in the field.  I want to either follow them, know them, hear them, be with them, to buy from them.  This is pretty exciting stuff…just so you know.  It’s not that hard to be a celebrity in your field.

If you have the book, Turbo Charge, how to transform your business as a Heartrepreneur, open it.  Start at page 31 and read the entire section which ends on page 40.  It’s short and simple and it’s all there.  I also recommend you actually go to Amazon when you get Turbo Charge, and get the audios as well.

I am glad you tuned in today and I look forward to serving you in the next episode of Heartrepreneur Radio.