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March 20, 2016

Business Consulting: The Full Truth

Would you like the real simple overview of what a consultant in business really is and really does?  I am going to reveal what business consulting is based upon my decades of being in this industry.  Let’s begin by creating clarity by defining what a business consultant is since I believe there is still confusion over this.

I consider a business consultant to be a person who has influence over a group, company, association or a person but lacks the actual power or authority to make changes. In other words, consultants make suggestions and can not assure changes will occur.

Now that we have a clear definition of consulting established, let’s look deeper into what consulting really is.

What Exactly Is Business Consulting?

Business consulting is the use of technical and interpersonal skills to guide a client to achieve results that they wish to achieve in regards to their business goals. Clients hire business consultants when they have problems or challenges in their businesses. For such challenges, not only do consultants need to have business expertise, they also must have strong interpersonal skills to assist their clients. The most successful consultants, in my opinion, have great technical expertise and also have an outstanding ability to be authentic and in tune with their clients. They rely on having personal coaching tools in their toolkit and use coaching tools blended in their consulting skill set as well.

Are you considering becoming a consultant? Let’s look at what steps you will need to take.

How To Become A Business Consultant

Every business consultant is in the business of doing great work for their clients by obtaining the results clients hire them for.  This means they must be accountable for their work. So before you hang a shingle and tell people you are a business consultant you need to have expertise in the area you will be consulting in so that you can assure that you will, in fact, be able to obtain the results people or companies are hiring you for.  Otherwise you will not be in business very long at all.

Don’t just start a consulting business without first defining your area of consulting expertise. What area of business can you help a company, association, person, or organization overcome their obstacles and achieve their goals in? You must first know the answer to this question and have great clarity in your answer.  The best consultants know what they do well and they focus their consulting in that area.

I advise and recommend you get training, mentoring and coaching from a business mentor who is already a very successful business consultant and who can help you short cut your learning curve.  This will assure you learn from their mistakes and help you to quickly launch your consulting career.

How To Start A Consulting Business

I also strongly advise you begin your small business consulting firm by hiring your own small business mentor or small business consultant. This will help you avoid all the pitfalls you can easily fall into as an independent consultant in start-up mode. There is so much for you to consider when starting a consulting business.

Even before you seek out a client you need to consider if you want a partner or to have other consultants in your business as employees or independent contractors or if you prefer to fly solo.  Then it’s not just about finding the clients it’s also about pitching the work to the client’s and then establishing the right contracts with your clients and negotiating those contracts. Of course implementation of what is in the contract is critical and you must be able to deliver what is in the contact and fulfill promises and obligations as well.

The reason I have hired business consultants, mentors, coaches and others is that I wanted to have a very successful business consulting and business coaching company right from the start.  I wanted to expedite my success.  In order to make this happen quickly I invested in people who were much more successful than me and were running faster, playing a bigger game and had far greater expertise in the business consulting industry than I did, at the time.  This amped up my consulting business very quickly and I was able to get to my financial and career goals quickly by having other people lend me a hand by sharing their knowledge and experience with me.

I never recommend that you enter business consulting alone.  Being a business consultant can be a lonely field.  Consultants need support.  Get your support starting with how to become a consultant and invest in training and learning and don’t wing it or you’ll waste more time and money sitting on the sidelines waiting for gigs to come in.  Learn how to start a consulting business from mentors who are already success stories in business consulting.

Business Consulting: Summarized

If you are ready to add a new profit center or are thinking of a great part time job or if you want to begin a new career or to re-invent yourself after retirement, business consulting may be your next career.  It’s imperative you first get training how to become a consultant and then you need to find a business mentor or business consultant and invest in them.  Hire someone who can not only help you learn how to be a great consultant they will also help you launch your successful consulting business.

Now that you know all about consulting and starting a consulting business your first step is to identify your consulting expertise.  Next you need to decide if you will be an independent consultant. Then I recommend you get training on how to become a consultant and how to start a consulting business and then hire your own successful business consultant.

The field of business consulting is fun and lucrative and challenging and rewarding and you can be a very successful business consultant if you follow the footsteps of the consultants who have paved the path for you.

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