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Episode 17 Interview With David Barnett

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Hello Heartreperenuers. It’s Terry Levine and thanks for tuning in to Heartrepreneur radio. I know many of you are very curious about selling your businesses. I’ve never been able to get a great expert to share their knowledge. That changes today. Today I have David Barnett. He has been evaluating businesses since 2008. He is a certified machinery equipment appraiser since 2009. He was the first person in his market to earn the certified business intermediary designation from the international business brokers association in 2009. He has worked with clients on transactions and that led him to the field for preparing businesses for sale and helping owners maximize value. I am excited about that. In 2014 he formalized a process to help businesses systematize their operations and formalize their organizations in bite sized steps that required minimal disruption of operation. This is getting to be really exciting. I want to tell you about his first book. It came out in 2014 and was an Amazon best seller. Today I invited him to talk about 2016, how to sell my own business. All of his books have achieved top selling spots in Amazon. I know David is busy. He does all kinds of things.   Workshops, business acquisition, a YouTube channel, and a blog. David, thanks for taking time out of your day to join us here today on Heartrepreneur radio.

David: Thanks for inviting me.

Terri: How did you and why did you resonate with the concept of selling businesses. How did that show up for you?

David: It started because I was brokering debt solutions for small business owners. People were coming to me looking for ways to get money to start or expand their business. Increasingly, they were looking for money to buy businesses. What I noticed was there was a real lack of expertise in my market to help people do this properly. I saw a lot of poorly structured deals. I saw that many had no idea of what they doing. So I jumped into that field. I was in the industry from 2008-2011. I ended up leaving that business model behind me and now today what I do is work with people around the world to help them sell their own business. Instead of being a broker.

Terri: The reason I am stoked about this is very often I talk to business owners of all kinds of businesses and they don’t have an end game. A lot of them are getting older, don’t have an end game. So let’s talk about both. What would you advise to someone who is starting out and what would you advise to someone who is getting towards the place where they should think about selling their business.

David: I tell people in my workshops and seminars, that you should have a plan for getting out of your business as well getting into it.

Terri: I am glad you said that.

David: A business is an asset. It is something that you own that is supposed to generate cash flow. When I owned my business brokerage and people were coming in to sell their business, they had one of the five top reasons to sell. Those were burnout, divorce, poor health, relocation and retirement. Four out of the five have nothing to do with how old you are. Four out of the five are not things that we plan for. I always advise people that if they are consistently considering the sale of the business and keeping their business in a saleable condition, not only will it be easier to sell when the time comes, but here is the great part, if your business is ready to sell and you have systems in place and everything is ready and you can hand over the reins to someone else, you will end up with an easier, manageable business in the present paying you more to own it today, regardless if it sells or not.

Terri: That is fantastic. That is important for people. I go with Steven Covey. We wrote a book and he said, always start with the end in mind. When someone is going into business, I ask them what the end game is. I know that there is a lot of coaches, consultants, speakers, trainers, authors, or beauty salon owners, so if they are in their business and working by themselves. They are in their 40’s and not thinking about down the road, what are some of the things they should be thinking about today.

David: I like how you bring up the individual operator. I had a meeting yesterday with someone who has a partner and the two of them together have a small business that generates the same amount of money they would earn working someplace else. One of the first things I had to get their mind around is if they are in a business and are earning the same amount of money that you would working for someone else, you don’t actually own a business, you own a job. If you own a job, whether you are going to have to sell at the end of the day. It is going to come down to the assets. I say to people, if you want to build this into something saleable down the road, we have to look at ways to scale your business and take advantage or leverage the efforts of other people. The chiropractor who moves from the solo practice to the office with several other practitioners, massage therapists, etc. all working together, he is actually able to earn money off of the efforts of other people. Now we are talking about a business. There is goodwill now that someone else may be interested in paying for in the future.

Terri: What percentage of people actually go in business and start with an end game?

David: I have no idea what the number is I just know that it is really rare. For me to run into somebody who gets into business with the end game in mind. Most people get into business simply because they are trying to replace an income from a lack of employment. What I notice though is that as you get into bigger businesses, the people involved in private equity and private investments, those people, their whole business is figuring out what someone else might want to buy. Then they go and try to assemble or build it. They shine it up and make it look good just so they can sell it. You see that more in the upper middle market space. Not so much in small business.

