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11th July 20170

Are You Biz Beliefs Holding You Back?

Is your business going great?  Lots of high-quality prospects anxious to buy your products and services? Do you have a ton of satisfied customers and raving fans repeating business with you and referring others to do the same?  Are you making the income you desire and deserve while enjoying your business and creating a freedom lifestyle?

If not, it is time to change your business subconscious beliefs. One of the reasons you don’t have the success you want is that your business beliefs are holding you back. To create more success you need to change your business beliefs.  If you are like most of my consulting clients you aren’t aware of your beliefs and have no idea how to change your business core beliefs.  To many, changing your business belief system seems complicated yet when you change your business beliefs you change your business life!  Before I show you how to change your business beliefs about yourself using my easy, proven method, let me tell you that when you do change your business beliefs you will find that doors fly open and the money rolls in while freedom rolls out.  Have I got you excited to hear how to change your business belief system?

The Heart-repreneur® System For Changing Your Business Beliefs NOW

Your business is affected by your mental thoughts, many of which you are not aware of. We all have some unhealthy beliefs in our lives and most of them are subconscious. Beliefs come from past experiences and fears and whatever happened to us or we were taught as children from our parents, peers, teachers, the clergy, and others.

We can only create successes that are supported by our beliefs. Once you bring your beliefs into your awareness you can then shift them.

The first step to shifting your beliefs is to become aware of your self-talk. Such as – “I can’t make a lot of money”, “Money is evil”, “It’s hard to find clients”, “I hate to sell”. These are unhealthy and hold you back. They lead to procrastination, self-sabotage and if you don’t become aware of them they will fill your mind up with negative self-talk.

So step one is to become aware and to identify these beliefs.  I have all my consulting clients first work on their inner beliefs and emotions before we begin diving into sales and marketing strategies. You must have inner alignment so that your beliefs support your outer marketing and sales actions and this is the step most business consultants miss.

Whatever you believe either supports your goals or blocks your goals and this is why it is essential to alter your unhealthy beliefs about yourself and your business.  The good new is that with practice you can change your beliefs as I have and my clients have as well.

After you identify your beliefs you then want to check in with each belief and ask, “is it true?”.  I held the belief you have to work really hard day and night to make money.  When I asked if it was true I realized it wasn’t and changed my business working only 21 hours a work and made 10x more income!  Once I said goodbye to that belief positive changes quickly happened.Whatever you think you can’t do, someone just like you in similar circumstances is out there doing exactly what you want to be doing. Why? Because that someone has different beliefs and the positive references

Whatever you believe will hold true.  So all you need to do is start practicing your new belief.  At first, you might not believe the new belief. Just reminding yourself the beliefs that are untrue aren’t serving you will allow you to slowly change what you do believe.  Think of this as cleaning out old cobwebs and freshening up your brain and your life and business.

Make a list of all the things you believe.  Then list the ones that aren’t true and that hold you back. Re-write each of those so they are a tiny bit different but not too far reaching to believe.  Here is a client example to help you belief-shift.

I am not able to find the people who have enough money to pay for my services.


I am finding some people who have the money to buy from me.

Notice I didn’t have the client move to a big huge belief that was massively different from her belief. Take baby steps to the new belief and don’t leap to it as some business coaches try to tell you to do.

Simply change your inner dialogue and practice this each day and soon you will find your unhealthy beliefs moving out of the way and your new positive beliefs moving you towards success.

Want help?  Let’s chat for 10 minutes and I will help you shift your beliefs.



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