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BusinessAllowing Yourself To Fully Forgive

October 14, 2019
HN Blog 1 300x110 - Allowing Yourself To Fully Forgive

I have spent over twenty years helping people with life coaching issues as an accredited coach as well as a clinical psychologist. I have also created and shared a forgiveness process that has helped hundreds of people. You, like me, have experienced situations in life and people in life that you unconsciously have not forgiven. Perhaps you haven’t even forgiven yourself for something.

I have been mentally, physically and emotionally abused yet I live a happy and fulfilled life because I have truly learned to mend and to heal. Prior to this, I was filled with resentment, anger, and shame which made me mentally upset and physically unwell. I was not loving and caring for myself and did not have the full capacity to love others. All of this was being run by my subconscious without my awareness until I decided to create my life in a more delicious and juicy way about five years ago.

I discuss my forgiveness journey and the share the process I use with my clients and for myself in my latest release book, About To Break: The Path To True Forgiveness.

Some key points from the book are shared in this article:

  • Acknowledge who you are upset with starting with your earliest memories.
  • Bring up all the people, situations and experiences that you have emotionally been stuffing where you feel any guilt, anger, shame or revenge.
  • Know that these emotions are human and allow yourself to be freed and liberated as you bring up these feelings.
  • Focus on what mistakes you have made and know that these things are part of human behavior and not faults or flaws that you have.
  • Pardon yourself and allow yourself to feel love for not always acting or saying or being as you desire and know that in each moment you are always doing your best.
  • Instead of thinking or feeling about how you or others “could” of, “would” of or “should” have behaved or how experiences and circumstances weren’t perfect, choose to let this all go as it it in the past.
  • Realize you are living in this moment and focus on the present. Be in the moment. Make a choice to let the past be in the past and to enjoy the present which is a gift.
  • Be grateful for all that has happened in your life – ALL. Know that learning and growing is part of your life experience and embrace it – ALL.

Living fully in the moment is the true gift that comes with forgiveness.

Terri Levine is a bestselling author of dozens of titles, a certified life coach and business consultant and founder of the Heart-repreneur® cause.

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