Terri: Makes sense. So, if someone is curious who is listening to our show and wants to know more and reach out to you, what do they do and who is the ideal person that should reach out to you?

David: Anyone who is thinking about what selling their business may entail, you should go to my website   I break down the selling process into five steps. The first step is education. There are easy links to my blog and YouTube channel. It has 80 videos on buying and selling businesses. As well as links to my book and a free copy of 12 things to do before you consider selling your business. It’s a place to learn about the transaction and what it is going to look like and how it is going to be set up. For most people, who have never bought or sold a business before, it can be very different. People can imagine it as selling a house or a car, it isn’t the same at all. It’s quite different. When you sell a business, you get into financing terms. It’s so difficult for buyers to get financing to buy business, the seller needs to look at ways of being the bank themselves to help the buyer by receiving payments over time.

Terri: I have a lot of notes. I have sold my own businesses and I am learning quite a bit here. I want to thank you. By the way, I love the name of your website. I always teach people to say exactly what it is on their website. Great example of a website that does that.

I am going to suggest that my listeners check this out because I don’t care where you are going into business, in business, in your exit plan, I have learned a lot here and I have sold businesses. David I am going to turn those people over to you. You can help them in ways that I can’t. I am glad I got to know you. Thank you for being here.

David: Again,

Terri: Folks, when I tell you to get a website that says what you do, boom, awesome example. Thank you for being here. To my listeners please tune in to each and every show on Heartrpreneur radio, leave us some comments, make sure that you spread the love so that we get more great people listening and more great folks like David joining us and giving us their wisdom. Thank you.

David: Thanks Terri.

Episode 16 Interview With Boom Shikha

Heartrepreneur_boom_shikhaWelcome fellow Heartrepreneurs. Glad to have you joining me. It’s Terry Levine and I have a really special guest with me. This is going to be a very exciting interview. Boom Shikha is a serial entrepreneur, wander luster, online business owner, yogi, author and avid meditator. She is interested in helping you find your life purpose and get to your level 10 life. She also has a free private Facebook group that I suggest you look at. Go to her site after you have heard this interview. Its How about that? So, I know this will resonate with you because we are all about life purpose and having the juiciest life ever. Welcome!

Shikha: Thank you for having me.

Terri: I am just excited to hear a little bit more. What is it that you do to help people get to their life purpose and level 10 life?

Shikha: I began letting people know that you can actually a level 10 life. A lot of people unfortunately have this block that we think if we poorly in business, then we it will carry into our relationships. My first step is let them to know it’s possible to get to get to that level and I can help them remove that block.

Terri: That gave me goosebumps. We want the magic and juice out of life. How long have you been doing it? Take us through.

Shikha: I actually started as an informal thing with my friends and family. Letting them know all of the books that I have read. I wanted to share my information. Officially I quit my job in March 2016 and started this. The new brand and the Facebook page. I decided to do this because I have removed this block specifically through meditation. I started meditating consistently. That reaching into my thinking and how I thought. I wanted to share that with individuals around me.

Terri: That is beautiful. I love when someone steps away from being a wage slave and into the joys of life. Congratulations. That is great. Knowing what you know now, if you could start over, what would your day look like?

Shikha: I think if I did want to start over, I would have a stronger, morning routine. I have a good routine now but I get distracted because there is so much going on in my life and in the world. I recommend to anyone who is starting over is to have a strong, consistent morning routine. To include meditations, journaling, affirmations, visualizations. Following the formula of the miracle morning.

Terri: I do that every day.

Shikha: I love that you seek that consistently. It is really hard.

Terri: It took me about 6 months to be practicing all parts of it. But initially a client sent me the book and said it changed her life. I started incorporating a bit and then a little more. Within 6 months, I have been avidly doing it daily.

Shikha: Wow. That is powerful.

Terri: I want everybody to pick up The Miracle Morning. It’s an amazing book.

Shikha: That’s ok. So, one of the other things I mentioned if you are younger and just coming out of high school, I ask you to focus a little less on getting a degree and more on what do you actually want to do with your life. I recommend if you are interested, take a couple years off and don’t worry so much about a BS or a Masters. Focus on how you can use your skills to make this a better world. The money will follow. I know everybody says this, but seriously it is the way it is.

