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September 25, 2020

So, you’ve officially become a small business owner, or you currently own one. It’s a no brainer that in order to keep it running you need to continuously have an influx of satisfied, paying consumers. This is where advertising becomes very helpful.

You might have used flyers, hired people to stand in the street with those big signs. Maybe you even sent snail mail to promote your products/services. These are all effective advertising tactics. Don’t get it twisted. But despite the growth of influencers and social media platforms, many businesses still don’t take advantage of online activity to promote their businesses. This is lost potential. You could be able to generate more revenue and not even realize it.

Here’s why if you have a small business, you NEED to get online ASAP and have it supplement whatever you’re currently using/doing to promote your business:

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Small Business And The Web
  1. IT’S FREE.

            Granted, depending on your business it may be worth investing some money in creating a cool website. This is an expense worth considering. Finding a web-developer may be worth the time saved. However, WordPress, Wix, and Tumblr are all platforms where you can create a free website.  These won’t look bare-bones because of the plethora of cool palettes and background designs to choose from.

Social Media

But especially if you’re just starting out, you’ve got plenty of options in the social media myriad to pick through. Instagram and Yelp are especially great if you have a food-related business because. People can tag you when they rave about how great your grub is. Certain establishments such as bubble tea and ice cream places do exclusive social media deals. If a customer follows their account and shows a promoted item they can get a deal on said item.

LinkedIn and Facebook might be more appealing to those who want to put service-related businesses out there. LinkedIn is a space where you’re more likely to find customers looking for your service. You can connect with other professionals with a similar business to yours. Facebook has a Live option where you can host large-scale events and broadcast to many people. You can even pre-record videos and upload them on your page to serve as informational guides on what you’re really all about.


            The average American spends over six hours on the Internet per day. That’s a quarter of a full day in front of a screen. Why not have some of these web-surfers find your ads waving their way? If they really don’t want your service they can just casually dismiss the ad with a click or a tap. A mere thirty-second exposure to your online presence could mean them becoming your next consumer.

Thanks to places where bulk amounts of people can join and chat in unison such as Direct Messaging, iMessage, Reddit forums, and even Zoom calls. If one person takes a screenshot of your online page/ad and shares it with the group, you’re all the more likely to get more consumers.


            Fusion sushi dishes are nothing novel. Sushi pizza, sushi doughnuts, even sushi burgers have all made their way into the foodie scene. However, one Florida restaurant chain completely put themselves on major social media platforms to demonstrate their unique twists on such fusion fare. W A V E Asian bistro used their Mount Dora location to film and photograph the preparation of their dishes. They upload posts on Instagram to promote themselves. They made sure to use plenty of hashtags so that they could be found by sushi fanatics.

And of course, the sushi fanatics found them. Food influencers often generate a large following. So when some major influencers shared photos of W A V E’s fare, thousands of people were exposed to a restaurant they otherwise wouldn’t have known about.

            W A V E has a few locations in Florida, yet it attracts customers from all over the globe. This only exemplifies the advantage of simply being online. Anyone from anywhere has the potential to find you. And if they want what you can provide and are able to afford it, they will go and get it.

Digital Presence

It’s crucial to have a digital presence for your business if you want to have more customers. Media usage and viewing will only become more prevalent in time. You may as well use it as an essential tool.

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