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21st October 20160

Interpersonal Communication Skills For Business


As a business owner, you know you need to have good communication skills, right? Have you nailed down exactly what that means?  You might think it means communicating well with employees or on social media or being able to write well or to speak well and communicate your ideas well.  In my experience, while all of those things are important and hold true, what is often not fully developed in small business owners is the ability to communicate with prospects and also with customers and without these communication skills your sales and long-term business success is in jeopardy.

Your ability to communicate in writing and verbally is going to attract prospects on line and off line.  Your ability to speak with prospects and with customers is going to determine if they buy your services and products and if they stay with your company long-term and if they will refer other customers to your business.

How To Improve Your Communication Skills


Your ability to write effectively is one of the most important aspects of communication.  If you are not good at writing letters, emails, notes and other things you must get some communication training so you are able to powerfully express your ideas.  Leaders are followed when their ideas are clear and their messages are powerful and understood.  Prospects who see your written word will either be attracted to do business with you or repelled by you.  Customers will either feel more resonance with you or want to move away from you.  This is the first skill you need to improve how you communicate.

The next skill is your ability to get your spoken word across.  When you speak are you focused and attentive and truly hearing what the other person is saying before you even think of what you choose to say?  If not, then you are not able to communicate fully because you are speaking from an agenda and a planned outcome and not using active listening.  When I say active listening I mean active.  Yes, listening is part of being a great communicator.

Tune in deeply to what people are saying before you present your ideas and thoughts.  Pay attention to nothing else, including what you want to share, as you fully embrace the speaker’s words, the feelings underneath the words and you observe their nonverbal communication. Notice your own body language.  Are you listening with an open heart and with an open mind?  Are you tuned in and open to receive rather than thinking of what you want to say?

This deep listening will make you a better speaker.  When it is time for you to speak, breathe and connect with the other person or people.  Think about what will be valuable for them to hear that matches what you heard.  Only say things that add to the conversation and lift people up and connect heart-to-heart. Because you have tuned in to their words, their emotions and their bodies, you will now be able to speak to them from the place of knowing what they need to hear. This is the secret of effective communication.

When I first began my career, I was a speech-language pathologist and studied all forms of communication.  As a business owner I realized how important words and writing are to my success.  I also have learned that different people have different communication styles.  Some people are more auditory and some more visual.  I have discovered how to adopt to their needs.

Later in my career as I learned coaching skills, I truly became much better and deeply tuning in, connecting from my heart, hearing without judgement, letting me agenda go and quieting my ego that wanted to speak out or up.

Which communication skills do you need to improve?

Which ones will help you grow your prospects and retain your customers and even your employees?

Comment and let me know how you plan to become a better communicator.

If you need resources to learn communication skills and coaching skills, go to:





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