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BlogConduct A Social Media Audit For Your Business

14th August 20170

How To Conduct A Social Media Marketing Audit

Here are some easy steps that will step you through conducting a social media marketing audit for your business.

The first step is to list all your social media accounts in one place.  I suggest you start a spreadsheet of all of your accounts with passwords, administrators on each page and account information.  This is the start of your social media audit template. I also recommend you search Google to find anyone that might also have a social media profile representing you or your brand that you don’t own.  I recently did this and found 4 social media profiles set up as if they were me or my brand. I had to contact Pinterest and Instagram to get them removed. This is why it is so important to do an audit of social media regularly.

Next, I recommend you review all of your social media profiles for accuracy making sure they reflect your business mission and your brand image. Make changes to any accounts that don’t fully reflect your brand. Do a social media internal audit that checks your profile photos, cover photos, icons, your bios and descriptions and correct URLs.  These are the steps I use and how to conduct a social media audit. I look at this social media audit report every two months to make sure my social media is up to date. A social media audit is an examination of a person or

So, what is a social media audit? Very simply it is a way to examine your social media presence and make sure it is accurate and complete and that it is working for you. This article simplifies the process of how to do a social media audit and gives some social media audit tools as well.

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