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October 1, 2020

You might be thinking, why do I need to have a website? After all, you are an accounting firm and not an IT firm. Unfortunately, these days having a website is a necessity for almost any business. Instead of looking at it as a burden, pretend that this is similar to an exam prep for accounting certifications, because if you want to be a successful accountant you will (probably) need both.

As I like to say and say it again, today your customer is at the center. You have to adapt to him/her and not the other way around. Entrepreneurs expect their accountant to support them, to advise them, so play this role!

The customer is at the center of your thinking and your marketing strategy

Create useful content to engage your audience. These are the fundamentals of the inbound marketing strategy, which in my opinion is a fully aligned strategy between accounting firms and their clients.

Knowing that the cost of acquiring a prospect is 60% cheaper than traditional methods …

Your blog will allow you to bring your customers to you rather than pushing them unnecessary information.

Blogging for Accounting

I can already see you telling me that creating a blog and its articles is a job that requires a lot of time, knowledge, and that the return on investment is difficult to assess. Think again!

Certainly, starting a blog requires a certain consistency to see real results on your traffic, which requires regular writing. But take a step back and think about your daily work; as a chartered accountant, you have the knowledge, every day you provide answers to your clients. All you have to do is formalize them and make them articles for your blog.

Additionally, 81% of consumers trust advice found on blogs. In terms of ROI, 60% of marketers generate sales through corporate blogs.

Still not convinced of the value of blogging in your practice?

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Accounting Biz

Make Your Brand Bigger Than Ever

Content creation allows you to demonstrate your expertise and showcase your skills and knowledge. Responding to your customers’ questions will improve your reputation. Note that 90% of consumers find branded content useful.

Communicative Content

You will talk about subjects that interest your customers and therefore you will be able to disseminate this information on your communication media: social networks, newsletters …

Keep Everyone Updated

With article writing, you will be fueling your site with up-to-date content, which gives your customers and prospects an additional reason to come back to your site on a regular basis.

Build and Maintain Relationship

You shouldn’t see your blog as a factor that will take you away from your customers, but rather as a tool that will bring you closer to them. You will be surprised at the number of interactions generated. It will allow you to raise new problems with your customers and therefore to propose your missions.

Customer Loyalty

By maintaining a relationship with your customers, you start to retain them, because they find the answers to their needs, so it is only natural that they trust you and that they come back to you.

Free Marketing (Kind of)

Through your blog you will provide answers to the questions of your customers who will turn to you for more complete services and more personal support. You will naturally promote your services without doing any self-promotion or aggressive advertising.

Especially since, 54% of firms that adopt an inbound marketing strategy with the creation of content for the blog, are more successful.

54% of firms perform better with digital marketing and inbound marketing

Organic Revenue from Search Engines

Certainly, the first reason that pushes firms and companies to set up a blog, the improvement of the general SEO of your website. Although your site and blog are different, for search engines (google) the link is close and highly valued.

Be a Human

Strange as it may sound, starting a blog helps humanize your digital strategy. Behind the creation of articles are accountants, partners, or collaborators, all the people who are in contact with clients. Thus, it is possible to assimilate a face to an editor, which facilitates interaction via comments, for example.

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