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December 21, 2020

Are you a naturopath, functional medicine doctor, or integrative health practitioner?

Additionally, would you like to attract 20 to 25 new patient inquiries every week without advertising?

That might sound like a big promise. It isn’t. And it certainly isn’t hype.

Moreover, I have proven strategies that will work in your practice just like they do for my own client family members.

After you read this article if you want to explore help for your practice we can connect.

Ready To Grow Your Practice Now?

As a business consulting firm specializing in functional medicine practices, I know how to make your practice work really well and become very profitable while giving you time freedom.

To illustrate, my client family members come to me because they learn how to be great as a doctor yet aren’t taught the proven strategies to grow their own practice. Equally important, their lack of marketing expertise has them working more, spending a lot of money and time, and energy on marketing that often doesn’t work. However, my clients are just like you. Specifically, they get attracted to our firm because we get their phones ringing and give them the right strategies to run their business and have life balance while making more income.

Furthermore, when my client family members first come to me, I ask what has been their biggest business challenge. Consequently, O\over the past 27 years and over 6,000 client family members the number one issue is not having enough patients and the second one is working too many hours in their business.

Do you relate to either or both of these issues?

Let’s first deal with what is essential to having a successful practice.

Ask For The Business

In spite of this sounding obvious, you need to find new high-quality patients or you won’t have a business. I understand how much is involved in running your practice. Between office system and procedures, creating awareness for what you do, creating the income you need, paperwork, staff, admin, and on and on, there is a lot to creating a successful practice.

However, I don’t want you to struggle or to be frustrated or to burn out on your business.

I know that if you could get a consistent stream of perfect patients you would make more money and enjoy your business more.

You have gone through years of training. In spite of you opening up a practice, you don’t know which marketing will work. Afterward, you try all kinds of marketing hoping something will work. In addition, even if you start making the kind of money you want if you are overworking or overwhelmed this isn’t a great path to success.

My experience specializing in your industry knows that hoping your marketing will work is not enough. You need to focus on being a cash taking practice with marketing that will work.

Top Tips

1. The public doesn’t understand your profession. They know what an MD is. They know MD’s take insurance. That’s it.

2. Above all, when they decide they want a natural health and wellness plan they won’t fear paying out of pocket. They will embrace the fact you are not an MD and they will come to you.

3.  In addition, you still need to be comfortable with proven sales and marketing so you stay in business and can help your patients and future patients.

I can’t help you be a better practitioner. I can help you find new patients. Furthermore, if you have an empty waiting room or calendar that is a symptom of your problem. Your problem is your marketing. You are not using proven marketing. you haven’t figured out how to target people with money, who are concerned about their health and who believe in naturopathic

Thus, once you figure that out, the rest is simple.

My goal is that you have a lead funnel that doesn’t trickle in leads it automatically sends you new patient inquires every single week.

Let me share some of the marketing strategies that work for my client family members who are just like you.

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Scale Your Business

Proven Marketing Strategies

First of all, you must have 3 types of active campaigns automated for your practice at all times. One seeks new ideal patients. The other recall people who have not been coming in regularly. The third one reactivates people who have left.  Likewise, you also want to be working with other professionals who can refer patients to you as well.

Right now you are faced with many marketing options. Much of what most practitioners do does not work. They don’t focus on ONE type of patient with ONE type of problem. In short, they have more than ONE offer. They don’t provide ONE primary solution. Above all, If you learn nothing else from this article, remember the rule of one.

To illustrate, if you focus on women during menopause that does not mean you say “no” to all other types of patients. It simply means you focus your marketing to talk about ONE thing. The more focused your marketing the better your results will be.

The key to marketing is to speak to one target. Again, your practice can still take other patients on.

What Is The ONE Solution And The ONE Target Audience You Want To Start With?

If you articulate the patient’s problem better than they can, they will work with you. People want a solution. You must be able to relate to this patient type and to have a solution for them.

Similarly, when I purchased my car I didn’t want to become educated about the mechanics of my car. I wanted to know the benefit of buying THIS car.

This means you don’t need to “sell” people on what a naturopath, integrative medicine/functional medicine doctor is. You need to help people by showing them:

  1. I understand your physical pain
  2. Yes, I understand your emotional pain
  3. And I relate to your fears
  4. In fact, I know what you are trying to achieve
  5. I can speak your language

The Conversion Equation

In marketing, we have a proven formula called the Conversion Equation.

We apply this to your practice by putting the equation into play with all your marketing.

1.The first part of the equation is called “Interrupt”. This means we need a strong headline that calls out JUST your target audience. It interrupts them and gets them to pay attention to your words, your voice, your message, your video, etc.

Thus, for example, if you help men lose 20 pounds who are in mid-life and have diabetes, the headline would say “The Top 5 Things You Must Do If You Are a Diabetic Male Ready to Lose Weight At Age 40-50”.  Now, only that target audience is paying attention.

2. Next, the formula of the Conversion Equation is that you “Engage” that audience. Specifically, once you get their attention unless you give them some facts and some information they will tune out. For this reason, you use a subhead.