Terri: What do you say to someone who is in a job, and they really have a desire to amp up their life. They just feel like, well, you don’t know my life circumstance, I can’t right now.

Shikha: I hear that all of the time. They say, oh you have such an amazing life, but I could never do that. I could never quit my job or shut my business, or buy a house. And I always go back to the fact that I almost believed myself that I couldn’t do these things. But I used role models and used people to help me believe in myself. I started doing improv recently. I looked for individuals who were doing it who were similar to me. When I see them doing what I wanted to do, it made me believe a little more that it was possible for me to do it. I always ask people to find role models or people in your circle who is doing what you want to do. Ask them questions. Set yourself free by telling them all of your fears and concerns. AS soon as you do that, you will feel better.

Terri: I just did an improv seminar where I taught people improvs so they can be better networkers. Improv loosens us up and allows so much more. I also resonated with the word possibility. I think just hearing that word reminds people we all have possibility and potential. One of the great things I heard you say was find role models. Find people who are doing it. They have felt the fear and done it anyway. Great advice. So when you say level ten life, what is level ten life mean to you?

Shikha: To me it is a life without limits. Limitless lifestyle where everything is at a point where you want it to be. My relationships with my mother, family, are at level ten. My partner is at a level ten. My career or my business, my health, spirituality, finances, everything I can imagine is at that level 10. But that level 10 will look differently for different people. For me, my spirituality is based on mediation and being connected to my body and mind. For others, it is going to church every day or every week. It is different for everyone. Figure out what does your level look like for you. In terms of every single aspect. Write it out and make it happen. That is what level ten is to me.

Terri: I love it. And what was the reason you decided to start this private Facebook page?

Shikha: You know that itch you have and you want to scratch it but you can’t find anything to itch. I was looking around. A lot of groups about making money. Also about being a Yogi or a meditator but nothing connecting the two. I found that there was a disconnect between spirituality and finance. There is a myth that you can be a millionaire and be spiritual. I completely disagree. I created the Millionaire Hippie Brand to say that you can be both at the same time.

Terri: I completely resonate with that. It is the backbone of everything I believe. I made a great living in corporate America, but I wasn’t connected to my spiritual self. When I started my consulting business, I feel like the two of them have gotten aligned. You are fantastic. How can people get in touch with you?

Shikha: You are so kind. The Facebook group is the best way. is a great place to read my blogs and leave feedback. In general, I am so grateful to have this conversation with you and share some of my learnings. I am excited and grateful. Thank you so much.

Terri: Thank you so much. I would love to have you back.

Keep expanding your heart to heart connections, fellow Heartrepreneurs.

Hello fellow Heartrepreneurs!  Welcome.  This is your host Terry Levine.  Thanks for tuning in and listening and sharing and most of all for learning to truly be a Heartrepreneur.  So let me tell you, if you don’t have a lot of business, it’s pretty easy to get a lot more business.  I am actually going to teach you a system for that.  The Heartrepreneur philosophy is not for everyone.  It’s for you because you are here on the journey with me.  It’s being authentic.  Being who they are loving their products and services, believing in themselves and loving themselves and doing business in authentic ways.  The Heatrepreneur system is working all of the time.  The stories, the testimonials, and what happens in my own businesses.  I want you to think about your business and your life too.  What would you like to improve?  Your day to look like?  Your life to look like?  Let’s improve that today.

Whenever I talk to prospects, who might want to hire me.  I will talk with them for about 10 minutes.  It’s simple when I chat with them.  I want to see if I can help them.  I have no idea if I can even help them.  And If I can, how?  What can I do to serve or support you?  And my job is equally important that if I can’t help you or support you, I point you into other resources that I know.  What is going on right now in your business?  What is the gap?  What is not quite right, yet?  What specifically is broken?  What is busted that you want fixed?  You want results and achieve goals or you want to get to your vision but something is in the way.  That problem is actually costing you impact.  It could be financial emotional, physical.  There are a lot of ways it can impact.

