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BlogConquering Fear Of Business Success

July 22, 2017

What If Your Subconscious Fear Of Success Is Holding You Back?

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Have you ever thought that maybe you aren’t successful in business because you might actually have a fear of being successful?  You might not even be aware of this fear consciously. We all have fears in business and life. In this article, I will help you learn how to conquer the fear of success and at the same time, you will learn that the principles of conquering a fear will help you conquer fear of anything. No matter what your fears are you will see that things like how to conquer fear of heights, how to conquer fear of flying and even something like how to conquer fear of needles all relate to the same principles that will help you conquer your fears.



4 Steps To Conquering Fears

  1. Imagine the absolute worst case scenario for what you are afraid of. You might see your business failing and you having to shut it down and then seek a job.  See, hear, feel, smell, and taste what that could like like. Really imagine it and allow yourself to get the picture of what this would be like. Don’t stop until you also see, hear, feel, smell and taste yourself moving past the worst scenario you can imagine. Your subconscious mind will show you that you will come out safely and life will go on. The worst case scenario usually never does happen and now you are prepared for it even if it does happen. Zig Ziglar said that fear stands for false evidence appearing real. Once you have done this scenario you will see that you have a lot of false evidence for what is probably never going to happen.
  2. Next shift into taking a baby step forward into what you do fear. If you fear business success then take a step doing something in business you might not have done. One of my clients had a fear her business would fail because a new competitor opened a dental office near her. I told her to begin calling her past patients and reminding them to come back in for a checkup and that she would gain more patients and income and see that she had nothing to fear. She personally called 18 people and 7 returned to her practice. Her fear went way down that her dental practice would fail once she took this step.  Another client came to me with a fear of heights and I took him to a low ropes course.  Once he overcame that challenge he actually asked me if he could do the high ropes course!
  3.  Write down what your fears are and then write down what is true about them based on real evidence.  For example, if you think you can’t find enough clients then write down all the reasons you can’t find them. Then for each item ask, “Is it true and based on fact?”. Again, it might just be false evidence appearing real. I also encourage you to find a few conquering fear quotes that resonate with you and keep them in your journal to review frequently.
  4. Eat the elephant one bite at a time. This means I want you to do something really small to move you into what you do fear. Again, baby steps. I have a client who was fearful about picking up the phone and asking for appointments to help people with their insurance needs. I told her to dial only one person. Just one. She was nervous about this and then realized after only one phone call she was done. She made that call. Yes, she was nervous and afraid however with practice and phoning only one person a day she lost the butterflies within a few weeks. Last year she was number 6 in the insurance agency she works for because she makes a lot of calls each week and schedules appointments to help people.  She also kept by her phone quotes about conquering fear and these conquer fear quotes she said helped her when she was getting cold feet.



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