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Turbo Charge: How to Transform Your Business as a Heart-repreneur, by Terri Levine


Learn to grow your business and create more profitability and more fun in your business from one of todays top coaching and consulting experts. Achieve the same success she has shared with clients over the past several decades and finally enjoy the business success you deserve.

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Sell Without Selling: Lessons from the Jungle for Sales Success, by Terri Levine

Sell without Selling is a delightful fable that tackles the issue many salespeople face daily–in their hearts they hate to sell. It instantly engages anyone who sells with the story of a young business student named Christina and her struggle to learn a way to sell with ease. In the Krenker Business School of Practical Sales Advice, she learns that while sales methods have changed, good sales tactics have not. There, she learns to say goodbye to the hard sell and opens her eyes and ears to selling without selling.

Entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs, small-business owners, sales executives, managers, and sales people need this highly effective yet simple story to show them how to create more sales while giving up the sales “tricks” that won’t work with today’s savvy buyers. Times have changed and to generate sales, you must, too! What you’re about to read might buck the trend, but it sure works!! Find out for yourself.

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Coaching Is For Everyone, by Terri Levine


Learn how to be your own coach at any age! This book will be hazardous to your current life… you’ll never have the same stressful, unfulfilling life again!

Sadly you were never taught skills you needed to understand what your life purpose was about. It isn’t your fault that you live a life filled with chaos and you barely have time to breathe.

Learn to create your authentic life without stress and to live without effort and be joy filled. Learn to live magically by practicing and using the powerful and proven self coaching techniques revealed by the Guru of Coaching®.

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Abigail and The Purple Fairy,
by Terri Levine

Nothing exciting ever seems to happen to little Abigail. Everything seems boring to this little girl until she meets The Purple Fairy.

The Purple Fairy teaches Abigail that she has the power to make each and every day exciting by simply using her imagination.

As Abigail learns to set her intentions on what she wants, her days become more and more exciting.

Terri believes if children are given the “basic tools” necessary to create the lives they want, there will be less adults in the future who lead mediocre, aimless and unsatisfying lives. Terri wrote this, her first book for children, on discovering parents were already using her teachings with their own children and meeting with greater success.

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$14.99 + $7.50 Shipping (US Delivery click here)

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$14.99 + $20.00 Shipping (Non-US Delivery click here)



The Successful Coach: Insider Secrets to Becoming a Top Coach, by Terri Levine, Larina Kase, Joe Vitale

An easy-to-follow blueprint for developing a successful coaching practice

If you are a coach, or want to become one, this book will help you resolve self-limiting beliefs and give you the know-how to build a successful practice.

Everything you need to know to be a top coach is set forth in this book. The first half helps you overcome obstacles that hold you back so you can soar to the pinnacle of the profession. You will learn valuable concepts and techniques to improve your coaching skills, including conquering excuses that stand in your path, thinking like a top coach, and tapping into the power of self-motivation.

The second half of the book gives you marketing strategies to gain clients and build your business. You will learn how to build a unique niche that fully leverages your own unique competencies and skills. Moreover, the authors help you identify and conquer fears and insecurities that may be preventing you from implementing the marketing and sales tactics that will make your business take off.

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Stop Managing, Start Coaching!
How to Make Your Employees HAPPY and PRODUCTIVE
So They Help Your Business PROSPER and THRIVE

Terri Levine, The Guru of Coaching ® coaches businesses of all sizes who want to achieve more success through her methods. Terri is a nationally recognized authority on creating greater business and personal success and regularly appears in a variety of media. She specializes in using Comprehensive Coaching principles to create extraordinary growth for her clients’ businesses. She provides workshops, coaching and keynotes around the world and is passionate about sharing coaching tools to create a new management model. This book provides proven ways to dramatically increase employee morale and retention, including how to create greater productivity – and profitability! Learn a process that will get great results in a company of any size.

This book will teach you:

  • How to lower employee turnover;
  • How to appreciate what employees want and how to reward them;
  • How to use solid tactics to boost morale fast; and,
  • How to take mediocre employees and create high power performance work teams

Stop Managing, Start Coaching! will shift your company culture from managing employees to truly changing employee behavior.

