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BlogCan Your Business Use Virtual Reality Marketing?

May 29, 2017

Ready, Set, Virtual Reality Marketing Is Here!

Virtual reality is not just for kids games. In fact, virtual reality has come to the world of marketing and can make a difference in your business if you learn what it is.  In fact, virtual reality used in marketing can create a great experience for your customers and land your company in social media buzz streams.

virtual reality 300x200 - Can Your Business Use Virtual Reality Marketing?Understand that using virtual reality in your marketing can not be ignored as studies are showing that buyers are more likely to purchase from a company that uses virtual reality in their marketing.

According to Mashable virtual reality marketing is defined as “ a fully immersive computer simulated environment that gives the user the feeling of being in that environment instead of the one they’re actually in.”  Even when you understand the definition of virtual reality you still may be confused how you can use this type of experience in your marketing. I think most business owners are uncertain how to create a marketing strategy with virtual reality tools. I think companies get confused because they have seen people using virtual reality headsets which can be expensive and believe that most people won’t yet have access to such tools.  However, virtual reality has become more mainstream since Google brought out their entry level device, Google Cardboard, which allows people to use their smartphone to connect to virtual environments.

A few brands that are using virtual reality might serve as examples for you to begin to see how easily you can incorporate virtual reality to grow your business. Also, notice that there is a minimal cost involved in this type of marketing.

Take Toms for example. This is the shoe company famous for making donations of shoes.  They have a way for you to experience them sharing shoes with children and put up a virtual reality 360-degree video so you can experience what it was like to have the volunteers drop off the shoes to the children in need. This is a great marketing tool allowing prospects to immerse in the experience of Tom’s mission while telling a very impactful and emotional story. This is great for their press release and well as human interest and appeals to Tom’s buyers.

Another example is Oreo cookies. They were marketing and promoting filled cupcake flavored cookies. They created a video that has hit over three million views to date and is a trip through a mystical fantasy land made from chocolate and milk and other goodies. Great entertainment from a viral video that appeals to a big market of prospects and clearly gets the word out about their new product.

My favorite virtual reality marketing concept that I have had fun with is the XFINITY and NASCAR combined virtual reality experience. They created a way for the user to feel just like they are sitting in the driver’s seat of a NASCAR race. It is a wild and fun ride where you are a spectator, on the back of the race car, alongside the driver and you even experience a pit stop.

I strongly suggest you look at virtual reality experiences for your prospects and customers. Think of how you might entertain them and make a strong emotional connection with them with this tool.


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