Women In Business Need Connection

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This is what you’ve been looking for!

Could you use more positive, productive, collaborative, celebratory connections?

I invite you to attend our October Business Connect to learn, network, and be inspired with other area professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs, and visionaries. Guests are invited to attend their first meeting for free.

All women in business  need what we have! 

  • Positivity
  • Education
  • Community over competition
  • Empowerment
  • Connections
  • Sisterhood
  • Collaborations
  • Drama free
  • Celebrations support

Amazing, Totally Unique Connection Company

1000 connections polkadot chapter Montgomeryville PA

We connect the world’s most positive, most action forward, most amazing, top 10% -doer business women.

We connect them to network together and to do business together.

We encourage them to push each other to the next level in all aspects of life and business.

What would you do with 1,000 new connections?

Want that opportunity?  Here’s how to play.

Pre-Launch Founding Members

Become a pre-launch founding member today and receive 2 months FREE membership plus $50 off your registration (which is a song!).  Then attend the launch connection meeting on October 19th, 2016 at the Metropolitan  at 750 Upper State Road, North Wales, PA 19454.  We begin at 11:30.  Come at 11 and mingle!

Pre-launch founding members who join the chapter now get the 2 months FREE membership plus $50 off their registration and a 30 min FREE business strategy session from me – a top business mentoring expert or a life coaching session from me as an expert in overcoming blocks, fears and any life issue you want to push through. These sessions are worth $500 and are my gift to my founding members who join now.  I applaud and celebrate and reward women who take action and who don’t sit on things, consult the stars and sit on the sidelines waiting.

Bring Your Friends

When you bring one friend you and your friend each get an autographed copy of my bestselling book Work Yourself Happy.

When you bring 2 friends you each get an autographed copy of Work Yourself Happy plus you each receive my favorite business tool … a world clock calculator valued at $25.

When you bring 3 friends you each get your autographed books, the world clock calculators and you each receive a beautiful journal.

So join us on October 19, 2016, for our launch of the Montgomeryville, PA Polka Dot Powerhouse business connection meeting and launch party.

If you are a positive woman interested in business connection you can attend your first meeting at no cost. Additional meetings occur monthly .

Register today at: Polka Dot Powerhouse  and look for the Montgomeryville, PA chapter.

Don’t forget to arrive 30 minutes early to create additional connections prior to the meetings commencement.

For more information contact Terri Levine Managing Director at 215-527-0634 or terri@terrilevine.com.  Additional information can be obtained by visiting www.polkadotpowerhouse.com. Locate the Montgomeryville, PA.

Polka Dot Powerhouse is an expansive, rapidly-growing, closely connected family of extraordinary professional women from around the globe. The Polka Dot Sisterhood brings together women from all walks of life; age, race, background, location and industry. Connecting the most positive, action forward and amazing top 10% business women is the foundation of this progressive world-wide connection company that you are now invited to be part of.

Polka Dot Powerhouse drives momentum, education, and support. Our chapter members collaborate in business and link through referrals. Every member is unique and brilliant in her own way. I recognize you as a shining diamond who is sitting on a goldmine and I want to help you.

Our group’s commonality is a community sharing a collective knowledge, understanding, and awareness that when surrounded with the most incredible women in the world, businesses and lives change exponentially. 

Come connect and build life- long friendships and business relationships.

The world needs more positive, productive, collaborative and celebratory connections.

Join us today at Polka Dot PowerHouse and register under Montgomeryville, PA chapter.

Join the Montgomeryville Polka Dot Powerhouse Meeting in October!

We connect the world’s most powerful business – women.

Hope to see you there!  Spread the word and join as a pre-launch founding member for all your bonuses.

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