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July 21, 2016

Gain More Business By Managing Your Sales Life Cycle

I find it fascinating when I chat with business owners that many do not have a sales life cycle or know their sales life cycle stages. Their and your business success depends on having a sales life cycle so you can create awareness of your products and services and then generate leads for your products and services and of course make money when people purchase your products and services.

Every prospect will go through a full sales cycle when buying. They need to first have exposure to your brand and this is the first step in your sales cycle. You need to have a cycle of sales plan developed that will get your sales and services directly in front of your ideal target audience. Once prospects see your products and services you want a way for them to let you know they have interest in potentially purchasing from your company. So the next step in the cycle of sales is knowing what mechanisms you will use to convert prospects. For example, do you want them to speak with a salesperson by phone, come into your location, book an appointment, complete a web form, etc?  To complete the sales cycle you want to close deals so that your business makes money.  How will you close prospects? Will you use sales people or will you use automation or demonstrations of your products or services?

Having clarity about what is your sales cycle will drive in more business and help you create more very interested leads and then convert those leads into buyers.  Have you thought out your full sales cycle?

Create Your Sales Cycle

Begin thinking about your sales cycle right now.  In my company, Heartrepreneur® LLC, we work heart-to-heart since we are Heartrepreneurs. We have many ways to attract our ideal target audience by reverse marketing. Reverse marketing is what we teach our consulting clients to do and simply means we do not hunt for clients. Instead, we give away a ton of value with templates, checklists, articles, podcasts, FacebookLive, webinars and various other means. By doing this, ideal prospects come to us and raise their hands telling us they have interest.  The first step in our sales cycle is to deliver incredible content so that prospects can find us.

Our next step is to be certain we have a lot of opportunities for our exact target audience to find us.  We have web lead forms, a clickable phone number our website, Facebook contact forms and we provide free webinars, tele-seminars, and live events.  Our overall goal is always to attract, by reverse marketing, our ideal prospects and make a great impression on them by giving them highly valuable content that will help them solve problems in their business.

The next part of our sales cycle at is to sort, sift and separate the prospects so we only share our solutions with qualified buyers. We use a web form to do this and you can see it here:  Be certain you have some way to qualify who is serious about hiring your company so you do not spend a lot of time and energy with tire-kickers who have no funds to purchase from you and no intention of buying.  By doing this you will then have only qualified leads to spend time with.

We move our qualified leads to close by asking for the sale and explaining how our products and services can serve them and solve their biggest problem or move them to their biggest goal.  We also make sure the buyer is very happy and excited about their decision and really wants to invest in our products and services.
Finally, we deeply care about each client and give them a “wow” experience.  By doing this we create advocates of our company and we get endorsements, testimonials and referrals.
Can you see how having a sales cycle process will bring you more profits?
What are YOU waiting for?
Begin laying out your cycle of sales today.
If you want feedback, put your sales lifecyle in the comments and I will give you feedback.

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