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BlogWhat Does Customer Satisfaction Mean – For Real!

15th September 20170

What Customers Say Satisfaction Means

I know we all have our beliefs as business owners about what satisfaction means to our customers. Being a very inquisitive person, I asked 18 of my customers what satisfaction means to them.  I believe we can all learns ome lessons from what real customers have to say.

There were some common themes in the answers to this question, which I will share with you so that you can improve your customer experience, as well.  Here they are:

  1. Fast responses.
  2. Able to reach you by phone, email, text and Facebook messenger.
  3. Clear responses.
  4. Someone who is the point person to speak with.
  5. Assistance with billing questions/concerns.
  6. Recognition on birthdays and for other events like holidays.
  7. Small gifts.
  8. Thank you cards and notes.
  9. Feeling like they are special and not just a buying unit.
  10. Caring that what they are purchasing is really the best thing for them.
  11. If a mistake is made, taking full responsibility right away and apologizing and correcting the mistake.
  12. Surprise discounts, bonuses, phone calls or check in emails.

If you read this list and do nothing other than reading it, nothing will improve. Do you want to have happier customers?  If so, what actions will you take today to begin to serve your customers at an even higher level?

Customers are the lifeblood of every business.  I don’t care if someone invests one cent with my company, I treat them like the valued client family members they are.

Share your ideas and amp up your customer satisfaction levels.

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