TL: Welcome back to Heartrepreneur Radio, this is Terri Levine, business strategist and chief Heartrepreneur. And first of all, I want to thank you for tuning in to our episodes, and to remind you to make sure that you actually subscribe to Heartrepreneur Radio so you never, ever miss one of the folks that I’m bringing to you. So, I’m gonna introduce someone that I’m really proud and honored to call my friend. I’ve known him for a pretty long time here, and he’s actually written some of the best copy for several of my companies, and he’s also done work for many of my clients who rave about him. I just know you’re gonna fall in love with him. His name is Andy O’Bryan, he writes persuasive copy, he also develops product funnels for coaches, for speakers, for authors, and for heart-centered entrepreneurs, exactly, he is a Heartrepreneur. He’s also the founder of Audio Motivation and that is one of top podcasts in the iTunes self-help section, so I highly recommend that you also subscribe to Audio Motivation. Andy my friend, welcome!
AO: Hey Terri! Thank you so much, is such an honor to be here with ya, I appreciate you, so thank you.
TL: I appreciate you, I love the work you do. So, let’s get right into it. What’s the difference between somebody’s copy and Andy’s copy? What would you say is the difference?
AO: Well, what I always do when I write for anyone is to really get deep into the target audience. And, there are a lot of copywriters who just kind go in and crank out copy without like doing their homework. So, what I do is I get my clients on a deep dive phone call, and we record it, and I ask them pointed, probing questions about them, and their target and what their goals are and their mission. That way I can write in a way that people will actually feel like they’re hearing from the person that I’m writing for, instead of some hired gun. It’s kinda nice to be able to do that.
TL: It is, and I think that’s why it’s so effective because you’re actually able to understand and to speak in their voice and I think that really makes a big difference. Now, talk to me a little about this cuz this has been coming up, not just for me and my business, but many of my clients. It seems like the big buzz word today in anything to do with marketing is “funnels.” So, what’s your definition of a funnel, what is you feeling about a funnel, and is this something we need to be considering and looking at in our businesses?
AO: Ya boy, funnels are where it’s at right now, aren’t they?
TL: Yes!
AO: It’s evolved over the years and now it’s become just all over the place. And for good reason, cuz most people are seeing an uptick in their profits because they are doing things in a way that kinda takes the reader, or the website visitor, or the prospect by the hand and walks them through a process that results in a sale. But, it doesn’t jump right into asking for a sale. What I perceive of a funnel is it kinda spoon-feeds the content and the kind of desire for them to keep with them, for the prospect to actually keep rolling along in the process of what they’re trying to do for people. So, let me give you an example. What I see as a funnel is when you give someone a freebie, like a report or just something to get their e-mail address or whatever. And then you just keep dripping content in a way that’s not too in-your-face, but in a way, that is actually going to give them more things they can use. So, you build up that trust level, so then, people are gonna want to open your e-mails, they’re gonna want to follow you, they’re gonna want to talk about you in social media. And, as that funnel progresses you kind of walk them down a nice, logical, elegant path toward a bigger product, or a membership site even, that will give you a chance to expand your reach or your vision, and really get the people who you should have in your circle instead of just anybody. Cuz most people who do funnels want to be all things to all people. And instead, a funnel kind of forces the issue and gets people only into your ideal framework. So, you only get ideal clients, because those people are reading your content and they’re following you in Facebook our whatever, and they’re getting into your sphere of influence. And that’s the way I see a funnel. I mean, you drip content, and then you maybe do a webinar, or a workshop, something to give them as much content as possible so they’ll want more for you. And it’s that desire for more that really can bring in a lot of sales, if that makes sense?
TL: Ya, it does make sense. It’s a different spin than what we’re heard from some people in the past. And I love the fact, one of the reasons I resonate with you so much, is that you’re talking about value, you’re talking about content, to me, you’re talking about education and really getting people engaged, and then wanting more. And them having a desire for more, and the way you’re dripping it is to keep adding value to people. Is that correct?
AO: Ya, exactly. And for example, I have a series of videos that I just put out, that gives people tips on how to write their own copy without being too sales-y, or in-your-face, or hype-y. Because, it’s just so predominant now, that everybody, it just seems like there’s a lot of greed online. And just everybody wants to sell, sell, sell, and you see these Facebook ads and all that. But, really what it comes down to is developing trust, and giving people a sense: “that person really understands what I’m going through. I really want to follow them more so, I think I’ll see what is next from them.” And boy, there’s something to be said for standing out in front of a crowd, because the market is just so saturated right now. If you are willing to do your homework and give people what they truly want instead of just piling on things that everybody else is doing. I really develop into something that could really work for you in terms of a funnel, so.
