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September 16, 2020

If you have experience in recruiting or you are a hiring manager, you probably know the challenges of healthcare recruiting. There are many problems. For example, lack of availability of suitable or talented candidates, high turnover rate, and mostly taking a long time-to-fill a position. As per the high demand for specialists to provide staff, the market has become extremely competitive.

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It is harder to find people with an attitude of helping others while having great communication skills. And at the same time having the potential to work under pressure as they will most probably find in their career.

As per the scenario, you have to tone up your strategies. Here are some great tips that you can follow to stay ahead of everyone and cope up with the challenges easily:

1. Get help from Recruiting Agencies

To enhance your stance in this recruiting of healthcare, look up for recruiting agencies that are doing a great job. Health recruitment agencies like 360 recruitment are one of the best in this niche. They are known to provide the best jobs for candidates. This company has a lot of contacts with a chain of different hospitals. In addition, they also have a list of people applying for jobs using their platform. You can check their site and find the potential candidate you want for a specific job.

2. Invest in recruiting software

To ease and help you deal with recruiting pains, you can invest in a good applicant tracking system. Software like workable can come in handy. You can use it and set up a referral system. This setup allows you to connect with your current employees. It also will help you in your hiring efforts and get connected with passive employees as well.

There is other software as well, you can choose one that suits your strategies, preferences, and intensity of work.

3. Boost your employer branding

To build up your portfolio and engage more candidates you can get help from your current employees. You can record their stories, their experience with you, and the job they got through your career page. You can share photos, videos, or call on them to share their experience with the new candidate. This can also boost their confidence as they are answering their questions.

4. Assess a candidate’s soft skills

To get the best out of the list, you should check the candidates that have a people-centered approach and should have a high value of helping others. The candidates should have good skills in communication and must have the ability to work under immense pressure.

You can check these traits in them by preparing relevant questions before the interview. You can also use psychometric tools before meeting the candidates in person.


5. Offer smart benefits

Why should a potential candidate choose your company? What do you need to compete in this market? The simple answer for this is giving out benefits. Create different attractive packages that will not just improve your stance in this market and it will also help you get potential candidates. This will also motivate them to stay with your company for a long time.

These benefits can include flexible working hours for those that have long shifts, a good salary package is crucial, and so on. You can give out benefits as per your preferences.

6. Utilize Innovating Sourcing Methods

As per the current healthcare talent gap, hospitals and organizations need to find candidates from different sources and a range of places. A good option is to get in touch with RPO providers. Skilled and experienced RPO providers have hands-on nerves and can locate top-level talent from different sources which are the best thing.

When we talk about staffing for healthcare, veterans are the best choice. A good disciplined RPO provider can help you a lot finding the candidate of your choice without getting involved much in it. Just like a 360 recruitment agency, there are many others as well you can check out. Choose one that has a proven record of helping their clients with good reviews.

7. Think Long-term in Healthcare Recruiting

As health organizations progress in this market they may find a candidate that may not come in handy for the current vacancy.  They may not have sufficient experience or skill but they still can be useful in the future. A good option so as not to lose such a candidate is to make a talent pool. Add them to it, and make sure to get in touch with them and update them about vacancies according to their skills and experience.

Overlooking, not giving proper attention, or not getting in touch with a talented candidate can leave a poor impression of the organization on candidates. This impacts the reputation of the healthcare organization’s employer brand. A survey suggested that approximately 33% of job hunters share their negative responses on social media and other sites. If many negative reviews come, this can strongly affect the reputation of a healthcare organization.

Therefore, thinking about long-term recruiting is important.  Teams should know the importance of creating, developing, and maintaining a good relationship with top candidates and other individuals in the talent pool.

These talent pools ease the process of hiring. When you have vacancies available, all you need is to contact with the individuals in the talent pool and fill the vacancy easily.

These steps can immensely improve your strategies and will help you find the persons that you want. You can use these tips for every scenario and get to the top in no time and surpass your competitor easily.



As some healthcare persons are retiring, healthcare organizations need to fill the gap and need to keep the pace with the recruiting trend. Healthcare organizations need to adapt and make changes in their staffing models to meet the demands of the emergent landscape of talent.

Healthcare organizations need to adapt several attributes to get the best candidates like creating talent pools, branding, and getting connected with recruitment agencies. Adding these tips into your recruiting process can lower turnover, improving ROI recruitment efforts, and higher job gratification.


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