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November 16, 2020


I grow practices just like yours. I will share a few in this special article.

First, take a moment and imagine what your practice would look like if you have an extra 5 new patients a day. Now, imagine that another practitioner was actually treating those new patients for you.

Sound good? One of my client family members did just this. In fact, she added 14 new patients in one month’s time.  Then she and brought in another health and wellness professional to serve them.

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Do you know that people in your current database are about 6 times as likely to engage with you than a new prospective patient you market to for the first time?

In fact, if you have seen a patient before they are likely to spend about 50% more on treatment and supplements with you for repeat conditions than a brand new patient would.

They are also more likely to refer more patients to you as you help them solve their condition.

These people are sitting idle in your database.  If you know how to market to them they are likely to book an appointment with you.  Nnew prospects are not as likely by any means.

I will show you, in a moment, how I help my client family members deploy and unlock proven effective powerful marketing. When they do they fill their appointments up every time they use it.

I would like YOU to become the next success story of implementing this strategy.

Let’s Dive In:

Ok, before we dive in, let me explain that you must have a new patient getting strategy now.

Do you need to attract new patients fast because your numbers have plateaued? Are you on a cycle of ups and downs?  Do you need more cash or more free time?

Then this injection of patient strategy will let you control the demand for you and your services.

You must take control or your patient numbers will be out of your control and you will feel stress, overwhelm, and maybe even helpless. Then you won’t be able to create a growing business or become successful.

This is only ONE small piece of the patient acquisition strategy I help my client family members put in place.

Here Are Some Practical Steps:

Step One:
You must have a Consumer Awareness guide that serves as a new patient generating magnet and gains the attention of your prospective patients.

Step Two:
You must have a compelling reason for them to schedule an appointment.

Step Three:
You must be seen as THE credible expert in your field.

Step Four:
You must know how to get prospects to engage with you so you can amplify your authority and reach.

This formula actually works and has my client family members gaining control over their health and wellness businesses quickly and allows them to grow while having more time freedom too.

Start with WHO:

Instead of being a jack-of-all-trades, you must be very very clear who is the ideal patient. What is their medical issue and why do they want it solved?

You will only target the exact patients that you know you can get incredible results with. You want to work with patients you can help – this is why you are in this field, yes? And you want them to be so pleased with their results that people see their success. You also want them to freely and joyfully share you with others.

No longer will you be helping “everyone”. You will isolate a very very small niche. Is it someone with thyroid issues? Rheumatoid arthritis? Back pain? What age? What condition, etc.

Not only must you choose the condition, but you must also choose who you LOVE working with and helping. You will only be working with patients you love and that you love helping from this point on.

We will isolate who your most profitable patient.  Once you have determined the specific niche, conditions, who you can make a dramatic difference for, and who you love working with … then you will have patients that are profitable to treat.

Once we do this work, you will use email as your main form of communication.

If that sounds odd let me explain.

Why Email?

Email is free and it is measurable. You want to track open rates and headlines and topics and create value with your messages.

In my experience, when we use email we succeed. All other platforms of marketing fall short here.

So, once we know your specific niche we get busy writing effective emails for them.

Writing the best marketing campaigns is usually the most difficult step for my client family members.

This is why we do it for YOU!

No joke.

We write and you tweak the examples we give you that have already been proven effective to work. This saves you time, money and energy.

No need to reinvent the wheel.

Now, you will be getting inquiries by phone and email having applied our system.

So, your staff needs training on how to convert inquiries into appointments from both phone and email. They need to know what to say. They need to know how to say it. Also they will need training on how to respond so that the right patients get booked.

Now, you get to do what YOU do best, treat patients, and help them. Sound cool?

Take a moment and imagine your practice IF you got in front of a lot of the right patients.

What I shared here is tiny and I mean fraction of what we do to help natural health and wellness professions.

Fractional Marketing Consultant:

Would you like your practice to have a fractional marketing consultant? Someone who is ready to help you with the best marketing strategies (all proven), customized for your practice that you can execute immediately?

We are now chatting with practitioners like you. We are sharing with them the exact marketing strategies that are best for them and their practice. They get our proven and tested ideas that they can execute immediately after the chat.

I am curious…

What is holding YOU back from getting your practice to the next level? Would you like to remove those roadblocks and get step-by-step instructions on how do it so that you leap to the next level fast?

Are you ready to have the missing puzzles pieces so you have a complete picture that allows you to confidently take your practice to the next level with confidence?

Why We Are Offering This…

We are offering these conversations because a certain percentage of people we do this for will want me to help them install this system into their practice.

But rather than try to convince you of how great that would be, I figured I’d just demonstrate that I can help by…actually helping you.

For free.

Once we do this for you, you will either:

1. Love what we do and see the power and the potential it has for your practice, and decide you want to do this on your own.

If so, happy to have helped and we wish you good luck.

2. You love what we do and you want me and my team to help you build the entire proven system, customize it for your business, and help you get killer results in your business.

Then we roll up our sleeves and work on your business immediately.

Now, we don’t just jump on the phone with anyone.

In order to invest our time, energy, and expertise into providing you with a business strategy you need to meet some strict (yet very reasonable) criteria.


1. You can’t be all about the money or be chasing “get rich quick” outcomes or any of that stuff that I don’t want to associate with.

2. You need to have an established practice and already bringing in about $300,000 US.


At this level, you typically have a database that we can show you how to turn into a goldmine, you are experienced in getting great clinical results, and you understand the importance of investing in your business to grow.

3. You need to want to be given advice. If you think you know it all already or that you know more than me and my expert team, that’s totally fine. Please continue doing what you are doing already and don’t take up our valuable time.


As long as you’re legitimate, are getting great clinical results, and want help, I’d be delighted to help you…for free.

So what do you need to do to get our help?

It’s simple, email

In the subject line say “Naturopath”.

That’s it.

I’ll have my team reach out for a chat.

Visit us on social networks:

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