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Ready but nervous? No clear outline prepared to take your career coaching clients through so they stay with you long-term? Don’t think your ideas are perfected enough to get started?

Finally…a strategic Career Coaching Handbook to guide you through step-by-step as if an experienced, highly trained expert Career Coach were right by your side from minute to minute. Instantly gain the credibility and expertise that creates raving fans and unanticipated referrals from your clients! (Even if you are a beginner…)

In the Career Coaching Handbook you will find:

  • A career assessment
  • A scoring template
  • An outline of typical behaviors and patterns impacted career/work related issues
  • Techniques for moving the client from the negative to the positive
  • Tools to assist you, the career coach AND the client – no need to search high and low for them any more. Right at your finger tips.
  • 12 fully scripted sessions to guide you through twelve weeks of sessions while you gradually apply your own ideas into the mix naturally
  • And more…

Imagine having an assessment available to prospective clients who visit your website or hear you speak at workshops! Just send them the self-assessment and it will lead them right into the first session with you where you will review the scoring for their answers.

EASILY Have the prospective clients become actual clients…

You can create a special web page where visitors take the self-assessment, then submit their answers as a lead generation tool. As you review the scoring with the client in the follow up session, the scoring is the perfect lead-in for you to have them contract you as their career coach. It will be obvious to them you know what you are doing.

It’s easy to be impressive the first time you meet with a client but how do you keep up the image? Simply follow the outline in your Career Coaching Handbook and you will move gracefully and naturally from one session to the next and the next until you wonder where the contracted time went!

Get YOUR Career Coaching Business Off the Ground FAST.
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Hard Copy Career Coaching Handbook (US delivery)
$75 + $10 shipping

Hard Copy Career Coaching Handbook (Non-US delivery)
$75 + $25 shipping

E-version of the Career Coaching Handbook
(Ebook – downloadable PDF format) $25


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