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Are Denver Area Business Owners Ready For Success?

Sherri Diamond saw it coming. She joined the Heart-repreneur® Circle Director team because she knows that business owners are going to need a lot more support to be successful with the big changes that are upon them. They might be doing well now and most are not prepared for the massive transition that is going to happen.

Sherri says, “I am so excited for all the Successful Business Owners, Practice Owners, and the Founders and Executive Directors of Non-Profit Organizations in the Denver-Metro Area (and those willing to travel a little further to join us), who will be able to join one of the first Heartrepreneur® Circle Chapters in the world!  It’s truly an honor to be the Circle Director of this Chapter because facilitating the monthly gatherings of this heart-centered group of people who will offer tools, resources, and support to one another will allow all the members to grow both personally and professionally!”

Terri Levine, the founder of Heart-repreneur® Circles is excited to open a chapter in the Denver-Metro area with Sherri Diamond as the Circle Director and to help successful business owners become part of a local Circle to gain more customers, make more money and to have more personal freedom.

According to Terri Levine, “No business owner can survive the massive changes upon them without having the guidance of a supportive and like-minded team of business owners advancing their business and personal success.”
Come to a free preview meeting and fully participate in a Heart-repreneur® Circle Meeting on Thursday, June 28, 2018, at Vinue Food and Wine Bar,2817E. 3rd Avenue, Denver, CO80206 (in Cherry Creek).  The meeting is from 6:45 until 8:15 pm.


You can also find out more at or by contacting Sherri by email at or calling or texting her 720-515-7437.




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