Author: Todd Krause

Today I am going to help you make more money by shifting the ways you think about selling. I know a lot of people think that sales is a negative four letter word. My experience is that it is a fabulous four letter word. When you sell something, you are able to help that person by serving them. Selling to me, is replaced with the word, serving. If you take your products and services and you bring heart to them, honesty, integrity, authenticity, then you are not selling. You are not trying to pressure people and do a hard sell. You are coming from your heart. You are doing a heart sell. Selling is about moving people and its firing them to take action on something they already need and something they already want.

One of the biggest issues that I have seen with sales and sales presentation and you know all of that is either people do nothing, they are like oh wow you want my product, then call me. Really? People don’t do that because you haven’t served them. Or people talk too much and overcome objections and try to convince people. So, first be honest with yourself. What do you think about sales? How do you feel? Do you say you are not good at it? I don’t like it. I can’t stand picking up the phone. What is that for you? We all have our own story. Take a look inside yourself and notice the story. However we feel and identify ourselves, that is what we achieve. If you believe that I understand that sales is service and it comes from the heart and I want to serve, I want to serve from authenticity, truth, and integrity and if you come across that way and you see and feel yourself that way, you will totally be able to sell without selling. You might have read Sell without Selling. Lessons from the Jungle for Sales Success, my book.

Take Your Passion For Something And Share It With Others

I don’t think any of us were born in the world to be a great salesperson. I believe we are all born however to have a passion for something and to be able to take our passion for whatever it is and share it with other people. You do need to learn how to do that. You do need to learn how to take your passion and bring out to others. You can’t just bring it out to others if you don’t embrace and fully believe and acknowledge and understand the concept that when, hey, when I share, I guess you can call it selling. There is nothing wrong with selling. The thought of selling is fine.

Let me tell you, you are already selling. Have you seen a favorite movie and told you friends they need to see this. Or your partner asked you where do you want to eat? How about Chinese they say? And you say, oh how about an Italian restaurant that I heard great things about and I want to try it. That is selling. It’s not manipulating or pressuring. It’s speaking truth from your heart. Zig Ziglar was one of my early mentors and Zig really taught me that when you focus on helping other people achieve their goals then you achieve your goal. You get what you want when you serve, serve, serve, and create value. Value. I really mean this. It’s literally taking yourself and looking at how can I serve people? Give them, share, whether I let them sample my products or services. I give them a taste. I invite them into my store. I give them a few minutes of a massage. I give away some free coaching. An eBook. A book.

Right now in this moment, what is holding you back from serving people? You have a story or few its not just me. The whole universe has it. There are all kinds of stories. Those are things you believe. Once you start affirming that it is my responsibility to serve, which is sell, once you start affirming, every day I will help more people. Every day when you reaffirm, people give me money because I serve them. You will make more money. Every day that you focus on being authentic and in truth, you will make more money and you will be reaffirming your ability to do this. So today I want you to write down the stories in your head. Come on. What are the stories? I am not good at sales. I am not going to be able to do this. It’s difficult, blah blah, blah. That is all it is. Then start shifting to, I like to serve. I choose to serve. I am excited. I am authentic and I want to make a difference to people. My products and services do that and I am going to share them. Right in this moment, I want you to amp up and shift your beliefs. Make your beliefs really resonate with you. Make them become what you choose and want to believe.

The purpose of serving others is to be able to deliver your products and services. I am always great at give away, give away, and give away. Why do I give away so much? Because I know that I like to serve and it comes from my heart. I know that when I believe serving and selling is the same thing, then I get to impact massive numbers of people in the world and make a true difference for them. So, I want that to happen for you. What can you begin to think right here right now?

Focus On The Client And The Sales Will Come

Let me give you one right now. I am going to share one. When I shifted my thinking years ago from oh, I have to make the sale and make money. I shifted to: I am going to focus on the prospect. I am going to give and share and add value. Nothing more. That’s all I am going to do. I stopped thinking about any attachment to the outcome. Stopped focusing on it. My focus became let me add value to a customer and share. You know what, I became top salesperson in the company. I won all of the prizes and everyone said, wow, you can really sell. I remember laughing to myself. I stopped selling. All I did was add value, value, value and kept helping other people, other people, and other people. Whether on the phone or in person, I just focused on adding value.

That’s what I want you to do. Take the focus off of you and put all of the focus on adding value and what can you do today? To make a real difference to someone else? I want you today to go do something for someone else and add value. A current client or prospect. I know this is going to increase your business dramatically. I know. It’s happened over and over and over again. Take the focus off of you and put it on someone else. If you don’t have a copy of Selling Without Selling. Lessons from the Jungle for Sales Success, you might want to pick that up. Thanks for tuning in today. It’s a pleasure being with you on Heartrepreneur radio.