Let me share with you today a way you can get a ton of business.  Ready?  I love when you guys share my podcasts and tell folks about them and share on social media.  First I want you to get a notebook.  I want you to write down one to two hundred.  The numbers one to two hundred.  Then, over the course of the next seven days, I want you to fill in those 100 lines with everybody and I mean everybody that you know.  No judging, just every single person that you know.  It could be your friends, family, your neighbors, colleagues, group, on social media, people you met at events, networking meetings, the person who does your hair, your dentist, your nail tech, the dry cleaner, your accountant, on and on, your coach, everybody.  I only want you to put down their names.  If you know their phone numbers and email addresses, put that down too.  By the way, I know you guys, you will get ten or twenty and think oh, I will never come up with 100 let alone 200.  Do it every seven days.  Carry the notebook with you.  Constantly put down the names of people that you think of.  Every time I meet someone they go in my book.  That book by the way is worth millions to me.

That is step one.  Step two is over the course of the following week, this is a 2 week assignment, make sure you get their snail mails.  So, contact each person and say hey I am missing your email, or your address, or your phone number.  Just get all of that information together in your little notebook.  After you have done that, I want you to go through all of the names with a highlighter.  Highlight all the ones that you would consider the ones who were most likely to refer to you.  Really understands what you do and would like to help you.  Highlight those.  They are your A list.  Then you can circle or star all of the ones I call your B list.  They are simply the people who don’t know you too well, but they might want to help.  Then anybody else on there, dump them.  All of the people that are one there that are your A’s, get in touch with them.  Ask for their birthdays anniversaries, and say, hey I would love to have this.  Over the course of the next few weeks, all you want to do is phone.  Yes, I said phone.  You are a Heartrepreneur, email isn’t personal, and texting isn’t either.  Some don’t like getting texts.  Pick up the phone and ask your A’s to schedule a brief meeting with you.  So, I would love to connect and catch up and talk about my business philosophy.  Do you have ten minutes?  Then when you are chatting with the A’s make it a simple conversation.  My philosophy of doing business is to come from the heart.  I have a business radio show I listen to and a business consultant called a Heartrepreneur and that is how I do business.  Authentically, I want to do business that way.  I am wondering if you might know some people to refer me to.  I can tell you more about what I do, but I am looking for referrals.  By the way, ask every one of those A list people, what can I do for you?  What can I do for you?  Then, after you finish with your A list, go to your B list.  Ask for personal meetings with your B’s and just say hey.  I would love to connect and get to know more about you and see if I can help, serve or support you.  Ten minute phone call.  Say what is going on in your life?  In your business?  I just wanted to see if there is any way I can help you or refer somebody to you.  Then ask them for referrals after you have explained your philosophy as a Heartrepreneur.  From now on, every time you meet someone, ask them what can I do for you?  You will be surprised when you ask that question how many hearts open up to you.  Call anybody you have done business with.  Everybody you wrote a check to or made a credit card payment to.  Let them know.  Tell them you are all about being a Heartrepreneur creating a lot of value.  Who do you know that I can help?  Listen, being a Heartrepreneur is pretty simple.  It’s coming from what can I do for you?  How can I serve and support you?  Building your business in an authentic way.  You must believe in yourself.  If you don’t have enough self-love, lets amp that up.  If you are not being authentic, let’s work on that so you are more authentically you.  Let’s not try and get everyone to be your client.  Because heart to heart philosophy will not work for everyone.  Some people aren’t meant to be on the journey with you.

Let me just tell you that the Heartrepreneur system, this philosophy I just gave you, it works.  If you apply it, it will work.  Over and over and over again.  If every time you meet people, whether it’s on social media, or you cross their paths, or at an event, a speaking gig, you just say, hey, its been great to meet you.  I would love to keep in touch.  It’s really a pretty simple thing.  Keeping in touch is what a Heartreprenuer does automatically.  I keep in touch with my family and friends because they are in my heart.  I keep in touch with prospects, past clients, current clients, why?  Not to gain anything, I do it because I want to make more connections and get the juice out of being a human being in relationship with other humans.  I want to know as many people as I can who have open hearts and get to know them.

What I just taught you is simple.  Keep in touch with prospects, clients and past clients, the same way you would with your family.  Follow my system, consistently doing what I teach, what I say.  Personally touch people using the telephone in person.  Being at events, really important.  Finally, use this Heartrepreneur system that I am teaching you because it works when you are all about creating value for other people.

