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BlogIs Online Mentoring A Solution for Business Advising?

6th March 20162

Online Mentoring: Can You Really Get A Mentor OnLine?

While online mentoring has become a very popular means of connecting adults with youth, is it possible that mentoring online can work when a business needs consulting or advising?  My answer, after consulting, coaching, and providing business mentoring for businesses over the past two plus decades, is a great big yes! Mentoring is a relationship where the mentor helps the student avoid costly mistakes by sharing their expertise and knowledge.  This can certainly by done off line as well as online and, in my experience, mentoring online saves time as the mentor and mentee don’t have to travel to any in person meetings.

The website is an example of an effective site that pairs up mentors and mentees and offers over 1500 categories of mentors available.  The service is a free self-serve web site for adult mentors and mentee’s and also provides paid matching services for coaching and training mentorships.  These forms of business e-mentoring programs are very popular in business and are done via online software, email, Skype, Google Hangouts or FaceTime.


Other OnLine Mentoring 

Not only are businesses benefiting by online mentoring, students are benefiting by online mentors as well. At-risk middle and high school students now have an online community with professional mentors who help empower teens to stay in school and also help guide their future careers and achieve more in their lives at

Another form of mentoring on line is digital mentoring. A digital mentor uses social media to broadcast messages to many. Digital mentors shares through social media and touches masses of people by transferring their knowledge using digital technology.  As a digital mentor you can be helping other people with their careers, businesses or even their lives. Mentoring concepts are the same it is simply the method of delivering the mentoring that is different.

Have you had any type of a mentor?  What has your experience been?


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