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April 13, 2020

7 Changes That Will Transform Your Business – Even During This Pandemic

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Flow In Wealth

Before we jump right into the good stuff, I want to bring up something that’s touching all of us. Right now it really doesn’t matter if you’re a producer, a consumer, or one of the many people in between. All are faced with the recent outbreak of COVID-19. It’s certainly changing the way that the world does business.

Ove the past weeks I have been inspired. Look at the numbers of people and businesses who are refusing to throw in the towel! From local distilleries adapting their production to make hand sanitizer, to the thousands of individuals that are sewing protective masks. It’s an amazing display of ingenuity and community. There is a silver lining in these stormy times.

The foundations of what I’m about to share with you were around long-before our current state of affairs. But it’s my belief that the message, and more importantly, this system, is more valuable than ever before.

The whole world is realizing the realities of a world where business needs to deviate from the norm, but this is something that us entrepreneurs and business owners are used to, the need to adapt.

The 7-deviations that I am about to share, is a system designed to help you stand out while focusing on the most important aspects of a business.

Who Is This For?

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Is This For You?

This is for people that make a living from their expertise, knowledge, or wisdom such as coaches, consultants, speakers, and authors.

…and therapists, doctors, health-practitioners, info-preneurs, solo-preneurs, etc…

This is also for business owners that offer professional services or sell a product.

If you can get impactful results for the clients that you work with, then this is for you.

What we’re going to cover – How to:

– Turn YOUR expertise into a $20k per month income, even if that seems impossible right now.
– Generate customers and clients whenever you want them, even if you’re completely new to business.
– Raise your prices to $3k, $5k, and $10k levels and beyond, even if you’ve never thought of charging those types of prices before.
– Leverage and automate services and deliverables so that you can work with more clients without needing to spend more time.
– Do all of this without having to constantly blog, create endless content, or post on social media all day to “get noticed”.

My Promise To You 

I’m going to show you the exact steps you need to take to get your business to $20k/month and beyond.

You might be at a point in your business right now where the thought of making $20k/month seems absurd to you, but let me tell you, I have coached and consulted with thousands of client-family members to do this over and over again. So I will ask you right now to open your mind and stretch the limits of what you think is possible and let’s get into it.

Keep in mind…

– There is no such thing as getting rich quick. Anything worth doing in life takes effort and work.
– In order for this to work, you must be really good at what you do. If you are not yet an expert in your field, I can’t help you at this time.
– And finally, neither my results nor my client-family members’ results are typical. The people you will hear from are amazing and extraordinary entrepreneurs. They have worked hard, overcome challenges, and EARNED the results that I am going to share with you the path that you must walk down.

Does this sound like you…?

Before we get into it, let me just check in and see if I know where you’re at…

Do you…

– Have some months in your business that are really good, and some that are really bad, and you have trouble planning because you just don’t have that consistency?
– Start out every single month wondering where that next client is going to come from?
– Spend your time worrying about covering costs when you want to be focused on expansion?
– Know that the value you deliver is worth a whole lot more than what you’re charging, but you’re afraid to raise your prices because you think people won’t pay it?
– See other people in your business or niche, and they’re actually making the type of income that you want to make, and you wonder how they’re able to do it?
– Work way too hard in your business, you’re burning yourself out, and you’re still not where you want to be in your business?

The Real Problem…?

If you nodded yes to any of those things, then it might be that you haven’t discovered the I call “The 7 Deviations”.

To deviate is to do something different than conventional wisdom suggests.

I will show you how challenging norms is key to unlocking your potential in your life and business.

Once you understand the deviations…You:

– Will have complete control over your clients, how you choose to serve them, how many clients you choose to serve, and the prices you can command for your services.
-Are going to be able to generate clients or customers in your business by using very specific marketing that establishes YOU as “THE AUTHORITY” in your market, and this will add massive value to your audience.
– Will to start to realize that the glass ceiling on your income was never there to begin with and you’ll push past all of the barriers you thought existed to new financial heights in your business faster and further than you ever thought possible.
– AND you will be able to do all of this while experiencing the passion and joy you had when you got started in the first place.

Who Am I?

I am a business growth strategist, and I’ve been doing this for over 40 years. I now leverage my lifetime of experience in my practice, Heart-repreneur®, where I teach others to do business with heart and turn their knowledge into extraordinarily successful businesses.

What do I specialize in? Helping my client-family members leverage their time, command premium prices, and attract perfect clients.

How I discovered the 7 deviations…

I’ve been in business for a long time, I’ve served over 6,000 client-family members, and I’ve probably seen just about every type of business. I’ve been in a privileged position to see what’s working, what’s not working, not only in my own business but in the businesses of everyone that I’ve worked with.

This has given me the ability to have a bird’s eye view in every situation. I can identify problems, I can help my clients figure out how to move past their barriers, and literally get through to the next level and breakthrough that.

