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15th September 20160


Grow Your Business With Lunch and Learn

I have this marketing secret that has landed me a ton of business over the years, and now I’m sharing it so you can prosper from it, also. I call it lunch and learn.  A lunch and learn is a free training that I offer a prospect or a group of prospects.  I either bring lunch in for them to their offices or invite them to my location, or I invite them to brown bag their lunches and come enjoy lunch while I present a topic that is very relevant to them.

Before you start offering lunch and learns, come up with a list of lunch and learn ideas that your ideal target audience will value. Then, create a brief, simple presentation that you can give informally while people are eating to demonstrate your credible expert status in the field and to solve your prospect/s problems. I have a list of lunch and learn topics now, after doing these for many years, and can quickly put on lunch demonstrations and gain massive visibility with my exact target audience.

Once you have your topics you need to have a list of the companies or individuals you are targeting so you can phone them up with your lunch and learn invitation.  You can also send snail mail invitations after you have made the invitation by phone, or if you are unable to reach someone by phone.
Keep in mind, you aren’t going into sales mode during these presentations.  You are sharing relevant information they want to know and allowing the audience to experience you and try you on.
Decide if it’s best for you to bring lunch into a prospect’s location, have participants brown bag it or if you want to have people come to a restaurant or your office.  You might even be able to have a restaurant sponsor the event, so there is no cost to you.


Create Your Lunch and Learn


Come up with your exciting content that will educate and entertain your prospects while they eat and listen to you.  Be sure your materials are interesting and so is your information and that your program can be given during a short lunch break.

During your lunch and learn presentation, have fun and engage the audience.  Inform and educate.  Don’t tell how your company works and don’t mention products or services that you offer.  At the end of your program just give each person a form or index card to indicate if they are interested in learning more.  Have them turn the cards or forms in.  After the events, contact the people who asked to be contacted to learn more and schedule appointments to provide more information and education and to present your solutions to their problems.

So, I let my secret out of the bag.

What are you going to do with it?

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