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12th December 20160

Be An Effective Communicator

heartrepreneurcommunicationWhen I was in college and studying to be a Speech-Language Pathologist I became keenly interested in interpersonal communication. Studying things like the communication process model I began to realize that no one really communicates as effectively as we could.  Fast forward to my career that I have been in for decades, business mentoring and consulting.  I see business a large part of success or failure is based on how effectively we communicate and build relationships.  We spend about 80% of our time communicating. We communicate because of our physical needs as well as our own identity needs and being a stellar communicator is not an option.

 Interpersonal Communication Process

heartrepreneurcommunicationprocessEvery business owner can amp up their interpersonal communication process.  There are two books that I recommend on the topic of business and personal communication. The first is Interplay The Process of Interpersonal Communication and the other is Organizational Communication Approaches and Processes.   I recommend these two books because they help you understand how to improve your communicate process.  The communication process definition I most resonate with is that a sender offers a message through some means of communication and a receiver picks up the message and decodes the message. If the sender decides to send a message back to the sender this is the way feedback is given to the sender.  This is actually a simplified concept of what happens in communication.

What actually occurs in communication is that we are sending messages and receiving messages simultaneously which means our communication is running concurrently.  In computer language, it is referred to us inter-process communication.  In other words, as we are speaking we are also listening to messages.  A computer program handles many communication requests at once. A human being can really only handle their own outgoing message or an incoming message to have a decent qualify of interaction.  The reason I am adamant about business owners learning to be better communicators is that a lot of our communication in business (and in life) is very impersonal.  To do better in business you really need to communicate personally and intentionally.

When I was a young girl my grandmother always cautioned mPortrait of a smiling elderly woman. A photo on the nature backgrounde to be careful with my words.  She would tell me that words can’t be taken back.  This helped me learn to think carefully what I was choosing to say.  I became an effective communicator starting with that lesson.  Over time I realized I also had to listen carefully to what others were saying and I had to really tune into verbal and non-verbal communication to truly understand what was being said.  I came to see that becoming more competent as a communicator was necessary.

As a Heartrepreneur™ I listen empathetically and hear the perspective of whoever is communicating with me.  I stand in their shoes.  I listen to their needs and I communicate from love and respect to the very best of my ability.  When I teach other business owners I mentor to truly listen in great depth with no attachment to the outcome, surrendering any agenda, and putting their own egos aside, they get better results from their communication.

Working on my own communication and the clarity of the messages I speak and then deeply tuning into others is a practice I embrace and I believe is essential.

I firmly believe that every business owner needs to actually learn enhanced verbal and non-verbal speaking skills as well as their listening skills.




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