My job is so simple.  I do really quick sessions with people.  Ten minutes to get to see if I can help you.  If I can I will do a free session for you for about 45 minutes.  In the ten minute session, it’s simple.  It’s the easiest job in the world.  The only thing I need to do is ask a few questions to see if I can help you.  Truly from my heart.  And if I can, then how?  And as I said earlier, if it’s not something I can help you with, let you know that and try to give you another resource.  So, what are the results you want?  What is your goal?  Where do you want to get to?  Where are you trying to go?  We can’t get anywhere unless we know.  I am not talking about a year from now or six months.  I want you to get clear for a moment.  Breathe in and think about and feel your vision.  What do you want a week from today.  Let’s say it’s a week from today?  What do you want?  Get it in your mind.  In your heart.  See it taste it touch it hear it feel it.  What a week from now, do you have that you are already experiencing?  How do you feel?  Who are your clients?  Your patients?  Your associates?  Your colleagues.  Just a week from now.  What are you absolutely committed to making happen in that week.  If you have a problem or an obstacle, or something in the way, or it’s broken, it’s costing you.  Physically, mentally, emotionally.  I want to help you break through by achieving your goals week to week to week.  Now, if you are in my Heartrepeneurs group, or not go join it on Facebook.  #Heartrepreneurs with Terry Levine.  I am going to be recommending those people who are truly Heartrepreneurs who show up and help and serve and connect.  I am going to be recommending you.  I am creating a list of all of the people who create value as Heatrepreneurs.  If that is you, then I want to get to know you better.  Get in the group and create value for others.  Prove that you can do it.  I always tell potential clients, the only way I can help them is if they love themselves, passionately love their products and services and they do great work in the world.  If they are willing to do what I teach, and they follow through with things.  Sometimes, things don’t work.  If you are one of those who throw in the towel right away, then that is not Heartrpreneur.  They bring their heart into it.  If what they try doesn’t work quite right the first time, then that’s ok.  They do it again anyway.

Are you truly being a Heartrepreneur?  Are you going to go on that Facebook group and go serve people?  Or are you a marketer or seller?  All of the people I hang out with do it with heart.  Without marketing, sales, and we do it from a place of passion, self-love and using the system I just taught you.  Now, obviously, if you ever choose to work with me in a group or individually, I customize the system for you.

Today, I wanted to give you the basics of it.  You can run with what I just taught you.  Are you going to?  Are you going to sit around and make excuses?  Or you think it won’t work? Or you think it’s impossible? I really want to help you.  I see you.  I feel you.  I believe that you are attracted to Heartrepreneur radio because you are in fact in your heart.  You want to align your business and your heart and your marketing.  Stop spending money on marketing.  It doesn’t work.  Selling that people can’t stand.  Coaches, consultants, mentors or anyone who has been there done that and/or who isn’t willing to be transparent and show you the ropes.  I am here with you.  I am here for you.  I see how perfect and beautiful you are shining wonderful diamond with all your imperfections that makes you more beautiful.  I want to touch your heart so you can touch other people’s heart.  You can serve more people selling your products and services.  If you get more customers and clients, then I am happy.  I would love for you to comment on some of the podcasts.  Let me know what you think.  How you are doing and come back.  Subscribe to Heartrepreneur radio so you don’t miss an episode.  Most of all, let me see your heart.  Get over in that group and create value.  You will end up on my business referral list and that will give you a lot of influence and impact.  Thanks for joining me and tuning into Heartrepreneur radio.  Go be a Heartrepreneur.  Let your heart shine.

Episode 15 Interview With Erica Blair

Hey there it’s Terry Levine at Heartreprenuer radio and thanks for tuning in to another episode.   I am excited to interview my guest.  Her name is Erica Blair.  Erica is a marketing strategist.  A personal branding coach and location independent entrepreneur.  She is in Thailand right now.  She works with merchant entrepreneurs to generate influence and income by building an online presence.  I know that many of you are interested in the online presence.  One of the main reasons I wanted to have her.  She helps people uncover ways they can connect to an audience by sharing their own unconventional stories as well as the knowledge they have gained through lived experiences.  This is perfect.  Welcome to the show Erica.

Erica:  Thank you so much for having me.

Terri:  I am excited.   Before we get into some of the wonderful tips that you are going to give us, tell us about yourself and your background and how you got into this work.

