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BlogCan The Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator Help You Grow Your Business

June 18, 2018

Sam Ovens – Yes Or No?

I was recently chatting with some clients who told me they had heard of something called the Consulting Accelerator and when they got more information they found it was Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator. As always, they asked me what I thought about this program for the entrepreneur consultant.

Untitled 1 1 300x300 - Can The Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator Help You Grow Your BusinessBecause I had never heard of Sam Ovens or the Consulting Accelerator I said I would investigate and I would do some research. Whenever we see someone show up on our radar my client family members always bring them to my attention and I love checking people out to see who is real and who is a fake expert.

I registered to watch his webinar.  One thing that disturbed me instantly is that he was pretending to be live (this is always a huge turn-off for me).  I lost my sense of trust in him.  I messaged the person from his office who was in the actual webinar chat while I was watching and told her I didn’t like the fact he was pretending this was a live webinar. She really didn’t respond to that.  She told me it was recorded (duh!).

I watched the first hour and learned nothing. However, he took up my time for that entire hour telling me how great he is and what he has accomplished. As he got very braggadocious I decided to Google him while the webinar continued to play.  Frankly, I was bored and tired of hearing all about him without a care in mind that the viewer might have better things to do and that being interested versus interesting was key.  As I researched, I came across a lot of sites talking about the Sam Ovens scam. I had a lot of time to spend doing this research as the webinar dragged on for another hour (and kept going beyond that!).

I found a lot of sites saying that his own personal income claims weren’t real.  I have no idea if this is true or false. Then, I found a lot of his own students saying he never honored the guarantee when they were not successful and never paid them back their money which he clearly is promising.  I started digging deeper to find actual case studies and results and instead ended up finding client family members who hired me AFTER they completed his program. This meant they didn’t get the results he guaranteed or they would not have needed my services.

After over 2 hours into this webinar, I finished my research. I remind you the first 60 minutes was all about Sam and not at all about me as a prospect or with my needs in mind.  I messaged the person handling his chat to ask how much longer I had to listen until I heard the offer. I only wanted to hear the offer so I could know more about what he was selling people and claiming to do for them.  His office member on the chat told me there was about an hour to go!  I asked her if she could just send me the offer and the answer was no.

I finally left the webinar after 2 hours and seventeen minutes. I had more than enough.

Later, I received an email saying I had left early.  I responded to the email and said I just want the offer and not to have to struggle through another hour of my time being spent on this.  I was told I could get the link to watch the ENTIRE webinar again!  URG.

So, I went online and found a youtube video with the actual offer. The offer sounded like a lot of hype to me.  I don’t believe anyone with no consulting skills at all can have all these clients paying them a high ticket price for their consulting in 42 days.  Anyone was able to buy this program with no application or assessment of the skills of those paying $2,000 to him and expecting to have high-ticket consulting clients while they had no consulting skills!

The offer was $2,000 for a membership site with pre-recorded videos and a Facebook group.  I wouldn’t recommend anyone pay $2,000 for pre-recorded videos and a Facebook group.

I asked his company if I could get a look around. They let me in for some low price for 30 days.  I spent exactly 14 minutes on the site and asked for a refund. Why?  The videos were not teaching anything that was new, or that will actually teach people HOW to be a consultant.  You can’t make an assumption IF people are lucky enough to land a client with what he teaches, that you will have a clue how to actually get them the real result and outcome they hired you for. And if you don’t know how to get them a result because truly you aren’t a consultant, he says to give them what books say?! That’s right. Go read a book and tell them to do what it says to do and that he claims is consulting.

Untitled 3 300x300 - Can The Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator Help You Grow Your BusinessWhat?  If you don’t know how to be a consultant who truly gets people results, please don’t take their money!  Learn consulting skills.  Pick an area where you are truly are an expert and can get people REAL results so they will happily pay you a high ticket because you will deliver on something they want.  With his method, I would have no idea how to be a consultant because frankly, he doesn’t teach that.  His approach is to wing it.

Then, IF I follow his system to get clients (which doesn’t appear to me like it will work for the average person), and if I miraculous get a high-ticket client I just go read a book or take a course on how to get them the outcome and tell them that information.  If I didn’t know how to absolutely assure and guarantee that I could create an outcome people were paying me anything for (and high ticket of course) I would not market to them, I would not take their money and I certainly would tell them to read a book vs. hire me and to save their money!

I went back to my client family members who were curious about who this guy is and why he is telling people how anyone can be a consultant with no skills and no training and how they can get all these high ticket clients super fast.  I told them if anyone stumbled on his program I would tell them to save that money and instead invest that $2,000 marketing for leads on LinkedIn having someone use my strategy of messaging their exact target audience and then having chats with them and offering their services. Or on Facebook or Google ads.  I also told them that if  someone didn’t have consulting skills at the highest level I would recommend they get those skills and invest the money in that training first and that unless they could guarantee high ticket (or any) results for their client family members and  know with complete confidence they could help people get the outcome they were paying for they should not take a dime from anyone. I also said to keep far away from anyone who made it sound like you could be a consultant overnight.

I trained to become a consultant and a coach.  I not only have a Ph.D. in clinical psychology/organizational behavior, I also worked for 20 years in business prior to starting my coaching/consulting business.  I’ve owned 8 of my own highly successful businesses. I studied and graduated from coaching and consulting programs and hold many certifications in those including Master Certified Guerrilla Marketing Trainer and Coach, Licensed Hidden Marketing Assets Consultant, Master Coach and Consultant and more.  I have an entire toolkit that includes hundreds of consulting tools and dozens and dozens of actual coaching tools including my own proprietary consulting and coaching tools.

I also guarantee my client family members real results and I give them all their money back and I pay them if they fail.  Why?  I am skilled.  I am confident in my skills.  I’ve helped 5,000 business owners over the past twenty plus years in this business.

No, you can not just call yourself a consultant and be one.

And what I found most offensive is telling these people, who would have no consulting skills, to start charging high ticket prices.  I work with people who have real coaching and consulting skills and then I help them develop a program or a system or a method that gives their client family members the REAL outcomes they want and are paying for.  Then, we market these real outcomes to people who actually are ready to invest in them. and I suggest all my clients have confidence in their result and put their money where their mouths are and guarantee results.

I just realized something even more interesting as an afterthought. So, here he is teaching high ticket and he is selling low-ticket!  I think you can find a $500 “coupon” everywhere on the internet because he has tons of affiliates who make money selling you his program.  So, he’s low-ticket at $1500.  He’s not coming close to walking his talk.

Finally, I would never advise anyone to invest $1500 or $2,000 for a bunch of videos and a Facebook group.  Hire a real hands-on expert who teaches you consulting skills and how to put together your own high ticket signature program.

I put together a webinar so you can actually learn from me for free step-by-step how to create your high-ticket signature program.  If you don’t have coaching skills you can get training and if you don’t have consulting skills this book will get you rolling.



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