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BlogA Message From A Heart-repreneur® Family Member

May 4, 2018

Untitled 300x300 - A Message From A Heart-repreneur® Family MemberThis subject is much heavier than I normally write, but I felt a need for it…for all Heart-repreneurs ®.

Our Chief Heart-repreneur ® has informed us of a disheartening occurrence recently. Both she and I are able to read the honesty and sincerity of most people with a high degree of accuracy, but alas, not 100%.
This article will go into the definition of certain words, so there is a message for all of us….and a strong caution.
The overall topic is theft of property.
There are many overlapping definitions that also include other words used synonymously but have different implications, especially legally. ****NOTE…I am not a lawyer giving legal advice. I am one that has done some research and imparting information for your use.
I’ll start with theft. This is a generic, general use definition.
Theft: the generic term for all crimes in which a person intentionally and/or fraudulently takes personal property of another without permission or consent and with the intent to convert it to the taker’s use. Legally theft is called larceny. Taking by force is robbery. Taking via illegal entry is burglary.
That seems pretty straightforward to most of us. If you leave your wallet or purse on the table, walk away and I pick it up and walk away..that is larceny. If I am in your presence and threaten you or physically wrest it away from you..that is robbery. If I break a car or house window to take anything it has now become burglary.
Then there is the definition of what is property. Most definitions now include physical/tangible items along with the intellectual property. Intellectual property(I.P.) description and ownership have often been contested in the highest Courts.
I am going to speak of intellectual property and it’s many variations. I found a number of definitions, each one defining what is included/considered intellectual property.
I believe the latest additions are interesting and apropos to what has happened recently.
The first one: a work or invention that is the result of creativity, such as a manuscript or a design, to which one has rights and for which one may apply for a patent, copyright or trademark. That’s probably the basic definition most of us know. Each definition after this adds layers more specific to the Heart-repreneur® brand.
I.P. includes WORKSHOPS, SEMINARS and TRAINING COURSES to help businesses, researchers, innovators, and others to stay on top.
Artistic works such as music and literature, discoveries, inventions, WORDS, PHRASES, SYMBOLS & DESIGNS. I do believe that our Chief has covered every base in all these definitions to ensure that her property remains hers.
I have watched numerous webcasts, live casts, webinars, podcasts (honestly, I don’t know the difference between them, but that’s how they were named). Every time I have heard her say at least once  ‘this is my proprietary system. Use it now at no charge, because you are here, to grow your business.’ NEVER have I heard her say..take this guaranteed, proven system and sell it as your own.
I was really hurt when I heard this was happening. We are all Heart-repreneurs ®. We work from our hearts doing what is right and moral. That’s not.
One more word. Plagiarism. This is most often referred to stealing written words and ideas. T has most of this written down to share with true Heart-repreneurs ®. So it applies.
The original meaning of that word is from Latin referring to a kidnapper. These kidnappers were a type of hunter that would lure the prey and then throw a net over the prey. The prey would be “undamaged” to be sold.
Over time it came to mean a literary thief, which now includes other forms of I.P.
If you go back to the definition of burglary….to take by illegal entry, and that the “hunter” would lure/entice the prey…I would argue that those that were allowed into the Chief’s home and offices did so thru fraudulent means…as a confidence man(con man) gains ones trust before stealing from you.
As does the Chief, I would recommend all entering into any business arrangement to get very strong non-disclosure documents signed, and the signatures witnessed by ones that are neutral persons. You can still be stolen from, but you have legal recourse.
This was sad for me to write, but Heart-repreneurs ® need to protect Heart-repreneurs ®.
Tim Hulme has had a number of life experiences that provide him with a broad base of knowledge.
Tim is a friend to all. He enjoys learning and helping others.

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