Code of Values

Here at Heartrepreneur®
We stick to these core values to make the best of each relationship we have the opportunity to establish.​


  • Valuing others as much as we value ourselves
  • Deeply tuning in during all conversations
  • Responding quickly and thoroughly
  • Being charge neutral and not judgmental
  • Honoring each person as right in their beliefs


  • Keeping our word
  • Doing what we say we will do
  • Under promising and over delivering
  • Communicating any commitments or promises we may have broken immediately to the  person we are in relationship with
  • Speaking openly and being fully transparent at all times
  • Using clarifying questions to be certain we fully understand
  • Never speaking around a person – directing what we have to say directly to the person

Client Centered Focus

  • Doing everything we can to foster long-term client loyal relationships
  • Always appreciating our clients and acknowledging them as our extended family

Having Fun Is Essential!
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