February 24

Episode 21: Coaching Pricing: Are You Doing it Right?


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Coming up with your coaching pricing can be difficult.

You have a lifetime of skills, knowledge and talent to share.  You have so much to offer. That’s why you’re so good at what you do.

Are you charging a rate that reflects this invaluable knowledge?

People don’t purchase coaching. They don’t even purchase consulting.

You’re probably wondering what it is they do purchase then?

They purchase breakthroughs.

That’s right. People are searching for breakthroughs.

It’s not about how you’re delivering your coaching or consulting, it’s only about one thing…

The results!

Focus On Results Not Your Coaching Pricing

life coaching fees package

I was talking to this gentleman recently named Dave.

He was saying that he didn’t feel as though he had enough experience, so he was charging low fees and doing a lot of pro bono sessions.

He couldn’t figure out why people weren’t signing up after their initial sessions. But I could see what the issue was immediately.

He wasn’t focusing on the results. He was focusing on selling coaching.

Instead, if he would have just focused on creating breakthroughs for these people, they would have happily signed up.

There is no doubt in my mind because that’s what happens to me and my client family members every single day.

It can happen for you too.

Stop Thinking About Coaching Pricing

career coach costs

One of my client family members wanted to focus only on getting people into a group online and then from this group she would pitch them an inexpensive package.

As her package was so inexpensive, she couldn’t figure out why people weren’t purchasing it.

Well, the answer was clear. She wasn’t selling results.

She was selling the concept but not the actual results.

I guarantee my results.

If you don’t get the results you desired, I will give you your money back because that is how confident I am that I can help you.

I know my work is transformative and that I can get you results.

So, I want you to stop thinking about coaching pricing.

Stop thinking about money issues.

Focus on getting your clients results through breakthroughs.

Then you can learn how to charge correctly.

Charging More Through Great Results

 life coach rates

My client family members learn how to charge anywhere from $2500 to $100,000 per client.

You might be thinking that is pretty outrageous. Why would anyone do that, right?

It’s because of the results they are getting.

People are so enamored with the results that they will pay for that.

So join the Facebook group if you haven’t already.

Have a look at some of the people who are in there already and crushing it.

These folks aren’t any different from you. They’re no more talented, skilled or experienced than you.

So, when you go into the Facebook page, create a post that talks about what you are skilled at. No links or pitches—just simply state your talents.

Those are the results that people want to buy.

Let me help you grow your coaching business:

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