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BlogI Can’t Get No Customer Satisfaction

18th September 20170

The Customer Satisfaction Experience

Ever been frustrated as a customer?  Ever had your own customers seemingly frustrated?  On the flip side, have you ever been a customer who felt delighted with the service you received?  Have you ever had customer’s who are thrilled by your services or products?

I am guessing when you purchase products or services you would prefer to be thrilled with what you have spent your money on and that when your customers invest in your products or services you want them to feel the same way about what you provide.  In your specific niche, whoever thrills the customer more, usually wins more customers.

Sadly, many companies deliver less than good customer service.  I have had issues with 3 stores and 2 restaurants in the last month. I don’t believe these places of business set out to give me a poor buying experience.  I just don’t think they understand their customer’s desires and how to fulfill those wishes. Mostly, it was the employees of these providers who were not efficient or pleasant or helpful that turned me off and had me decide not to frequent them ever again.  In one case it was the actual business owner.

Why do you switch providers of services or products?  I choose different providers when the experience I have had isn’t making me very happy.  And if I am only a little happy, I switch when something better comes along.  Recently I dined at a restaurant and told them I could not eat gluten or rice or potatoes and asked to substitute broccoli.  They told me I would have to pay $3.00 for a small side of broccoli.  I asked the waitress to ask the owner to make an exception as this was for dietary allergy restrictions.  She asked and the owner said I still had to pay.  When I went to the salad bar and discovered broccoli there I asked the waitress to ask the chef to steam the little bit of broccoli I wanted as I can’t digest raw broccoli.  She asked.  It was still going to be $3.00 even though I wasn’t using up additional food from the kitchen and was not taking a potato or having bread or rice. I ate a wonderful meal and would have returned maybe 6 times a year and brought friends with me and would also have reviewed the restaurant positively on Trip Advisor and Yelp.  Instead, I will never go back and am using this restaurant as an example of poor customer service by an owner in this article. And I certainly did give them a negative, yet truthful, review on Yelp and Trip Advisor.

In my own company, I have empowered all of my team to WOW the customer and to do the right thing that will build our customer relations.  I ask my team to make a decision in the customer’s favor and not to be afraid of making any decision that is customer inspired.

You can differentiate your company by proactively engaging with customers and having everyone in your company contributing to the overall customer experience.  If you want to establish a culture of excellent customer service, you must know what makes your customers happy and must be able to train your team to fulfill customer expectations.  Imagine if that restaurant gave me broccoli instead of trying to make $3.00 off of me.  I would be raving about them, sharing the restaurant with friends and family and on social media and on review sites and in this article.

As a consumer, I am happy when I get what I want and what I need and I know I am valued.  As a business owner, my responsibility is to make sure my customers have what they want and need and that they are delighted with our products and services.



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