I’ve been running a program and am listening to people’s concerns and excuses for not offering a premium high-ticket program.  I want to share what I have heard and challenge you to offer and deliver a high-ticket coaching or consulting program that is packed with real results and real value for your client family members.

I am guessing you want to make a real difference for the client family members you serve while making the living you need and want, yes?

If you haven’t yet offered a high-ticket program then you don’t have the right beliefs and mindset to have the kind of business you truly desire and deserve.

You are a coach or consultant because you truly want to make a difference for those you work with.  You also started your own business to have more freedom and to live the life you wanted.  If you haven’t yet achieved these things, my experience is that some unconscious beliefs are holding you back.  These can be beliefs about your own self-worth, the real value you bring and your own self-sabotaging thoughts about what you are deserving of.

You can not have what you want if you don’t believe you can have what you want.  People who achieve what they do want believe they have those things first.  Your thinking determines your behaviors and actions and the results you get depend on your thoughts, behaviors, and actions.

As I was running this program I heard people share their beliefs and realized clearly why people aren’t charging enough for the value they bring their client family members and I want you to be open to receive this information and to stop undermining your business success.

Let’s look at some self-sabotaging beliefs to help you break free and have the kind of business and life you have been dreaming of.

1. People Will Think I Am Selfish And Greedy

You might fear that success will change you and you won’t be the same person.  You might fear that people will think that you are really full of yourself to ask for so much money.

Let me address this. Who you are is a human being with values.  My values are integrity, transparency, and authenticity.  Money will not change your values. Your values are also reflected in your business.  No matter if you are rich or poor, who you never change and neither do values.  They are intrinsic.

The more money I have generated, the more people I can take care of in my family, within my circle of friends and the more I can give my time and energy helping others with free courses and programs.  The more money you make the more freedom you have to help others.  Money and being wealthy does not make you selfish or greedy.  Charging for the results you bring your client family members allows you to live your values.  People will always judge you rich or poor.

Why not be rich and have what you want while serving others?

2. You Don’t Know People Who Will Spend Big Money On Coaching/Consulting Programs

I don’t believe this.  People invest in programs and services that give them the real results and outcomes they want. People who aren’t committed to real results won’t invest in themselves.  You don’t want to work with people who want band-aids and won’t commit to solutions as they won’t get results.  Those who are serious will invest and do the work to get what they want and will pay you for those outcomes.  How do I know?  Over 5,000 people have paid me and thousands have paid my clients and we aren’t any more special or different than you.

We got into our consulting or coaching businesses to make a real impact and have programs that are transformational and people invest in our high-ticket programs.  Just like they will in yours.

One of my clients, Stacia, had a program to help business owners who needed a turn-around. She was selling lower-priced programs believing people would not be able to invest in her programs.  I helped her create a powerful program where clients would get huge results and then we marketed it to a local group and some online Facebook groups.  3 weeks later, she sold a $2,000 program to 4 people.  She was convinced immediately that what I told her, that I am sharing here with you, actually works and she has never looked back.

You can easily create a high-ticket premium coaching or consulting program and sell it to 4 people as well. 

Believe it, and then conceive it.

You have people who will pay for it that you are connected to and it is YOU who doesn’t believe they will buy.  Until you change your thinking and take the actions and offer your premium package you can not help them and they can not invest in their outcomes with you.

You can reach people with teleseminars, webinars, meetups, in forums, in chats, in network meetings, on social media, by doing live events … it is super easy to find the right people once you change your mindset.

Running your business this way is freeing and fun and lets you make a deep impact on those who invest in your programs.

3.  They Can Hire Others For Free So Why Pay Me?

I am sure you have downloaded free information or low cost-ebooks or other products and have gotten information and yet not had a transformation.  Me, too.  My clients, also.

People will pay for results.  People desire outcomes.  They need a coach/consultant to walk them through a program and take them by the hand and nurture them and take them under their week and encourage them to take action and keep them accountable to do so.

Free information has a value yet isn’t how things get implemented and how they happen.

One of my clients, Kevin, helps men over 40 gain muscle and strength.  There are a ton of books and free courses teaching this.  When I helped Kevin create his program we put together a kick-butt program and offered it for $3500 per person.  In 9 days he had his first client enroll.  By the end of the first month, he had 6 more people enroll.

What is holding YOU back?  Want some help?