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Work Yourself Happy Handbook, by Terri Levine

Work Yourself Happy is a Step by Step Handbook for Creating Joy in Your Life and Work. Author, Terri Levine, The Guru of Coaching ®, has put together a coaching book with practical tools for learning how to have a job you enjoy. Whether you are looking to make a career change, want to move up and get a promotion, or want to increase your job skills, this book will help you understand how to do your work with less effort. Entrepreneurs, professionals, coaches, coaching clients and others are taking Terri’s tips and re-inventing or defining their work.

(This book is available in soft cover or E-book format.)

Work Yourself Happy (softcover)
$14.99 + $7.50 Shipping (Domestic delivery)

Work Yourself Happy (softcover)
$14.99 + $20.00 Shipping (Foreign delivery)

Work Yourself Happy E-Book
(downloadable PDF format) – $5.00


Magnetizing: The Guidebook To Achieving Financial, Emotional, and Spiritual Abundance by Terri Levine

Magnetizing is knowing you have the ability to create by choice what you want in your life. This is a little scary for some people because it also means admitting that YOU are solely responsible for what happens in your life.

This guidebook will teach you:

  • How to use the power of magnetizing, so you, too, can have the magical experiences you want in your life.
  • How to create what you want in business, in life generally, in your relationships, with your health and wellness, your weight, as well as with objects and experiences.
  • How to create a more balanced and richer life.
  • How to amp up your life financially, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.

We can have whatever we desire when we fully use our minds and energy like a magnet to bring things to us.

Magnetizing $17 plus $7.50 Shipping (US Delivery)

Magnetizing $17 plus $20.00 Shipping (Non-US Delivery)


Coaching for an Extraordinary Life, from Terri Levine

Terri Levine, The Guru of Coaching ® made the transition from senior executive to become one of the top professional coaches in the industry, founded a leading coach’s training school and has worked with clients from every walk of life.

Coaching for an Extraordinary Life reveals how the principles of personal and professional coaching can improve your everyday life. You can learn these techniques through the interactive experience of reading this book and doing the exercises that will reinforce your application of this material.

If you have ever felt you wanted to experience your life and work with more ease and more joy, this lively coach training guide will help you discover how to be a better spouse, partner, friend, parent and person. Coaching for an Extraordinary Life is based on the same techniques that coaches use to bring productivity, balance, success and stress-free living to their lives and to the clients they coach.

Click here – Coaching for an Extraordinary Life (soft cover)
$14.99 plus $7.50 US Shipping (US delivery)

Click here – Coaching for an Extraordinary Life (soft cover)
$14.99 plus $20.00 Shipping (Foreign delivery)

Coaching for an Extraordinary Life E-book $7.00


Create Your Ideal Body, from Terri Levine

Now here’s the secret you’ve been waiting for!

It’s called Create Your Ideal Body and it doesn’t involve special exercise routines or special eating formulas or any drugs, natural or otherwise. The real secret to this life changing system is changing your attitude towards your eating. Remember the limiting beliefs people had about themselves above? This might sound too simplistic, but that’s the whole truth. One of my clients said, “I simply thought myself thin.

Well, that’s a little simplistic and only part of the equation. It also involves the power of intention, mindful eating, support, and a bit more – none of which are difficult, costly, stressful or time consuming.

When people ask me to coach them with the same techniques I used for myself and other clients, and I start off by assuring them that ice cream can still be on the menu, and no, they don’t have to join a gym, they are a little surprised…but delighted! They are even more delighted when they discover how easy it is to lose weight using these techniques.

Because every body is unique, ‘Ideal Body’ simply works with your unique body and mind and that’s why it works! I’ve been training a few select individuals on this concept, and many of my students asked me to put it in writing so many more people could benefit from this revolutionary program. So that’s exactly what I did.

The real difference in this program and others is that they don’t focus much on the attitudes of people towards eating and being overweight. That’s why you get the roller coaster ride effect. But with our system, we work on the root problems that cause you to eat incorrectly and sometimes out of control. Remember the reasons above many people had about eating? Well, this program helps you to overcome the real cause of your eating habits and it naturally allows you to find your best weight.


If you’re tired of being on that dieting roller coaster, you owe it to yourself to get this book and start on the road to having the body you will finally be proud of!
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shipping and handling

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Note: You can download the e-workbook right away to get yourself started, and receive the printed book by mail so when you’re basking in the sun, you can enjoy reading about how you’re going to stop dieting, lose weight and enjoy life again.

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