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BlogComcast/Xfinity Poor Customer Service

December 21, 2015

Comcast/Xfinity You Should Be Ashamed!

I come home a week ago to settle down and watch some mindless TV wtvremote 300x200 - Comcast/Xfinity Poor Customer Serviceith my husband and we turn on our TV and it’s a black picture with sound.  We try another TV and same thing. We call Comcast/Xfinity and they ping the TV’s and we wait an hour and nothing. We call their overseas poor customer service people who read off a script, never listen and speak over us and they ping the TV’s and then they still don’t work.

The next day the technician comes out and looks at the two TV’s (meanwhile 2 other TV’s on different floors of our home work perfectly fine) and tells me they both are broken.  I say no way!   They both broke the same day at the both time?!  Really?!  He tells me we had a power surge and our TV’s got fried.  I then show him how our TV’s our on two different fuse boxes AND each have their own surge protectors built right into the fuse boxes.  Now he looks very perplexed.  He goes into my basement and comes back up saying he must go out to the pole.  About an hour later he returns.  He informs me that the last time Comcast/Xfinity came out they left tools out by the pole and did NOT ground the wires and the power surge was by the pole and came in through the cable box that they didn’t ground properly and was entirely their fault.  He said he already called his supervisor and they would “replace both my TV’s” as they destroyed them.  He gave me his technician number and also gave me his supervisors direct line and informed me his supervisor was only going to be there for about 2 more hours.

Both my husband and myself tried the supervisor’s line for hours and it went to a fast busy signal.  Finally my husband got another supervisor on the line after going through a ton of ropes. That supervisor, on Tuesday, told my husband this would be “expedited” and we would get a call by “Friday at 6 PM” to arrange a site visit.  That’s what they call
“expedited” at Comcast/Xfinity. No call ever came!  What horrible and unconcerned customer service!

We have no TV’s in our common family areas at all.  It’s now a full week with no TV service at all and no calls from Comcast/Xfinity!  Horrible customer service and typical of my experience with Comcast/Xfinity.  You can change your name but you can’t hide from the fact you give a horrible experience to your customers and you don’t care about your customers.

You MUST respond to customers.  You MUST take responsibility for blowing up our TV’s and you MUST instantly replace them.  Enough is enough already. Where is your customer service?


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