Be A Celebrity In Your Niche

I am glad have you back and joining me and delighted that you are amping up your business.  Turbo Charging Your Business and Making the Shift to a Heartrepreneur.  Really breathe in the words heartrepreneur.  It lets you enjoy your business more than ever before.  Achieve what you want in your business and overcome the blocks and limitations that have held you back so you can create your business your way.  From your heart.  You know before we get into the gist of today’s show, take a minute.  Visualize yourself having more income.  Having more sales.  More revenue and more profits and actually having all of this with ease.  I really want to help you shift and transform your business.  Every time we get together here, I want to assist you further and further your journey.  So that you can really understand how to bring heart into business and to make the connections that you want and to truly be noticed in today’s marketplace.

In order for you to rise up to the top, and for the marketplace to notice you, you want to be above an authority.  A lot of people talk about authority.  An authority is someone who has an expertise.  Right?  I am an authority in financial planning, health and weight loss coaching, business consulting, whatever it might be.  There is something bigger, better, greater, beyond that will totally shift your business.  This is where you are at the pinnacle.  The pinnacle in a field that person will attract the most business.  They are at the top of the field making the bulk of the money.  I want that person to be you.  Inside of you there is a calling to be a more conscience leader and to business more heart to heart, more integrity and more authentically.

I want to help you to get to the pinnacle and to become a celebrity.  What do I mean by celebrity?  The celebrity in the field is the one that everyone knows.  Who is the guru of life coaching/ most likely you will say Tony Robbins.  He is noticed in the marketplace.  The marketplace gets excited and choses him.  He can charge anything he wants.  He is the chosen one.  Think about the word celebrity.  That word is just like the celebrities you are familiar with in movies, print, television.  People love famous people.  In our society, we are attracted to famous people.  As I am here with you, and you allow me to help you get position, you are going to be right at the top.  Take a moment with me and I want you without thinking, go right from your heart, not in your head, and name your very favorite celebrity.  Go.  Ok.  The person got positioned as a celebrity.  It didn’t just happen overnight.  They got there.  The celebrity might not always be the best of the best in their field.  They might not be the best at fashion design, relationship consulting, speaker, it doesn’t matter.  Once they got to celebrity, they are magnetic.  They pull people towards them and this, this, this is the concept of reverse marketing.  People coming towards you.

Think about your own marketplace.  Your own niche, your own specialized field.  Who is the celebrity in your marketplace?  Who is the top of the top that people think of?  If you look at life coaching, look at Tony Robbins.  How did Tony get to be who he is?  He did something.  He positioned himself.  It’s about positioning yourself.  He did infomercials.  He invested in infomercials and they literally positioned him.  The question I want you to ask yourself is how can I position myself?  So that the marketplace truly, visions me and sees me at the top.  Now, we are heartrepreneurs right?  So positioning for this is different than for a large corporation.  We are not going to spend thousands of dollars on branding and positioning.  If you know me at all, you know I am all about low and no cost marketing.  Let’s remember, we don’t need to do that anymore because we have the internet.  The internet gives us the opportunity to position ourselves as the celebrity.  The internet allows us to impact our marketplace and have them seeing us the way we want them to.  Now, please remember, it’s authentic and honest.  You want to identify the kind of characteristics your marketplace wants.  You want to be the person that the market is looking for.  Of course, having the highest intrinsic value.

Why become a celebrity?  Because you are sought after.  People flock to you.  I want you to ask yourself three questions.  You might want to journal these.  Who is your ideal target audience?  If I say to you I am going to make you famous, what can I make you famous for?  And going back to your unique positioning, how are you different from other people?  Target audience.  Famous for.  Differentiation.  Those three things.  You might say, I don’t know how to be famous.  The truth is you get what you focus on.  If I never saw myself impacting millions of people with my messages, my products and services, that would never happen.  I didn’t do that for fame or money.  I did it because I have a burning passion.  To impact people.  You need to amp up your mission, your vision, your passion, for what you are doing.  If it’s important enough, you will want to be sought after and famous so that you can impact masses of people.  What makes you different?  What is your core unique positioning statement?

I want you and you want you to be positioned above everybody else.  So that core unique positioning will help you become the expert.  You simply take your core, unique positioning message and you put it into everything you do.  That is your brand.  Social media, signature files, business cards, blogs, audios, website, everywhere if you have a store, in your store.  Everywhere.  Everything must reflect that same core unique positioning because that is the desired perception.  You want your audience, listen carefully, you want your audience to perceive you as a celebrity.  Before they even do business with you!  You want people to be able to hear you, see you, know about you, experience you, trial your products and services so that they say this:  They say wow, this the leader.  This is the expert celebrity in the field.  I want to either follow them, know them, hear them, be with them, to buy from them.  This is pretty exciting stuff…just so you know.  It’s not that hard to be a celebrity in your field.