I’ve seen some that have really figured it out, they:

– Had the INCOME, so they were making multiple 5-figures a month or more.
– And they the LIFESTYLE, the freedom to live on their terms because their business was set up online.
– Also, they had the IMPACT, so that the work they were doing was changing lives.

I studied what these successful people were doing, and I narrowed it down to these 7 things.

And so today, what I want to do pull back the curtain, and break down for you, what the most successful coaches are doing, and how they are using these 7 deviations to massively transform their income, impact, and lifestyle.

Deviation #1: Operate With Total Integrity

What makes my business successful and the businesses of my client-family successful is that we all operate with integrity, transparency, and authenticity all the time.

WE DON’T USE… manipulation, sales/closing tactics, hype, and we certainly don’t make any promises that we cannot keep.

This allows us to sleep well at night because we know that the success of our client-family members is all of our success.

Here are the three principles to live by in your business to always stay in integrity:

1. Be the best in your area of mastery;
2. Never let a client do something that’s not in their best interest;
3. Take personal responsibility for the welfare of your clients.

Deviation #2: You Are The Mirror

Your business is like a mirror, it’s constantly reflecting back to you what your deepest beliefs and intentions are. Not only is it reflecting to you, but it’s reflecting to everyone else as well.

If your intention is just to make as much money as fast as you can, then that intention is going to be reflected back out into the world. People can tell, and you’ll get bad clients.

You won’t be able to create a connection with them, and that means you won’t be able to have lasting impact. If:

You’re walking around and your mindset isn’t aligned with the outcomes you want to get in your business, then it just isn’t going to happen.

You declare right now that you’re going to build a successful business on integrity and results, then that’s going to be reflected right back as well. Your prospects are going to trust you. They are going to understand that you have their best interests at heart.


want decisive clients that pay a premium, then be decisive yourself.

desire clients that are ready to invest in themselves and their business without hesitation, then you need to invest in yourself as well.

show up and deliver integrity and results, you’ll get the same back from your clients.

Deviation #3: Sell Without Selling

The key to selling successfully is to sell from the heart. That means that you’re putting your clients first by making it all about them.

You are there to meet them where they are and to serve them to their dream. That’s how you make it about them.

You’re not there to make it about yourself.

If you show up to a conversation with a prospect and you make it about yourself, you just try and make the money, then you will actually end up repelling it.

The key is to sell with no attachment to the outcome. Forget that there is any income attached to the outcome.

Care more about the person, and what they need, than making the sale, and you’ll be amazed and how you become a magnet for your dream clients, and money manifests in ways you never thought possible.

Deviation #4: Raise Your Prices

Can you charge more for your services while getting more clients?

There are only two reasons why you’re not charging premium prices:

1. You believe your expertise, product, or service is not worth it.
2. You don’t think anybody will pay higher prices.

Neither of those are true. You need to decide right here, right now, who you want to be.

You can be Walmart, or you can be Saks, Nordstrom’s, or Bloomingdales. Do you see my point?

You are not selling your time; you are selling the value of the results that you deliver.
So why are you trying to build a business with hourly billings or whatever you’re charging now when the value of the results you provide are way more than that?
Your clients want to pay a premium price because it assures them that you are the best.
…and you’re helping your clients by charging more.
The people that pay more are the ones that get better results because they are more invested in the outcome.
If you charge your clients $100, they will put in a small amount of effort, and they won’t get results, and your business won’t grow.
But if you charge them a premium price, $3k or more, then they are going to show up, do the work, and get the results they need because they have no other option.

When you charge premium prices and create an amazing solution, everybody wins. You will reach your income goals faster, and you can dedicate your efforts to making sure your clients get amazing results.

Let me tell you about Jaclyn DiGregorio.

Before she hired me she knew she wanted to run an online business where she could make a meaningful impact in the lives of others, but she had absolutely no idea where to start or how to package up her value and gifts into an offer that people would pay for.

When I first spoke with her, she was very nervous about making what she thought was a large investment into herself. But she took the plunge and we got to work.

The first thing we did was get clarity on who she should be helping, and what result she can get for them. I then helped her design premium priced programs, and I showed her how she can actually serve her clients better by working with them in a group-coaching model.

She was able to earn $57k in revenue into her business in the first TWO MONTHS of working with me!

“It’s the best decision I ever made in my life” according to Jaclyn.

Deviation #5: Evergreen Webinar Marketing

There is a new and better way to attract clients online… but let me talk for a second about the old way: Facebook Pages, Twitter/Instagram 3-5x/day, YouTube posting, Blogging, LinkedIn, networking, SEO, and on and on…

The reality is that you can’t possibly serve your clients to their highest potential if you’re spending all of your time spinning your wheels using these outdated marketing tactics.

I call it “maybe marketing” because you’re supposed to do all of this work, and maybe the clients will show up.

This approach keeps you as a business owner in survival mode because you’re always unsure where the next flow is going to come from. You cannot build or run a successful business when you are in survival mode, it’s just not possible.

The better way is evergreen webinar marketing. This allows you to automate the process while you deliver value so that you can reach your customers anytime and anywhere.