Erica:  So, I am American although I live in Thailand.  I grew up in California.  I loved traveling.  My whole life.  I always wanted to.  I decided to make my way abroad when reached adulthood.  It’s been about 7 years abroad altogether.  Finally figured out a way that I could live the lifestyle that I loved and also have a career that really worked for me.  So, I came to this path that I am on right now through getting my start as a social media marketer.  Which then evolved into doing some of the higher level strategy stuff.  What I found was that I really loved working with people to develop their stories and figure out how they can get those online to the people that they wanted to reach.

Terri:  What do you mean about developing their stories?  People are going to have questions.

Erica:  I think we witness a lot change in our world over the last decade or so.  What does it take to connect with people through your business and through your personal branding?  It has really shifted.  There used to be things you could do and then things you couldn’t do.  There is your personal life and then there is your professional life.  Now it’s sort of melding.  People now are really craving authenticity in a way that we weren’t before because we have almost unlimited options in terms of who we can turn to for input.  Who we can turn to for advice.  For someone to stand out in a crowd now, it take a lot more now.  People are looking to work with people who they can really connect with on a deeper level.  We have access to so many people to work with that in order to stand out, I think it’s really  important to get really clear on who you are and who you like working with.  Then to really figure out how you can talk about that.  How you can share what makes you unique, what kind of life experiences you have had, and that may extend far beyond what was considered the professional realm.

Terri:  How does someone go about figuring this out?

Erica:  it’s a process.  There is no standard answer because it depends on where you are in your own comfort level with sharing your story. There are vulnerable spots you may have.  For me, I think about the lessons I want to share and then instead of just saying in the abstract, ok this, this and this, I really try to look for a way to back it up with an anecdote to explain how I reached that realization.  I like to explain the reasoning how I discovered things.  It’s about taking these things that you talk about in abstract and figuring out how you can apply personal authorities.  When people hear that you have lived it, they are not able to refute that it’s true.  It is something that you have really been through.  I think a lot of that has to do with practice as well.  No matter who you are, when you first start sharing your story online, and sharing really genuine representations of who you are, it is intimidating.  It honestly doesn’t go away.  There are times I post something really personal.  I will go back a few hours later and think, oh my gosh, what have I done?  The feedback you get when you really share yourself is amazing.  The people you connect with because of your genuineness, it has been the kind of reinforcement that allows me to keep doing it time and time again.

Terri:  I share a lot of personal stuff online.  Risky.  Yet I really feel like I want people to get to know me and either like me or not like me.  Part of working with me is I believe you have to like me.  I am now in the process of writing a book where I am being completely transparent.  I am a little scared because it’s revealing a lot of stuff in my life that is not so pretty to look at.  What are your thoughts?

Erica:  I heard a quote:  New level, new devil.  Pretty much every time you hit that next level, you are going to feel that stretch, that sense of uncomfortability.  That is a sign that you are really pushing yourself to grow.  You are pushing yourself into a new zone of what you could accomplish.  Personally, that is a good sign I believe.  You are going beyond what you have already done.  It will be a lot more intriguing to people who are already tuned into what you do.  You hit on another point too, ultimately the cost of putting yourself out there in an authentic way, some people won’t like you.  Humans don’t genuinely enjoy that.  Most humans do not enjoy getting negative feedback.  In a way, that also is a sign that you are really doing right.  Because you can’t be for everybody.  That is a plain and simple fact.  When you try to be for everybody, you end up being for nobody.  Its really important for your people to know who you are and what you stand for.   So, part of that is going to involve a push to people who don’t stand for what you stand for.  When we can all get a bit of practice, just putting ourselves out there, it starts to get easier.  That feeling really doesn’t ever go away, but its true practice makes perfect in this type of situation.  For me, it has to do with the feedback I get from my people that keeps me going and pushing the boundaries with what I feel comfortable with.

Terri:  I really resonate with you.  I knew I would. I think a mentor of mine, sort, sift and separate.  I think that is part of it.  The people who are going to be your tribe, whatever you put out there are going to resonate with you and be attracted to you.  Those that aren’t quite right for you, they will turn the other way.  We don’t want everybody.  We can’t have everybody.  While we are human, we enjoy being liked, we can’t be liked by everyone. I love what you said, take a stand.  That is really important to be authentic.  Be who you are.  What other tips do you have for people tuning in?

