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Comprehensive Coaching U, Inc. and is your one stop shop providing business owners with comprehensive and customized solutions tailored to their needs.  We aren’t a cookie cutter mentoring, coaching or consulting firm with a set of tools or solutions.  We spend our time listening and learning what your business needs are.  No matter what kind of business you own.

Until we fully hear your needs and are certain our team can provide solutions that will fill your needs and that we genuinely have a strong passion to work with you and your team we don’t even offer a solution.

We have services available from creating your right inner mindset to succeed in business, developing your ideal customer profile, creating your Core Unique Positioning Statement, branding, niche marketing, thriving lead creation, establishing your platform, creating credibility and celebrity status, getting endorsements, book writing and bestseller status, speaking on platforms, off-line marketing, strategic planning, operations, customer service, sales, operations, leadership, coach training for managers, leveraging, optimizing and systematizing, creating products, online sales, web design, social media platforms, establishing your packages, converting leads, building a referral based business, reactivation and recall strategies, copywriting,  platform speaking, and creating systems and teams and creating reverse marketing programs.

Everything we do is designed to make you more money AND give you more freedom to enjoy your life.

At Comprehensive Coaching U, Inc our mentors don’t just talk it, we have done it. We know what to do and how to help.

We have a team of specialists we utilize for each client.  One we hear what a client’s needs are we then bring together our team of uniquely talented mentors who combine with with their know how, passion and enthusiasm, to mentor your company using our done for you and done with you systems. We build upon the assets you already have and provide the strategic direction needed to navigate today’s challenging economic environment and help you to become aware of ways to let go of doing business the hard way so you create a freer and more fulfilling life. We are a team of professional business mentors working with every type of business owner.

As long as our team feels your project is interesting and we have passion for it and we find you have a genuine interest in engaging our talents, then we will team up with you to accelerate your growth and profits.

We must have the aligned goal of knowing that there is more to life than hard work and making money so you must be open to allowing us to help you create more freedom with our systems and team approach as well.  No more working hard and making money and missing out on living life and giving up freedom.

We want you to be with your family, enjoy vacations and hobbies and to life your life while you run your business.

We are the only firm that blends coaching, mentoring and advising and uses proven systems and strategies that get you results in business and in life and that takes time to hear your needs and then forms a team around the exact resources and people who can best serve you.

If you want to get your business to be more profitable faster and have less stress in your business we’d like to get to know you.  If you are tired of having disappointing revenues and profits and your current strategic plan is getting you nowhere, let’s talk.  If you are stuck and want to  break through your barriers to growth; it’s worth a chat.

Again, only if you really want the kind of services we offer.  Customized approaches around what YOU need.  And more ease and flow in your life, too.

Just like when you feel sick you go to a doctor to diagnose you, if your business is sick you need to have it diagnosed by professionals who can find what you can’t see. We find these hidden assets and leverage and optimize them for your success. This is what allows business to flow and freedom to show up in your life, too.

We provide free profit sessions to assess quickly where you, your workforce and your business are right now. If we can help you, we’ll let you know. And if we don’t feel we can make a significant impact we’ll tell you and even refer you to someone else who can help you. It’s a total win and a guaranteed non-selling session.

Register to see if you qualify for a Free Profit Finding Session with guaranteed no strings, no selling, no obligation at all! The sooner we can diagnose your problems the sooner your business can get healthy and profitable and you can have more freedom in your life.


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