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November 30, 2020

You must have seen a magic trick by a great magician like David Copperfield or maybe Chris Angel, right?

Do you remember the feeling of being amazed or maybe even shocked?

Right after that, did you wonder how the magician did the trick?

I am friends with 3 of the worlds’ greatest magicians and none of them tell me how they do their magic.

They all tell me they have practiced each trick literally thousands of times.

Several years ago when I was doing a magic trick at one of my business workshops, I began by putting a torn-up newspaper together.

Hundreds of hours of practice went into that trick.

I learned the moves from a magician and after hours and hours of practice, I did what seemed to be magic.

How does this relate to your business success?

1. Business and Magic

The successful business owners I know are frankly magicians.

To grow their businesses to where they are today, they did not use the law of attraction and hope and pray for success.

They thought of the impossible like being world-renowned, being number one in their field, creating a brand, and imagined what their success could be.

Then, instead of just thinking about it, they decided to start their business with the end in mind.

No matter what, they kept going. Even when the going was not easy.

They decided to practice and to make the magic happen.

And they didn’t care what was happening in their lives or in the world.

These people would succeed and do their magic.

2. Learning and Growing

Every day, these business owners kept learning and that kept them growing.

They are doers.

Doing what it takes every day so they could do the amazing.

Every day of practice they got better and better at providing value and education.

As they niched down they took in more information to become professionals in their business.

Even the magician was once an amateur.

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3. Be the Magician

You either can be in the audience observing or can be the one making the magic. This is your decision. You choose.

Take a minute and think about what influencers you follow. Who is influential in your business?

They did something that others do not do. This is why they have gotten to be an influencer.

Are you ready to grow your business?

Then read the top thing you must commit to…

4. Be an Implementor

I wanted to open my event with a magic trick. No, I am not a magician. In fact, I had never done magic in the past. I had the drive to do magic at this event.

Being an implementor I decided to practice one trick every day for two full months.

Hours and hours each day I spent practicing one trick.

I get better each day.

I paid close attention to my skills and celebrated my wins.

Wins I got because I was implementing.

I learned. Also, I took action. Yes, I practiced. I improved.

Then one day I decided ti was ready to do it.

5.Take the Leap

After months of practice, I did the trick. The audience’s faces told me I succeeded. They were in shock.

They were amazed.

I was proud that I could bring them excitement.

The magic trick worked to get their attention at the opening of my event.

Now What?

What do you do with these 5 tips? You get to decide. It is ok to do nothing. I give you permission to sit on it. OR you can decide to practice using your business building muscle.

When you do, you will make mistakes.

You then get to choose. Decide if you keep going. Or, perhaps decide (unconsciously) to fail.

I continue to practice. I prefer to grow, learn, and expand.

Today, I can do 11 magic tricks. Some really well. Some not at all well and some ok.

I am happy with this.

I get better every day.

Laughing at my mistakes and celebrating my wins, I grow.

My wish is for YOU to grow your business.

Join this free masterclass I put together to help you grow.

Be the magician behind your business success.

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