Erica:  A lot of people feel like they really need to produce a magnum opus story of their life.  They need to create this epic about page on their website or they need to do this video that is going to explain their whole story.  I think there is an easier way which is start thinking about how you can break it up into smaller pieces.  For me, I use a lot of different platforms as opportunities to share what is coming up for me on that particular day and to weave my story into those situations.  Instead of just saying, what you think or just saying the point you are trying to make, weave in a personal anecdote to make it stronger.  That has been my biggest approach to getting my story out there.  It is bite size.  I can share a story with an Instagram post.  Whatever medium you are using, there are ways to break up this feeling that you need to get who you are across into just tiny little bits.  The truth is that is actually a lot more manageable for people to consume and work with and start to understand who you are.  Put out little anecdotes of who you are and what you are about.

Terri:  What great advice!  I appreciate this.  I am in alignment with you.  I love who you are.  How can people get in touch with you if they want to stay connected?

Erica:  I am at TheEricaBlair at Facebook and Twitter.  My website is   If you want to get involved with my newest project, A mastermind community for people who are aiming to become location independent, you can go to

Terri:  Thank you for joining us.

Erica:  Thank you for having me.

Remember everybody, share what you love from Heartrepreneur radio.  This is Terry Levine signing out for now.


I am very excited to have a special guest with me today.  A guest who I really believe can help you in your business.  I have Caitlyn Doemner.  After studying at Oxford University and getting her MBA, Caitlyn launched virtual coaching sales and that was back in March of 2013.  Listen to this woman.  Within two weeks, they had sold over $250,000 for their client.  That turns me on.  That is why I asked her to come.  By December of 2015 they closed over 3 million in new business for their clients.  They also generated a million for themselves in their first 33 months of business.  I know that you have been listening to the show and you know how few businesses do a million.  Especially female operated business.  Caitlyn is the author of the Unseen Sales Machine: How to scale and automate your high end sales.  And something that speaks to me:  Sell with heart.  How to grow your company with love and authenticity.  Her vision is to empower entrepreneurs to become CEO’s by scaling them out of their own sales process so they make more money doing less selling.  I know you all want that.

Caitlyn and her husband outside of LA with 4 kids and 11 chickens and 4 turkeys.  I am so happy to have you.

Caitlyn:  Thank you so much for having me Terry.

Terri:  You are welcome.  Let’s jump right in.  What kind of sales was your client doing?  All of a sudden you have $250,000 in two weeks.  What kind of sales?

Caitlyn:  Her name is Margaret M. Lynch and she is an expert speaker and the author of happy into wealth.  She helps people unblock their money mindset and step into their power.  Financially and personally.  It’s in the coaching industry is where we started.  We worked with many great people.  We really have been blessed to work with amazing female coaches in the industry.  We support them in their sales.

Terri:  What is different?  Coaches out there trying to sell themselves.  What is the secret sauce that you bring?

Caitlyn: I have to admit, when I first started virtual coaching sales, it was when my coach asked me to sell for him.  He wanted me to sell for him.  I told him, I don’t know how to sell.  I told him I never sold anything in my life.  My background was academic.  I was afraid of selling.  My business partner at the time was this coach’s sales consultant.  Together we came up with a two part model.  Find the problem and then create a solution.  I thought, I would love to do that.  So I scheduled an appointment for my boss.  The thing I wish someone would have told me at the time, all that work I was doing was actually selling.  It took me a long time to recognize that selling is not some secret formula.  It’s simply listening really well to what people need and want and then coming up with a solution that is profitable for you and fits in their value equation.  This two part model, setting the appointment, then closing the deal on the second call, it really broke the sales process into two very easy to do pieces so that nobody felt they had to take them from a cold lead to a closed deal.  It’s very grueling for a single person.  Also, it provides a level of credibility for the closer and the coach we are doing this for.  We have 3 degrees where if the first person can’t get through then the second and third may try.  It provides a level of consistency and reliability to the sales process.  This is something many entrepreneurs lack.  There is no system in place to make sure that leads are qualified and educated and engaged and invited into the program day in and day out.

Terri:  I love this.  I have trained 5000 coaches so I know this is something they need.  I will say it resonates one of my books is Sell without Selling Lessons from the Jungle for Sales Success.  It’s all about what I call Heartrepreneur selling.  Being connected and selling with your heart.  Let’s say someone is listening and they are a coach, consultant and they are sitting here going I would like to have $250,000 in a couple weeks.  I would like to have 3 million.  What is the first action they need to take?

