May 12

Special Episode: MCM March Connect & Collaborate


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I am lucky enough to speak with many people who are in the business of transformation.

They tell me that they are sitting behind their computers, creating power points, writing books or going on podcasts.

Maybe they’re speaking at events or putting together courses.

They’re doing all of these things—but somehow, none of it is monetizing.

Although this might be a surprise to you, this is certainly not a surprise to me.

I see this sequence of events often in my work.

They’re missing one simple, yet powerful step.


Making Real Connections


I met a woman who was very keen on getting a book deal.

She told me she had been working on it for two years.

Because she was working so tirelessly on this book, she couldn’t even pay attention to getting new clients.

So, I asked her if she was making any money and she told me that she wasn’t.

As an author myself, this doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Without a large following or audience, you’re never going to get a publishing deal.

If you haven't created a connection with your audience, they're not going to buy from you.

The first thing a publisher looks for is how many people will actually purchase your book.

These publishers are in the business of selling.

Building A Community Through Connection
building strong connections

Clients come to me and tell me that they’re in the business of transformation, yet what they’re really in the business of is non-paid content creation.

They are sitting around and they’re not helping anyone with real transformations.

You have to have a brand, a following, and a platform in order to create impact, influence, and thereby income.

Until you have a group of hungry buyers, you can publish all of the books that you want and no one is going to be purchasing them.

On top of this, you’re not in the right business.

If you want to be in the business of transformation, you have to actually be working with people and transforming lives.

So, let’s see you create transformations, each and every single day.

Genuine Conversations, Connections, And Communities

That really is the best guidance I can off you.

All of you are in the business of transformation. What we all get paid for is creating transformation.

Don’t be the coach or consultant who is constantly coming up with your next pitch or figuring out how you’re going to close.

None of that will get you income and none of that will get you to where you want to be.

The first step to building a community is to connect heart to heart.

All you need to do is share your knowledge and create genuine conversations, connections, and communities.

Take the time and get to know each other.

Get to know your community and give them what they really want: transformation.

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