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What Does C Level Executive Mean? Quick Answer

Understanding C Level Talk

I know that jargon can be confusing. Let me clear up some jargon that is popular in corporations. C-Level executives are “Chief” officers of companies. They hold higher positions than the Vice Presidents of the companies, typically. C-Level Executives covers every market and industry sector.

Companies tend to have C-Level Executives in different departments suc

h as CEO, CXO, CIO, CTO, CFO, CCO, CNO, CMO etc. While VPs are usually departmentalized by their functions in different business units. Vice Presidents report to C-level Executives. For instance:

A Chief Marketing Officer might have the role of product marketing and be measuring revenue and profits and being a marketing leader and return on investment for marketing dollars.  While the VP of Marketing might be rolling out marketing programs, branding, and developing marketing segments.

These roles vary based on the size of a company and how they decide to conduct their business.


Hope this helps clear up a bit of industry jargon for you.


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