If you have the book, Turbo Charge, how to transform your business as a Heartrepreneur, open it.  Start at page 31 and read the entire section which ends on page 40.  It’s short and simple and it’s all there.  I also recommend you actually go to Amazon when you get Turbo Charge, and get the audios as well.

I am glad you tuned in today and I look forward to serving you in the next episode of Heartrepreneur Radio.

Thank you for being here.

It’s Terri Levine. Let’s get started today to maximize your personal and business results. Leading with your heart. Let me first ask, do you have a copy of my book Turbo Charge? How To Transform Your Business as a Heartrepreneur. If you don’t, I encourage you to get one. What I am going through today, you will get even more from the book. Here is why.

I didn’t just write a book. Every chapter has about 5 videos that normally I would charge you $500 for. Training that goes beyond what I wrote in the book. Here is some expert help and assistance today. One of the things I talk about in Turbo Charge is how you become a celebrity in your industry and also I teach you how to monetize all of your experience and talents and skills and all of your knowledge. What is a celebrity? Think about your own field and who you view as a celebrity. The person in your industry who is very successful who people look up and admire. Who has a lot of fans, not just Facebook fans, not just a following on Facebook, but truly people who are fanatical? You see Harley Davidson’s driving down the street. It’s very likely some of those drivers will have the Harley Davidson logo tattooed on them. That is how passionate they are about the brand. Apple phone people who are passionate about the phone wait outside for the new phone. Those are fans. Would you like to have more fans excited about you and your business and people who are really enthusiastic about who you are and what you stand for. That to me is becoming a celebrity in your field. So, take a moment and really think about what you’re clear and defined skills and expertise that you can teach to others. To be a celebrity in your field, not only are we going to leverage fans who become your prospects and get excited about you, gonna help you win clients.

Back to Turbo Charge. I want you to read the book. I want you to do even better. Get a copy for a friend. Get one for you and one for a friend and get a copy for someone you need to make amends with. I want to help position you as someone who people can feel there heart and get excited about their heart and goes above and beyond. Now, if you are a celebrity and you don’t have an audience or people who are following you, you wouldn’t be a celebrity. If your coach, consultant, speaker, trainer, author, advisor, whatever you might be, massage therapists, it doesn’t matter. If you don’t have an audience you can’t make money. Being a celebrity with no product or service makes no sense. We have to not only find new prospects, but we have to have those prospects raise their hands and say yes I want your products and we have to wow them so much that they become your raving fans. So, I like to do it this way. Position you as a celebrity. Create fans and then buyers. That’s really how it works today. Because this is how people function in our economic climate and with the internet. They do their homework before they spend any of their money. You know what, I agree. I do the same thing. So, how do you make someone a fan if they haven’t bought your products or services?

Let me say that if you come from a heartrepreneur point of view, which is I am going to lead and serve and I am going to invite people to share more about themselves. Yes, about themselves. Not about you telling them how great you are and how awesome your products and services are. Very importantly, getting to know people. To interact and having two-way communications with them is what opens up heart to heart heartrepreneur relationships. I want you to get more fans because I am positioning you as celebrity. I want you to truly show people you care. It has to be authentic. You can’t fake this. It has to be real. You also have to be transparent and willing to show a bit of the real you. You also have to be willing to create a movement. I am all about creating heartrepreneur. I am creating a movement of people and it’s authentic. Remember, if you haven’t read Turbo Charge. Its not about becoming a guru. People don’t want to work with gurus. They want to work with real people who they can make heart-based connections with who are givers not takers. Not takers. So, I want you to think about creating fans by giving away something of very high perceived value. What can you share? What can you give? What can you begin to open up relationships with? Let me make it clear. I don’t want you to run around to try to make your next sale. I want your next sale to come to you with hands raised. This is my technique of reverse marketing and reverse selling. This is when they come to you and say I am interested. So, what are some ways we get people to become fans?

First of all, they have to really see who you are. What you have accomplished. What you have done in the world and have to see some credible testimonials. Not from tooting your own horn either. It’s from true testimonials, case studies, endorsements, and some awards, proof that what you say you do actually makes a difference for people and people are talking about it. If you are not yet an author, you need to be. I am happy to help you to get a book out there. Yes, we can make it an Amazon best seller. The truth of the matter is you just have to publish. If you haven’t published your book yet, you want to be publishing in magazines and newspapers. You want to host a radio show. I can make that happen for you. Maybe you want to host a tv show. You can do that easily. You might be interviewed regularly. I can also help you get booked and get interviews. You want to be regularly mentioned, quoted and acknowledged in the media. You might want to be part of HARO. You might already be someone who has made a lot of money and people might want to follow or learn from you because of your money. Maybe you have impacted tons and tons of people. I don’t know what that is for you, but you have to have a few of these. A few of these so that you are relevant in your industry or important and you become the known celebrity in your industry. Let me make this really clear.

