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June 10, 2016

The Power of Cause Related Marketing

Cause related marketing is a powerful form of marketing that can make a big difference for your company. By using a cause marketing campaign your brand can be noticed more and your sales can increase.

Let me help you get clear on what is cause marketing and why your business needs to consider this important marketing strategy.

Cause marketing has become a necessary way to market in the 21st century.  Consumers almost expect a company they are going to do business with to support an important social cause. When a brand is connected with a cause consumers are more likely to patronize that company. The Cone Cause Evolution Survey says that 87% of consumers would select a brand that has a cause over a company that is not tied to a cause.  This is exactly why you want to partner your business with a cause that you stand for.

Cause Related Marketing Examples


When you look around and notice websites and visit businesses you will see that successful businesses are great cause related marketing examples. Businesses that have found a cause to get behind and that are socially responsible are more likely to be profiting because they are becoming the business of choice.

One cause related marketing company is Zappos.  Zappos takes financial contribution and time contribution seriously and puts their purpose into action and I believe this is one reason they profit – the company is clearly Heartrepreneur® based. Zappos in located in Las Vegas and has often fed families in Vegas as well as donated thousands of pairs of shoes and socks to those in need in their community. They have tied directly to helping families in their community who are in need with food, shoes and socks. This is a great cause marketing campaign and one I believe comes from their heart.

How To Become  A Cause Related Marketing Company

The very first step is to become a Heartrepreneur® which simply means you do business heart to heart and you want to help a nonprofit organization.  Then you select the right nonprofit that is a cause you and your team want to get behind and your customers will resonate with. It’s easy to do business when you are a cause related marketing company when you are doing it from your heart as a want to and not a have to.

Be certain to select the right cause. Find a cause that is related to the service or products you sell. Once you identify the right cause go beyond supporting that cause financially. What can you do to help them in other ways?  Do you have time and energy to contribute? What about giving your products or services? Can you contribute your skills? Cause related marketing companies take all of these things into account and you want to do the same.


Remember that your cause marketing campaign also will help your business with brand visibility so don’t forget to make it known that you are working with your selected nonprofit. Use their name in all of your marketing and put out a press release and have literature and newsletters and announcements that you share with prospects and customers.  Don’t keep your cause marketing a secret. Use cause marketing and create a cause marketing campaign. Your goal is to raise awareness with cause related marketing for your selected nonprofit and for your company as well.

Let me know what cause your company is supporting!



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