In this example, I might say, “Over the past year we have helped over 15 men just like you and each has lost 20 pounds, kept it off, and is off diabetes medications too”.

As a result, now, your target patient is not only interrupted, they are curious and are paying attention.

3. The third part of the formula is to “Educate”.

After you have my attention teach me something. Tell me something. Give me data, facts, or statistics. Most important, now I will see you as a credible expert once you do.

4. And we finish the formula with “Offer”. Make me an irresistible offer. Not to call your office or book an appointment. Drive me to a website that gives me a special report, tool, checklist, template, etc. Something I truly want and is of benefit to me.

In addition, that landing page will collect their name and email so you will be able to communicate with them and offer them an appointment.

Using an example from a real Naturopathic Doctor who is our client family member:

“Using the Conversion Equation changed everything. I started only talking to women 35-50 with fatigue and burn out. I grew my practice by over 30% in the first month with your consulting help. Not only that but in month two we grew another 63% and this month we are booked solid and have a steady stream of inquiries every day”.

Other People’s Audiences

I teach my client family members to think of who else has their target audience. For instance, who do their patients see before they turn to them? Next, who else do they see while they are a patient? What other practitioners do they go to after they come to your practice?

Contrarily, instead of general networking, we help our client family members get in front of other people’s audiences. They get on podcasts, interviews, radio, TV, on blogs, talked about on social media, and more. We set up strategic alliances that actually get your target market coming to you without you having to pay for ads or grow an email list.

As an illustration, one of our client family members, an Integrative Medicine Doctor got in front of a chiropractor’s audience on a webinar last week. She talked to women who were having hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms. She educated them on hormonal balance. The chiropractor’s patients were excited to learn from her. They already embrace natural health and are open to non-MD care.  This marketing tool yielded her 9 new patients’ appointments. The chiropractor was thrilled to give his patients more value by having Dr. Susan speak to them on the webinar.

Website or Landing Page?

I am guessing if you are like my client family members you have a website. Therefore, I am also going to say it most likely is generic. Look at me. I am an XYZ type of doctor. The site is about you vs. being about ME, your potential new patient.

Let your ego go.

If I can cross out your name on your website and put any other practitioner’s name there, you are not unique. Likewise, you also haven’t focused on ONE problem. You are missing a Core Unique Positioning Statement®. In addition, websites are outdated. Sorry to tell you this. You need a landing page that is unique and speaks ONLY to the one problem you help with.

As an example, you could have a domain that says – this tells what you do and who it is for. People search in this long-tail way. They go to a website for a fast solution. On that site, you would have a Consumer Awareness Guide they can download (don’t worry, we help with the statement, the website, the long-tail domain, and the guide!).

As a result of my process, last week one of my Functional Medicine Doctors said, “My guide was download 59 times last week! We got 11 calls and have 7 new patients. This works”.

Most important, our client family members generate leads while they sleep using this formula. We call it reverse marketing.

Active Referrals

I find most practitioners get referrals passively. Sometimes a patient or professional refers. Meanwhile, they are missing a system that is automated. Sometimes they get referrals. They need a system that actively brings them referrals regularly.

We implement this system and they give away a small gift, or gift card, or a session of some type. In particular, they have a reward system set up for the person making the referral as well as the potential patient.

One of the most successful systems we have used with other client family members, like you, is a whole foods gift card.  It doesn’t cost much and people truly do appreciate this gift.

We are big on thank you cards and thank you call as well.

Consequently, you have referrals from patients, from other practitioners (I covered this above) and you are building trust and networks.

A client family member over the past 4 months has increased referrals from her own patients while also getting in front of dentists, personal trainers, MD’s and chiropractors audiences as well.

Your Turn

While this might sound like a lot of work, it really isn’t. We hand over done-for-you-templates to our client family members and we automate everything. In addtion, everything is systematized so you have standard operating systems in place in your practice, too.

The results pay off.

Dr. Polly, one of our client family members, had a new patient every single day in September, October, November, and in December!  She has real results using this system.

Likewise, so do hundreds more of our health and wellness practitioners.

Dr. Rhee, for instance, is a start-up that went from $258.00 the day she opened her door to more than $289,000 in less than 4 months and has an amazing patient care coordinator now and is adding other practitioners to her practice and she has more free time. She spends less money marketing the wrong way.

These are real results.

No theory here.

No hype.

If you had these marketing systems in place, what would it do for your practice? Do you want more money? More impact? More time freedom?

Would you like to decrease stress, frustration, and overwhelm?

You can do nothing after reading this article. Just hope and pray that something changes.

Or you can stop trying to figure this out on your own or with people or courses that don’t specialize in your industry.

You can reinvent the wheel.

Or… keep working with people who don’t have exact strategies that will work for you.

And you can keep doing what you are doing and wasting time, energy, and money on marketing and advertising.

If you want a proven, guaranteed short-cut, and the exact strategies that will help you attract and convert new patients for your practice, you can schedule a time to chat with one of our advisors here.



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