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August 7, 2017

Top Customer Retention Strategies

I noticed a few companies that I follow on Facebook who are always seeking more business.  I also noticed they had a lot of complaints on Facebook and they were clearly not retaining their customers.  If you don’t focus on serving your customers as a Heart-repreneur® then you will lose anywhere from 20% to 80% of your customers. Do you understand how critical this is to your business?

Unless you focus on customer service retention strategies instead of just trying to add more customers you will work hard to bring in business just to watch business run out the back door. I work with business owners to double and triple their business revenues and profits. The business who is the most successful at customer retention will double and triple.  Those who only keep their eye on getting more customers will be losing customers and have a disadvantage in the market. I want you to keep your eye on the right ball.

Adobe Spark 1 300x300 - Customer Retention Strategies You Can Count OnWhen you put strategies in place to retain your customers then you will find your business can quickly multiply. Customer retention is simple and doesn’t need to cost a lot to implement. Try some of these top customer retention marketing strategies in your business.

  1. Thank customers as soon as they buy from you. Create a system of thanking them on a regular basis. I use Send Out Cards to automate this function in my business.
  2. Get in touch with customers as soon as they stop purchasing and show you have noticed and you care. Find out what you can do to help them. This will go a long-way to retaining customers and bringing them back and also to correcting any issues that customers may be having that are causing them to leave.
  3. Keep in touch with regular communication such as a newsletter, sharing a blog post, sending out personal notes, making a quick call, sending special offers, etc. Show you care and that your customer family members are truly valued by you.
  4. Never pass the buck.  If your company makes a mistake or if your customer feels like they didn’t get the result they wanted, step up. Do what is right. Take the blame and don’t pass the buck.
  5. Hire people to work with you who are driven by a customer retention strategy mindset and who understand the time and expense it takes to attract an ideal customer and why you want to keep them with your company.
  6. Integrity must be a value in your company.  Always communicate with transparency, authenticity, and integrity from attracting qualified prospects to serving your customer family members. Always and all ways!
  7. Thank customers who complain.  I am serious. A complaint gives you a chance to make things right with your customer. If they leave without expressing their complaint you never get the opportunity to correct an issue. Show gratitude for complaints.

You can learn a lot from customer retention strategies in the telecom industry.  Why? They face the same issues as every business with customers churning and burning and they have created some great solutions.

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