It is the most powerful way to connect with your audience, establish your authority, and give your prospects massive value, so they can immediately see you as the solution to their problem.

… all while it makes them an outstanding offer that they can’t refuse.

Webinar marketing is such a powerful tool, it has brought in over $450k in revenue into my business per year.

One great evergreen webinar can replace all of those other strategies that I listed above with a super simple process.

Here’s the simple process, you run a paid ad on Facebook, that sends the prospect to a registration page, they opt-in to your webinar, and at the end, you make them an offer to get on a strategy call where you find out what their problems are and offer them the solution they require.

Why does an automated webinar work so well?

The answer is that it does all of the work for you that you were trying to accomplish with those old marketing tactics.

1. Puts you in front of the right audience.
2. Builds a real connection with them (a common bond).
3. Establishes authority and credibility.
4. Delivers value that blows them away.
5. Builds trust.
6. Identifies a problem.
7. And presents yourself as the solution to their problems.

The problem with those outdated marketing strategies is that they can take months or years, and an automated webinar can do this in 45-minutes to one-hour.

One great webinar can be the cornerstone of your $20k/year business.

Deviation 6: Scale Your Business Without Losing Your Mind


My Post 1 1 640x640 - 7 Powerful, Urgent Secrets - Flow In  Wealth - Overcome Pandemic Paralysis
Scale Now

Building a company is how you leverage yourself and gain your life back while you’re growing your business.

If you have a business that is dependent on you, that can’t function without you, you’re only going to burn yourself out.

The key to fixing this problem is by duplicating yourself by hiring others to do a lot of the work with you and for you, and by creating programs that can be scaled so that you are able to impact more people without needing to rely on the 1:1 model.

You may be thinking to yourself that you don’t have the time to train others, or that you’re the only one who can possibly perform the tasks in your business. Time spent training others comes back to you 1000x. This is what you need to do to transform your business into a company.

This is how you truly separate your time from your income.

You have amazing and knowledgeable value to share, and if you want to maximize your impact, you cannot be doing this one person at a time. The many 7-figure client-family members that I’ve coached and consulted with have all found ways to scale their efforts so that they can get
great results.

Deviation #7: Invest in Mentoring

Every business owner should have a mentor who is farther ahead of them in the game.
A mentor brings three things: new ideas, accountability, and mindset and beliefs about what is possible.
I’d be willing to bet that throughout this article I’ve given you some new ideas to think about.
Think you can do get to the next level with no training?
It’s a simple fact, doctors, lawyers, architects, dentists, they all go to school for a long time, and they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on their education.
These professionals are able to leverage their training to make salaries of $150k and beyond.
Support is the key to success. You can’t get your business to $20k/month with zero dollars invested into your own education.
The truth is, that if you want to get your business to that level, you have to invest in your own education.
I’ve personally invested over $1M in my own coaching and education. I did it because I know that it’s necessary to get to the next level.
Getting uncomfortable and putting skin in the game is what creates transformation. Without skin in the game, motivation does not last.
Find the best mentor out thee, spend whatever it takes, to make sure they can actually provide the results that you want. And actually make sure they have a track record of being able to do what they say.
Now you have a choice…
We’ve covered a lot, I’ve given you some new ideas, I’ve shown you that it’s possible for you to break-through in your business to achieve the success that you want. You have a choice, you can continue to:

– Spin your wheels by using the same outdated marketing tactics as everyone else;
– Keep your value hidden so that you don’t impact the people that need you;
– Attract the wrong clients and charge less than you’re worth;
– Miss out on the opportunity that is available to YOU right now.
Or, if you’re done with all that, and you want to leverage a proven process to attract the right clients, at the right price, anytime you want so that you can have income, impact, and lifestyle, then here’s what I have for you.

How I Can Help…

My team and I have set aside some time in the next few days to speak to you personally. We will chat about how you can apply these ideas to your business starting today.
Whatever your biggest challenges are to growing your business online, I assure you I’ve seen it and I can help.
The same strategy that I shared with you is the same strategy that I used to make millions of dollars in my business. It’s the same strategy that my client-family members are using as well.
We will get on a Zoom meeting or phone call for about 45 minutes. On this session, I will work with you to craft a step-by-step Business Blueprint to hit your income goal in your business.
I’ve been able to share with you some different ideas. But the reality is that every business is different. You’re different. And so, we have to go in and customize what I’ve taught you today. We need to customize it, to your business, so that you can do some great stuff. That’s what we’re going to do on the call.

Here’s What You’re Going To Get…

1. Completely customized business blueprint.
2. Access to a mini-course.
3. Actionable steps to get started now.
For a very limited time, the cost of the Business Blueprint is absolutely FREE.
But there’s a catch, this opportunity is not designed for everybody.
Who is this call for?
1. You must have a business, product, service that solves a problem for people.
2. You must be passionate and great at what you do.
3. You must be a person of high character and integrity.
4. Real results must be your priority.



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