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*schema doneBlogHow Cause Marketing Can Help Your Business Succeed

May 23, 2016

Enhance Your Company or Brand With Cause Related Marketing

When you blend your business with a cause marketing campaign you align your company with a cause and will ultimately generate more business. Cause marketing is the use of marketing techniques that impacts society by relating to cooperative efforts of a non-profit that stands to create a change in the behavior of our society for the greater good. When your company creates a cause marketing campaign with a social cause in mind your company will ultimately benefit as many people in society will get behind such a campaign and resonate with your message.  Heartrepreneurs want to know what is cause marketing because they have concerns about society and are interested in pairing their businesses by serving the greater good and not just making profits. It is important for Heartrepreneurs to team up with organizations that are cause-focused.

Cause Marketing Campaign

There are many cause marketing examples.  My favorite cause marketing example is the one between Marriott and the March of Dimes. The March of Dimes’ wanted to increase donations for the pledge walk and teamed up with Marriott to create  the most successful promotion in the history of  The March of Dimes and Marriott benefited by getting exposure and free publicity for their west coast opening of their Santa Clara location.

Famous Amos also conducted a great cause marketing campaign teaming up with Literacy Volunteers of America which was another very successful campaign. In this example Wally Amos, the founder of Famous Amos, became the spokesperson for the Literacy Volunteers of America. The Literacy Volunteers of America say that Wally made more people aware of  the illiteracy problem than any other person in history. Wally was able to tell the Famous Amos Cookie story promoting the Famous Amos brand while creating exposure for the illiteracy problem in America. This led to many literacy programs being created while Famous Amos became a more well known brand at the same time. These are just two cause related marketing examples.  What can you, as a Heartrepreneur, learn from these cause marketing companies? Are you beginning to think of causes that make sense for you business to partner with?

Coming Up With A Cause

Think about your business and what cause might be important to you. One of my clients is a financial planner. When we were discussing what social programs he might find important to team up with he told me that he wanted to team up with an agency or organization that was doing something about banking reform. He felt strongly that this was necessary for social change and would protect citizens against a housing crisis like we faced in 2008.  He clearly understands the causes of the stock market crash and has a desire to educate his clients on what caused the stock market crash. My client found an agency on banking reform that was doing the same thing – educating people on banking, housing, mortgages and helping to fight against giving out mortgages without making sure that borrowers were not fully qualified.  Together they share a mission and by combining his Heartrepreneur® philosophy with a social reform organization this will bring him more free publicity and at the same time link him to a cause in his marketing.

Now it is your turn. What will be your cause marketing campaign?

Tell me about it in your comments. I want to hear from you.

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