Caitlyn:  The biggest thing is for them to understand who they are serving and what that person wants.  I find that too many entrepreneurs love something.  They love coaching people and they want to help people unlock their potential and then they make up a system.  They say I am going to make a yearlong program or a six week program.  They create it in a vacuum.  They assume people are just going to come to them and buy it.  Then they twiddle their thumbs and wonder why nobody is showing up.  I tell them, you have to listen to the market.  You have to build in response to what the market is telling you what they want and need.  I encourage them to start with a sales survey.  The biggest mistake most people make is they sell to their friends and family instead of selling through their friends and family.  Referral of a Lifetime by Kim Templeton.  Buy this book.  It changed my life.  Make a list of 250 people that you know.  Tell them what you are doing and who you want to serve and why this is so important.  Send it as an email.  Then get on the phone with them.  Tell them you would love to ask them about the industry.  IF you can serve them, great, if not, maybe you can get referred by some of them.  You need to hear about what people want.  Then you can get them on the phone and you can say, hey, this is what I do.  Then you ask them specifically, if I am a life coach, what do you want in your life?  What would you pay to get in your life?  What is their goal?  When you are new to selling it seems scary.  But really there are only 6 elements to every single sales conversation.  There are three pairing.  The first one is goal and motivation.  The goal of what they want.  The motivation is why they want it.  You have to know what motivates someone to move forward.  If they say I want to make $250,000 then that is the goal.  Then you have to ask them why is $250,000 so important to you.  What would it allow you to do?  They will tell you maybe, a dream home, get their husband home from work, family vacation, etc.  The second pairing is challenges and pain.  Challenges is what is keeping them from the goals.  The pain is how it is showing up for them.  Why is this a problem?  I can’t reach $250,000 because….then you figure it out.  They don’t know how to close a deal or to get a system in place.  The pain is well, it’s keeping me from that $250,000.  So that is the cost.  It’s costing them $250,000 every year if I don’t solve this problem.  The third pairing is desired solution and their budget.  Then you can easily go into well, tell me, what would you love to have as a solution to this problem.  If I can help you do XYZ, would that fit in?  You get them to tell you what they want and what they are looking for.  I would focus on this sales survey process, when you are talking to people, always try to get them to tell you an end result.  At the end of our time together, what would you like to achieve?  Get them to fill in the blank.  You don’t want them to say, well, I want 250 one on one hours with you.  That is the problem with a lot of coaches assume they should have an hourly rate.  No, you build a packet.  Then you charge them for that end result.  You don’t charge for the process.  They say well I want to make $250,000.  You say:  perfect.  I will get you a program that will get you there.  Then you can go into the last piece which is their budget.  You say, what are you thinking in terms of getting this amount?  How much is this worth to get this figure next year?  It’s harder if you are a life coach or spiritual healer to quantify the value of what you provide.  I hear that a lot.  The opposite is true when I am telling people about the money I can make for them.  I tell them I can make you a million dollars next year.  I tell them i am going to make you happier, healthier, more marketable, a better relationship with your husband, your children.  Money is only a placeholder for value.  You have to connect that value back to what is this worth?  When you can understand that.  You said, well I can make you $250,000 and you say, how about 10%?   Would that be a good deal for you?  You give me a dime I will give you a dollar.  They say yeah.  Survey your market, understand the end result that people want and then create a value proposition that is a no brainer for them to move forward with you.

Terri:  Wow! I took notes.  I recommend that everyone listens to this again.  Caitlyn you have brought so much value.  I am going to walk away with a much better understanding of how to use a sales survey.  I have not used them in this way.  Speaking about the end result and creating the value proposition.  Money is a place holder for the value that you bring.  I love that you also talked about creating the package that gets them to where they want to go.  Everyone needs to have this as a take away:  Charge for the end result.  Not the process.  We are out of time.  I have to say thank you thank you thank you!!  This has been incredible.  How can people find you?

Caitlyn:  We offer free copies of our book on our website  You are welcome to download them for free or go to Amazon for $20.  Just send my team a note.  We have information at  We would love to talk to you about how to grow your business.  In coaching or any other industry.