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PressAre you Wise or WisER?

October 2, 2017

Some of you know I’m into words…their proper definition and usage, but I do occasionally err.

Adobe Spark 1 300x300 - Are you Wise or WisER?So the question today….Are you Wise or WisER?
(I may seem to ramble, I do at times, but stay with me, please.)
First, one needs to know what wisdom, being wise, is.
I’m not going through this because I question your intellect, but because I have heard some of the world’s “smartest” people speak and get this confused….so we all understand the same point.
It is very common that the words knowledge and wisdom are used interchangeably, as are stupidity and ignorance. So I’ll start at the bottom.
Ignorance is a lack of knowledge or facts.
Stupidity is knowing certain facts yet, acting contrary to the to what the knowledge informs you.
Knowledge is a collection of facts, info, a trivia expert. One with a large collection of facts in their brain is often called highly intelligent…they are.
Wisdom, or being wise, is the proper application of that collected information.
Simple illustration…
A person has lived their whole life in the woods. He has had a fire for heat and cooking, but the only fire poker he had was a stick of wood long enough to stir the fire without getting burnt. Let’s call him Woody.
Along comes another and they place a bare iron poker in the fire and leave it there. We will call him Iron Ike.
Woody has never seen an iron poker and does not know that it will get hot, very hot, unlike his stick of wood.
So he grabs the iron poker and instantly the flesh of his hand is burned to the bone.
That is ignorance. Woody had no knowledge that he would get burned.
Now, Iron Ike, who’s been using that poker for years, goes and grabs that poker without a mitt. That’s stupidity because he knew he would get burned, but did it anyway.
Woody, who did not see Iron Ike, now has wisdom knowing he will get burnt if he does that again and now always uses a mitt.
Off to the side has been Pondering Pete. He has been watching this scene. At the outset, he did not know he would get burnt grabbing the poker without a mitt.
However, after watching Woody and Iron Ike, he knows…so he not ignorant or stupid, And since he always used a mitt from the first time….he is WisER.
We often hear the expression…. A wise man learns from his mistakes.
I say….. A WisER man learns from the mistakes of others.
Some people read the Bible and scoff at it because it talks about drunkenness, laziness, rape, incest, murder. Those ones totally miss the point. Those are lessons in human nature. They were recorded for us to learn from those mistakes…become wisER.
How many entrepreneurs have said… I know a better way, with no proof, just your hubris?
How many as a Heart-repreneur® say the same thing?
Terri has often said….  I will go miles beyond your expectations of a coach/counselor/advisor/mentor….BUT you MUST lay your heart on the line and do what I say, or you are wasting your time, and even bigger.. you are wasting my time.
Just to clear the record for some…. I am not a shill for Terri. I write what I choose with no input from her…maybe she edited a couple words.
I refer to Terri, Chief Heart-repreneur®, because she has shown me much, that if I listen I could avoid some pain. She has shown multiple times that she has a proven track record of success.
Her success is measured in clients that she calls friends, in clients that work her program and are seeing benefits for themselves, and the only measure of success for many..the bank account.
She could have retired years ago..very smart Lady, but she doesn’t. Why? Her zeal, her passion, her fire has not dimmed. She has shared some of the systems that did not work…she became WisER on her own. She wishes to share that with others just as passionate.
Listen to her and become, not just wise, but wisER.
Tim James
Tim James has a number of life experiences that give him a broad base of knowledge.
Tim is a friend to all. He enjoys learning and helping others.

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