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BlogBiggest Struggles of Todays C-Level Executive

16th November 20150

Biggest Struggles Of Todays C-Level Executive: What Stresses Them Out


Do you want to sell a solution to a C-Level Executive?  Are you unsure what their top concerns are?  There are many things that cause C-Level Executives to get stressed out. I will address some of their top concerns in this article. Before I do let me first clarify what is a C Level Executive because I am often asked to explain what does C-Level mean when I use this term. So to be sure we are on the same page let me begin by answering the key question, ‘What are C Level Executives?’.  A C-Level Executive is a senior manager that typically has the title chief and is referred to as part of the C-suite.  Usually these terms refer to the chief executive officer (CEO), chief operations officer (COO), and chief financial officer (CFO).

Now let’s move on and discuss the important issues that face C-Level Executives.

Critical Issues Facing C-Level Executives


One of the issues that causes a great deal of stress for C-Level Executives is their organization’s productivity. Every organization must hire better talent to fit into their organizations and employees need to fit into the companies and be retained once they are hired. Those who are hired need to be kept and all employees productivity must be increased so every company can have their profitability increased. When productivity is down profits are down and C-Level Executives stress is up.

customers are ignoring you

Another area of concern for C-Level Managers is acquiring new customers. For a company to grow they must continuously bring in new customers. The cost to find new customers has been rising and competition has been increasing, too. There are more marketing messages than ever before.  A C-Level Executive can feel a lot of stress around customer acquisition . It’s more difficult than ever to find customers and you might even feel like customers ajugglingre ignoring you.  Marketing has become more expensive and you need to be creatively marketing both on and off line.

While the C-Level Executive needs to increase productivity and find and retain the best talent and fight to find customers they are also being pressured to reduce costs.  Think of the day to day stress of operating a business where you must juggle all these balls at once! No wonder being a C-Level Executive is a stressful career path!










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