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August 11, 2016

Lacking Heart In Business Can Create A Business Heart-Attack

As a business mentoring expert who consults with business owners, vendors and employees, I hear complaints from all of them.  They often label each other or fellow employees in less than polite terms.  I jotted down some actual phrases and sentences I have heard expressed and the language might shock you a bit, yet I know I am not supposed to clean it up.  I want you to hear it just the way people say it to me.  Here are some of the things I have heard during my decades of business consulting and business coaching:

“I am dealing with jerks”,  “I am working with assholes”, “There are nothing but assholes at work”, “My     work is filled with jerks at work”,  “There are total assholes in the workplace”, “I have an asshole boss”,  “My boss is an ass and I have to quit”, “There is an asshole at work driving me crazy”.

Now take a breath with me … Clearly, something is wrong when I hear so many employees, business owners, and vendors with the same complaints.

These kinds of statements often come up when I am chatting with people attending my seminars or at one of my keynotes or during business coaching and consulting sessions.  When I hear a pattern or theme it causes me to look deeper and to formulate solutions.

This is just how my brain works.

Business owners, employees, vendors and anyone in business must become more conscious and learn to do business heart-to-heart.

During a 3 month period, I listened deeply to how many people repeated these kinds of comments, in their own words, to me.  Then I listened to what they wanted to know. Some of their exact requests are:

Teach me how to deal with jerks

Tell me how to deal with a jerk

I need to know how to deal with a jerk coworker

What do I do to avoid the jerk at work?

I am tired of asshole people at work

I have asshole bosses and don’t know how to handle them

All of these comments and questions lead me to create a movement, called The Heartrepreneur® Network .  Frankly, I am sick and tired of people in business who aren’t doing business with presence, grace, authenticity, and integrity. I want to bring heart-to-heart communication and management and work conditions back to the work- force and to business.

The Heartrepreneur® Movement Is Born

I got so inspired about a year and a half ago that I coined and trademarked a word called Heartrepreneur® . This term represents businesses that are tired of doing business the “old” way and want to make heart-to-heart connections with prospects, with customers and treat their employees and their vendors as extended family.  I also wrote my bestselling book Turbocharge How To Transform Your Business As A Heartrepreneur®   to wake up the business community and teach them how to be conscious business owners with heart.

From my years of experience, owning my own successful businesses, being president of a national healthcare company, and mentoring over 5,000 business owners in over 247 different industries, I saw how to operate a business with heart and I also realized all the six, seven and eight-figure businesses I worked with had heart in common.

Instead of helping people deal with “jerks” or “assholes” or whatever negative words employees, business owners, and vendors are thinking, I decided I would not mentor people to navigate those waters.  I decided I would, instead, change the way business is done.

My mission is huge. I want to transform 10,000 businesses in the next year to become Heartrepreneur® based companies. They can be a small one person company, a few person company or a million or multi-million dollar business.  I am here to make changes and have a team of volunteer Heartrepreneur® Ambassadors who quickly jumped on board with me to help spread this message and shift how businesses operate.

I believe the reason that my book became a bestseller in 3 categories over night, is that people are ready for this change. They are tired of doing business with a command and control model and they see that managing people this way doesn’t work. Coaching has already become popular in the workplace and opened the door for more sensitivity, better communication and greater emotional intelligence in business.

The path for the Heartrepreneur® concept was clear to me and has been received with wide open arms in the companies I work in, with the small business owners I consult with, during my keynote speeches, workshops and from the articles I write. I know the time is now to bring more people on board who are ready to bring more love and connection and positivity into the workplace.  So many people want a drama-free workplace. Employees want honesty, respect, communication and to feel valued even more than they want more pay. That is truth.

Business owners want more respect, more ease, greater enjoyment from their businesses, less stress, more peace, greater harmony. Vendors ask for respect and honest and full communication and true partnership and connection.

All of these things can happen. They are happening, as we bring people’s heart into doing business and as we raise their emotional intelligence. I deeply, strongly, firmly, believe people are inherently good.  I know employees want to do good, employers want to treat people with respect and vendors want collaborative, and not combative relationships.  I trust this as fact from my years and years of consulting and mentoring.

When we train and coach vendors, employees, and owners to work with heart and presence and love, and learn to become Heartrepreneurs, the business owner and vendor makes more money and enjoys their work more, and employees become engaged, excited and make greater contributions to the company.

Working together and singing off the same music, more productivity happens and therefore so do more profits.

I firmly believe the Heartrepreneur® Movement is what is needed to rescue business in the 21st century.

I am curious what you think about this article. I want to hear from you.

If this resonates you can join us today Heartrepreneur® Network.


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