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8th September 20160


Why You Must Have A Personal Brand

I get to delve into one of my favorite topics now!  Personal branding.  I constantly meet clients who have no personal brand and instead are representing a company or direct sales organization and have given themselves over to believing that is their brand.

Not true.  If you own a business, are a coach, consultant, speaker, trainer, author, chiropractor, dentists or any other venture or are in direct sales or network marketing … the brand is YOU.  People buy from people they know, like, and trust.  While I believe you have heard this before, I wonder if you really get the power and impact and influence your own personal branding statement makes on prospects and on customers.

In my business mentoring work, I help clients create a Core Unique Positioning Statement, which is their own personal brand. This statement actually serves to draw their ideal prospects to them through what I term reverse marketing.  Those prospects hear a statement that tells how the person is the one and only person who can solve their exact problem and has prospects raising their hands to get to know them.

Personal Brand Examples

A Core Unique Positioning Statement is your personal brand.  Let me give you some personal brand examples.  First of all, let’s look at what the statement for personal branding starts with.  I call it Core Unique Positioning because it is the core benefit of what you do positioning to hit your ideal target audience.  The statement begins with, “I am the ONLY…”.  The word ONLY is critical to setting yourself apart from other people in your industry or profession and telling people why to choose to do business with you. Next, you tell the exact target audience you work with like this, “Who helps realtors…”.  You name your specific niche target that you work with and are trying to attract.  The next part of your Core Unique Positioning Statement is where you actually name the biggest benefit you provide.  The one that keeps your target audience up at night.  The one they really want to have solved. State that.  An example of this is, “double and triple your revenue”.  It’s a clear result. Finally, end with a guarantee.  Every personal branding statement needs some type of a guarantee.  They don’t need to be financial.  Proof that you get the result you say you can get and that you are willing to put your word on this.  For example, “lose 10 pounds in 4 weeks – guaranteed”.  The entire concept of a Core Unique Positioning Statement is creating a personal branding statement that differentiates you from everyone in a field or industry.  If I am selecting someone to sell me face cream that is sold through a direct sales company and you have a personal branding statement formed the way I just taught you, as a Core Unique Positioning statement, I am much more likely to buy from you and consider being your business partner.



Personal Branding Is…

Now you understand more about personal branding. Whenever someone asks what is personal branding, simply inform them it is creating a Core Unique Positioning Statement that sets you apart from everyone else in your field or industry and attracts your ideal target audience of prospects to you, through reverse marketing. Personal branding is not only your Core Unique Positioning, it is your image, your social media profiles, your website, written collateral and all you do and say and must all be integrated to reflect your Core Unique Positioning.

Post an example in the comments of your personal brand or your Core Unique Positioning Statement here and also on my Facebook group page here: 


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