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UncategorisedHow Important Are “Thank You” Cards in Business?

February 15, 2018

Even though writing thank you business cards seems old-fashioned, they are good things to write out. Read about how, when and why to send thank you notes. In a world in which everyone uses a smartphone or computer to text or email someone, receiving a handwritten letter or note is a rarity. It takes time and forethought to sit down and jot a note to someone, so many people find pleasure in receiving them.

In business, a handwritten thank you note can impress the people with whom you met with for an interview or presentation, instead of receiving a gift or one of the many pre-printed business cards on the market.

Benefits of Handwritten Notes

Benefits of Handwritten Notes - How Important Are “Thank You” Cards in Business?

Although it takes more effort to hand write someone a thank you note, it can have many benefits, including those below.

Great for Your Brain

A handwritten note is not only a touching gesture for the recipient, but it has many advantages for you as well. The main benefit is that it stimulates the brain. Cursive writing stimulates the synapses of the brain and acts to synchronize its left and right hemispheres. The act of writing also improves the areas responsible for thinking, language, and working memory.

Creates a Reminder of Your Business

While taking the time to send an email is also a good way to express your gratitude to someone, emails are usually read and deleted. However, when you send handwritten notes, people are more apt to keep them in their desk.

They are there when they open a drawer, so they will see it and remember your business. Then, when a client needs your products or services, your company will be more likely to get their call.

Builds Connections

When a client receives a handwritten thank you note from you, and they will remember that gesture. Then, if they are happy with your products or services, they will recommend your business when friends, colleagues, or someone from their church needs them as well. A happy client can help you find new clients to make happy.

Makes You Stand Out

Although an email or text thanking someone for their time is a nice gesture, it soon gets lost in the other emails or texts they receive. A handwritten note is rare, so they may only receive a handful of them, which means you will stand out from the crowd. If you did well with the presentation or in an interview, your note could make the difference in getting the contract or an offer for a position at their company.

They are Inspirational

While the handwritten note is an appreciative gesture on its own, the recipient can receive inspiration or motivation from them. A well-written note of thanks will often make it onto a company’s bulletin board for everyone to see or get it may be read in a meeting as thanks to everyone who was on the project.

It can inspire people to keep doing a good job and work hard at making their clients happy. As a result, that motivation can help them find new clients to expand their business, all because of your thank you note.

However, before you start sending off thank you notes with your business cards in them, you should know how to write business thank you cards.

​How to Write Thank You Notes

%E2%80%8BHow to Write Thank You Notes - How Important Are “Thank You” Cards in Business?

Before you can start writing thank you notes to customers or to executives for taking the time to meet with you, you will need to have the proper tools on hand to do the job. You will need:

  • Good quality stationery or note cards with matching envelopes
  • Roll of stamps
  • Address book
  • Pen

That’s all you need to send someone a meaningful gesture that could help cultivate and grow your business or land you the job you’ve always wanted.

Buy Nice Stationary or Cards

Buy Nice Stationary or Cards - How Important Are “Thank You” Cards in Business?

Find stationary or note cards in a neutral color that feels nice in your hands. Much of the pleasure of reading a letter or note is feeling the item in your hand. Good quality stationery or note card weighs more than printer paper and usually has a nice texture to it.

Stationary and note cards come in prices to fit all budgets, so you can do something nice no matter how little you have to spend. If you’re looking for simple thank you cards, consider buying the traditional 4 x 6-inch cards that most people use today.

Also, if it fits your budget, consider personalizing them with your initials or name instead of using your regular company letterhead or leaving them plain. Doing it will remind the recipient of the meeting and help them to remember your name.

Buy a Good Pen

%E2%80%8BBuy a Good Pen - How Important Are “Thank You” Cards in Business?

You will need to purchase a good quality pen as well. However, you don’t need to buy a Mont Blanc or another high-priced pen to write your notes. In fact, some of the best pens for writing letters and notes are cheap. Many people consider the Bic Round Stic pens one of the best inexpensive pens for writing and they only cost a little over five dollars for a pack of 36 pens.

Some other pens that are under 10 dollars include those by:

  • Pilot
  • Paper Mate
  • Uni-Ball
  • Staedtler
  • Sakura

Buy a pen that has good flowing ink, so that your writing is smooth and that doesn’t clog and cause the pen to quit working suddenly.

Think About What to Write

Think About What to Write - How Important Are “Thank You” Cards in Business?

Before putting pen to paper, think about what you want to say to the person getting it. If you gave a presentation or had an interview, thank the person for taking the time to meet with you. Write them as if you were writing a friend but use appropriate business language. Don’t try to sell your products or yourself. The note isn’t a sales pitch, but a sincere gesture of gratitude.

Use Your Best Penmanship

Use Your Best Penmanship - How Important Are “Thank You” Cards in Business?

You will want the note to be legible, so take time writing it. Use your best penmanship, whether that’s cursive writing or printing in block letters. While the appearance of the note is important, being able to read it is more important, so consider your penmanship first.

Use an Appropriate Greeting

Use an Appropriate Greeting - How Important Are “Thank You” Cards in Business?

A thank you card shouldn’t be too formal, but you don’t want to be too forward either. Greet the recipient as they suggested in the meeting with them. If they said to use their first name, then greet them with it. Otherwise, use Mr., Mrs. or Ms. before their last name. Now that you’re aware of how to write a thank you note, it’s essential that you know when to send one.

​When to Write Thank You Notes

%E2%80%8BWhen to Write Thank You Notes - How Important Are “Thank You” Cards in Business?

Sending thank you cards should take place on many occasions, and in many instances are practically a requirement. Also, some thank you cards should be sent quickly, while others can wait for a day or two. However, you should be as timely as possible, so the information is still fresh in your mind.

After an Interview

If you had an interview with an executive at a firm where you want to work, then send a thank you note to the interviewer. This gesture can be the difference in receiving an offer or your resume being put beneath a large pile of others on a desk. Write and send the note within 24 hours of the meeting.

After a Presentation

Along with thanking the potential client for their time, you’ll also want to write a thank you note to anyone who was of assistance to you on writing or creating graphics for the presentation. Seldom are big presentations a one-person effort, so take the time to thank your helpers.

The thank you note will remind the potential client of your meeting, and it may help you get the contract. Your co-workers will appreciate your note and make them more likely to help you again when you need it. Send the notes within 24 to 48 hours after the presentation.

Send a Greet to New Contacts

If you’ve met new contacts at a business or networking event, send them a handwritten note as a greeting. Thank them for their company and for sharing their information at the event. Consider giving them an invitation for lunch or coffee to build upon that connection. Send a thank you note about 48 hours or so after the event.

After a Referral or Recommendation

If one of your clients, or a friend, refer someone to your business, be sure to send them a thank you note. Word of mouth is still one of the best, and most effective, forms of advertisement. Statistics show that 90 percent of people trust word of mouth recommendations from friends.

A handwritten note not only shows your thankfulness, but it can encourage them to continue to keep referring your business to others. Send a note out two to three days after closing the sale with the new client.

Although sending a handwritten note isn’t mandatory, it helps you stand out from the sea of other candidates or businesses that send out emails or texts in thanks for interviews or meetings with potential clients.

A written note is a reminder of your business and thoughtfulness, but most of all it imparts sincerity. Simple handwritten notes can substitute for business cards and make all the difference between starting your dream career or landing an important client that can help your business grow.

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