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BlogI Can’t Get No Satisfaction…

January 10, 2017

Breeding Satisfaction 

Are you satisfied with your small business?  Get honest.  Really?  Are all areas of your business working brilliantly and are you delighted with your revenue and profits? The amount of time you work?  Your office? Your customers?  Your prospects? Your vendors? The amount of free time and freedom you have?

unhappybusinessowner 300x200 - I Can't Get No Satisfaction...I ask this same question of my clients when I am mentoring them. Since my approach to business is heart-based and I founded the Heartrepreneur™ movement I believe it is mission critical to know if the business owner is truly satisfied with what they are building.  Yes, I care about their customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction … I just care a heck of a lot more that the business owner isn’t busy building something that doesn’t bring them utter joy each and every day. They put too much time and energy into their businesses like you probably do, to not have complete job satisfaction.

What do I mean what I say satisfaction?  My satisfaction definition is that you love doing what you do and are passionate about what you do.  You enjoy co-workers, your prospects, and your customers as well as your vendors and the aspects of work you do each day fulfill you and make your heart sing.  I define satisfaction as truly being happy with all aspects of your business and feeling like the work you are doing matters and is important and makes a difference to your customers.

What Happens When You Ain’t Got Not Satisfaction?

When you own a business and are not deeply satisfied with the business many things start to occur.  Do you suffer from any of these?

  1. You just can’t seem to get things done.  You fall into procrastination or you don’t do your work enthusiastically and completely as you know you could.
  2. You get the Sunday night dreads.  You don’t look forward to going back to work on Monday and are sad the weekend is over.
  3. You worry a lot. Everything about your business begins to worry you. You focus on all the things going wrong and find it hard to see the things that are going right.
  4. You aren’t resourceful. You have trouble thinking of creative ideas and solutions and don’t want to bother to problem solve.
  5. You watch the clock. Every day feels very long and you can’t wait until the day is done.
  6. You aren’t truly engaged. You do your tasks and they aren’t very meaningful. You might be careless or you might not care how accurate your work is.
  7. Things get on your nerves and so do people. You find yourself upset over small items and lack patience with people who can be your employees, to prospects, to customers and vendors.


If you are ailing from any of these 7 items get some business mentoring and turn your business around.  I recommend you consider joining a mastermind or hiring a business mentor.  You can apply to chat with me here and I will be happy to help you.

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