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25th January 20160

Best Marketing For Dentists

If you are a dentist and want to increase your revenues and profits you need to know the best online and off line marketing strategies that are proven effective.   It’s confusing to know which strategies will work and which will waste your money, time and energy.  Many marketing strategies work well and others will not bring in new patients or retain prior patients.  Let’s take a look at what actually works in dental marketing.

Marketing With Your Website


Every dental practice needs to have a website. Prospective patients seek dental practitioners by searching for them on the internet. By having the right type of website a dental practice can attract new patients and enhance the credibility of their dental practice and even provide patients a means of scheduling 24 hours a day.  Having a website isn’t enough by itself. You also must have a website that has great content and is rich in information and highly responsive and works on mobile devices as well as desktop computers.

As in all healthcare marketing, the role of the practitioner must continue to be patient care and the role of the website partner must be to create a responsive website and make the content changes needed and to drive traffic to the website for the practitioner.  I believe a big advantage a dentist can have is for their website to have the ability for their visitors to request appointments directly from their websites.  I also recommend that dental websites have patient intake and Hippa forms integrated on dental marketing sites so that patients can download those directly and/or complete them on-line. I also suggest all dental marketing websites have Google Maps built into their sites so patients do not need to call for directions. If your dental practice doesn’t have an effective website or you want to grow your dental practice further you really need to amp up your dental website to grow your patient base.

Other Dental Marketing Ideas


Dental marketing companies have many dental marketing ideas designed to bring more patients to your dental practice. Here are my top dental marketing ideas that mideasy dental clients have had the best results with:

  1.  Postcards mailed to a targeted audience in their local neighborhood in close proximity to the dental practice with a coupon code or free offer.
  2. Facebook ads used to the same targeted audience the postcards have been mailed to will reinforce the postcard offer and make a greater impact and gain an even higher response in conjunction with the postcard mailer.
  3. Place print ads in local papers with coupon codes and special offers.
  4. Affiliations with complementary local businesses offering a special or coupon offering.
  5. Promoting free check ups for the community and doing free press releases and media exposure around this works well and can get your practice a lot of media attention and also will promote great community relations.
  6. Creation of your own dental app that offers dental knowledge for your patients and prospects and is promoted on social media and on a blog is a great marketing tool.
  7. Sending text messages to remind patients of appointments cuts down on missed appointments and can reduce potential lost revenue.
  8. Using geo-location on your content within your website is very important as it will show your potential patients your site in relevant searches.
  9. Facebook ads are great for targeting your local area and then offering something free when they visit your office for the first time.









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