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PressAre you Aware of The Top Three Reasons for Failing to Take Action?

October 17, 2017

Why is there a profusion of inaction even when you want to do something? This trait seems to be present in daily life, as well as, business. At times, I have been guilty of inaction. I live my life in a learning zone. I chose to learn about many different subjects. Of course, I learn something new and believe I will immediately implement it. At times, I do but find I don’t at other times. Why? I am a professional in the world of business, employ methods and systems, so why at times do I fail to do so?

graphicstock thoughtful young business woman holding glasses and thinking over white background r ehnCGS2g SB PM 300x200 - Are you Aware of The Top Three Reasons for Failing to Take Action?My term for lack of action has been making up an excuse. This, of course, does not move my life or business forward. So here are the three top reasons I believe for inaction:

Fear of success
You do not deserve success
Negative thoughts and behavior

Fear of success is a real underlying thought process you have built in your psyche. It incorporates – you do not deserve success. As a child, you were conditioned to thinking what your elders believed was possible. Did they challenge you to do whatever you desired, or did they say – no that isn’t possible? Were you told – You can’t do that? You must find a way to pull yourself out of this negative thinking. It has become a pattern that will continue to pull you in the wrong direction.

Do you have a fear of speaking out in a group? On a stage? On Facebook? In public? Then I suggest, you look in the mirror and say – I know my material. I am an excellent speaker, I have nothing to fear, and I can do this. Then practice in front of your mirror. Do this until you feel your inner calm take over and the fear dissipates. Practice with a friend who will honestly evaluate your presentation. This will condition you to believe in a positive outcome for your effort and reduce your fear level. Ask your mentor to review your presentation. Your mentor will only give you honest, qualified advice. Then go with your gut. You know by now that there I no reason to procrastinate or hesitate in any way.

Dive in. Just take action. Don’t let your inner programming prevent you from moving forward. You can do this.

By Nancy Woodward. She is a Business Consultant, Author, and Controller located online on Facebook at and her website.





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