TL: Mm, I love literally everything that you just said. I mean I really believe that there is a lot of greed out there, online and offline, that people are at the point now where they’re hard-selling, which is so opposite of what we do as Heartrepreneurs. And, I do think we want to be different. We want to stand out, we want to focus on: what are the things people need? What are the results they need? What are the outcomes? How can I really and sincerely help them? And then how can I be adding value to them and building a relationship with them? So, at some point they raise their hand and they want to have some of my products or services. But, even if they don’t, I’m always creating value in the world, right?
AO: Yes! Exactly, and Terri, you and I knew each other before social media I think.
TL: Yes, we did!
AO: So, our jobs were a little harder back then, but now it seems like there are so many ways that you can inner-act with your target audience, and really, you know, speak to them to their challenges, and what they’re going through. Their struggles, you can kinda walk a mile in their shoes just by reading some of their feedback for what you’re giving them in social media. And it’s just such a nice way to build relationships now that we didn’t have before, so.
TL: Very, very true. Ya it’s interesting, cuz you know I’ll talk to younger people and I’ll say, you have no idea how easy you have it nowadays. Like, we could not reach this many people. I mean, my social media networks, if I add-up all the groups and everything, it’s millions, and millions of people. And, my e-mail list isn’t millions, it’s just world of difference. Now, you mentioned something intriguing and I want to make sure I get this. You said that you have a new video series. Tell us about that, it sounds exciting.
AO: Ya, thanks! Ya, it’s a series of, it’s called, first of all, Heart Centered Persuasion. And it’s a series of 2-minute or 2 1/2-minute video snippets of basically me just sitting at my desk and talking into the camera, all these different tips on how to write better copy for yourself instead of having to hire an expensive copywriter. So, if you’re kinda struggling with various things like, how to create urgency without being pushy, or how to tell your story the right way without talking about yourself too much, how to make it compelling. How to use action word so people can feel like they’re moving forward with you in a way that they feel good about. Even things like how to get yourself in the mood to write, various things like that. How to pre-sell people before they sign-up for a free call with you. All of these are, I put together in a series of videos, and it’s free!
TL: Wow!
AO: So, you can just go to and sign-up for those, and I will give you, every day or two, a new video. So, that’s what I’m up to here.
TL: Wow! Well first I just want to tell all the listeners, do this:, first of all. It’s perfect for Heartrepreneurs. Second of all, I think it would really, really help everyone who is a listener to have access to this. Because, most of us really don’t know how to write copy, we don’t know what to say and how to say it, and we don’t know the right words. So, the fact that it’s free blows my mind! So, And by the way there’s a lesson for the listeners, I always talk to you about the best domain names, tell you exactly what the benefit is. So, the benefit is you’re going to learn Heart Centered Persuasion, so don’t forget that, And it’s free! How awesome and wonderful, and what a true Heartrepreneur, and what a perfect fit for our audience. So, Andy, I’m really excited about that, and if you have maybe a couple final words, we’ve got about a minute left. Final words of wisdom for anyone who is struggling right now with their business. Anything that you can say to them that we can leave them with a positive message from you?
AO: Absolutely. I’ve been through the wringer in professional life, and what I did was, I never gave up. I just stuck to it, I persisted, I mean, you’re gonna have peaks and valleys, and has long as you just keep your eyes on the end result and just never give up. You can have times when you feel dejected and bummed out about how things are going, but just let that pass. Live with it, be in that moment, but then move past it. And, I’m a big believer in mindfulness and meditation. If you practice those things on a daily basis, and practice self-love, I got into that just in the last several months. And, it’s just amazing. It’ll work wonders if you just practice the art of loving yourself before anybody else.
TL: Oh, I have goosebumps hearing you say that, it’s just really, really wise advice. I always say to people, be in the moment. And business is cyclical, you know we’re all gonna have our ups and downs. I’ve been in business about 40 years and there have been times that it’s like, wow, things are just rolling, and easy and effortless. And there’s times that it’s like, what the heck? And that’s just business, and that’s life, right? It’s chaotic! So, if you’re mindful, if you’re in the moment, and I can’t agree more, self-love. It was probably the biggest lesson that I have had in my life and it’s been a game-changer for me. So, wow, what wise words of wisdom. So, I’m gonna recommend that folks go over to iTunes in the self-help section and subscribe to Audio Motivation, I think you’re absolutely gonna love it. And 100% go over to and get free help from someone that I consider one of the top copywriters, and “funnel” creators, Andy O’Bryan. So, Andy, thank you so much for joining us here today on Heartrepreneur Radio.
AO: Thank you Terri. It’s just wonderful to be with you as usual.
TL: And for our listeners, please make sure you do subscribe, cuz I’ve got some amazing folks coming up, and I don’t want you to miss any episodes. And you know what? We love when you give us a 5-star rating, and we also love when you share the show on social media. So, let’s see you give a shout-out out there as true Heartrepreneurs passing it forward. Once again, Terri Levine, signing off at Heartrepreneur Radio.