If we both have the same kind of a product or service like you can help people lose weight and so can I. We both do it. You sell yours for $997 and mine sells for $997. And maybe the products are really identical. You created a program of what they should eat. You customize it, with a recipe and workout booklet. And so do I. I will say this, I bet that I might be able to charge double what you charge. Maybe even triple. You might say why? That is ridiculous why can you charge more than me Terry? I am not more educated, I am not smarter or anything when it comes to losing weight. Here is the deal. I would make sure I had a ton of social proof. I would have endorsements, case studies, testimonials. I would have a bestselling book. I would be published in Self, Shape, Redbook and these are true things for me. I have more connections, email connections, social media. You know what, your product or service might be better than mine. It might be a million times better. But what’s really unfair is I will outsell you. I will make more money than you. I want you to have this really amazing competitive advantage. What you need to move to celebrity in your field and literally I am going to share a case study with you.

I have a client who was charged $697 for a webinar series. I said, let’s create a ton of really satisfied people, testimonials, endorsements, and create more value. Let’s go out now that we have all of that, let’s market it. For $5000, you heard me, $5000. When we went back out with the marketing collateral that elevated my client and made her literally, the leader in her field. Prospects came to her. She didn’t have to market to them. They raised their hands, reversed marketing, and we didn’t have to take them to one of those funnels. I can’t stand funnels. Here is what happened. She just had social proof, testimonials, endorsements, case studies and one story after the next. Because she had that, and people could see what she did and how she did it all this information she had to share, she was able to charge $5000 for her program not $697. I know sometimes people are like OMG, Terry that is so unfair. Really? Is it? I think it’s really fair. She did three things. She did three things. She came up with how am I going to be different than everybody else? She was willing to put a guarantee behind that and then she got case studies and proof and evidence. Then she went back out to the market and guess what? She became the known entity, the celebrity in her field. That is how it works.

I want you to take a moment and think how can I do something similar? One way to do it, I cover it in Turbo Charge. By the way, watch every video in Turbo Charge. OMG you will learn so much and be able to put so much right to use. You want to have influential people helping you build your celebrity. People have a following. I recommend you come up with 50 to 100 of these people. I keep this list on an excel spreadsheet and I print it out once a week and carry it with me. I break people up into buckets of where they go. I have people who have their own radio show, or tv shows, a large social media following, large email bases, large blogs, and I don’t go what’s in it for me? How can I get more of them? No, I say, what can I do to add value to these people? What can I personally do? So, to build your celebrity you want to start building a professional network of amazing contacts. I don’t care how small your circle is. When I started 20 years ago, I had 4 people. We now have 57,000 people. I thought about who were the important people? I went out and found them. I went out and I started to see how I can add value to them. Can I add an article to your website? Here is an idea for a blog post. Can I blog? That is what I did.

Joe Vitale, I would love to do a program for your people. Would you be willing to share it? Add value. Most people do this backwards. They work at the wrong way and what they actually do is they try to take from people. Give me give me give me. Make me a celebrity. Show me as the authority. So let’s digest this for just a moment. Breathe in and if anything, you are kind of fighting me going that’s not true or true for me or blah blah, let it go. You are here with me on Heartrepreneur to follow my unique discovery. How to grow a business in an easy effortless way using your heart. Stop spending money on money and advertising. That is the philosophy.

So I want you to understand as I help you every week on this show, you are going to become a celebrity, you are going to be reaching millions for no or little cost. Today I want you just to look at what I have shared with you. It comes from page 31 in the paper back Turbo Charge. It starts with become the celebrity in your field. I want you to do me a favor. When you get to the end of that chapter even if you read it already. Its chapter 1, please watch those videos. That is what is going to move you forward. I want you to take one more moment with me. I want you to let go of anything that you are fighting or think will be difficult. Breathe in the easy effortless way you will be doing business as a Heartrepreneur. This is how you will become the celebrity in your field. You will net six figures plus. You will change your image, brand, advice and expertise. You will make more money when you have more influence. You will make more money when you are more of a credible expert and celebrity. You will make more money by having more exposure.

I am here to help you, literally, understand that people buy you. They don’t buy your product. They don’t buy your service. So step by step we are going to monetize who you are, what your skills and knowledge is and what your experiences are. That is how we maximize your personal and your business results. This is what it truly means to be a heartrepreneur. I want you to get excited, really excited as you listen to each and every podcast. Each and every radio episode. I want you to understand any activity that you have put off we are going to put on because it’s going to be easy, effortless, natural and authentic because now you are going to lead with your heart. A true heartreprenuer. Thank you for joining me. I will see you next time.