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January 26, 2015

What I Did When I Established My First Coaching Company That Made it An Instant Success

When I started my own coaching company I did what serious athletes, actors and musicians do – I hired a coach.  In fact, I budgeted executive coaching to put in place a strategic growth plan, bring to life my company values and my mission and vision and make my business dream a fast reality.

Have you ever wondered about the real benefits of coaching?  I’m going to give you the honest truth about why coaching matters.

nothingisimpossible.png 300x300 - The Benefits Of Executive CoachingThe True Results of Coaching

Coaching results in greater productivity, bigger profits, and clear identification of your areas of needed improvement.  When I began my business I wanted to get into profits fast. Working with my coach she showed me how to take fast action so I could have advanced precision. This is what allowed me to gain prospective to move forward with more ease and speed.  She also pointed out my own attitudes and perspectives and believes that were holding me back.  Once I realized these fears she helped me gain support and confidence to take bigger and bolder actions and overcome my challenges and step forward to achieve greater results faster.

Over the years of being in this business I realize coaching shows clients their blind  spots and gives them the emotional support and the empathy, and encouragement so being a business owner feels less lonely. Business  owners come to know that their coaches are the one person who will always be the person to tell them the truth that others don’t want to tell them.  Their coaches will support them in strategic planning, reviews and conflict resolution as well as, training, team building, persuasion, communication, delegation, conflict management, etc.

All of these are major points of growth for every business owner and executive.  Coaching works if a person is open to learning and really has a strong desire to learn and grow.  If you are this type of business owner then I highly recommend you engage a coach.

I know for me having a coach expedited my business success and without that valuable experience it would have taken me years and years to gain the number of clients I wanted and the income I desired.  I consider coaching a short-cut to business success and highly recommend it to business owners.



Go Faster and Get Better Results!

To sum up… if you want results like Google and Amazon and other successful companies, then do what their CEO’s have done and hire an executive coach to speed you past errors and right to the finish line of success.  Why struggle and make mistakes when you can get right to success and quick profits with ease by investing in a coach to show you the ropes?

About Terri Levine:

Terri Levine, PhD is the owner of Terri Levine Worldwide and is a one of the world’s top marketing mentors and consultants.  She is also a best-selling author of many titles and is a sought after keynote speaker as well as the host of The Terri Levine Show, heard on as well as…terri-levine…/id869702518?.

Terri’s most recent venture is her Rapid ROI Marketing Model. Her company, Terri Levine Worldwide, is comprised of a team that has combined experience of over 200 years of experience. They are known experts, working with Dentists, Chiropractors, Veterinarians and other health care professionals using her proprietary methods to bring practitioners more ideal prospects, patients and profits. Professionals get to focus on treating their patients while Terri’s team does the marketing for them. The team at Terri Levine Worldwide gets them the results they have been seeking.

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