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August 18, 2016

How Do I Satisfy Everyone?

As a business owner, you are faced with satisfying so many people. Did you ever stop and think about this? I’ve been asking some questions lately about satisfaction. What is the meaning of ‘satisfy’? I even looked up the definition of satisfy because I began to wonder if my definition for satisfy really covered what a business owner needs to do to be certain they are meeting what is necessary for customer satisfaction.

If you are like some of my business mentoring clients, then you will want to know the satisfy meaning because it relates to your business success with customers as well as employees. You need to be an expert in customer satisfaction to keep customers and also in job satisfaction for employee retain, as well.

My Satisfaction Survey Data

I asked 10 of my clients, after I knew the definition of satisfy, to define satisfying.  I asked them to answer a survey I designed where I asked questions like, what does satisfy mean, what does the satisfying definition mean to your customers and employees, define satisfies from a customer and employee perspective, what is the definition of satisfying to you, and more.  I was very curious to compare their interpretations of the word satisfy compared to satisfy dictionary statements I read.

I also asked questions about what customer satisfaction meant to my clients. I was curious if they conducted a customer satisfaction survey and, I wanted to find out their customer satisfaction survey questions.  I also wanted their customer satisfaction definition, and I wondered if they did a job satisfaction survey, and also what was their job satisfaction definition.

This article will share my findings and, also I hope, get you to think about how you are satisfying your customers and employees and how you can bring more heart-to-heart connections to your customers and employees. I am all about creating more Heartrepreneurs who are business owners who are shifting to being very conscious, authentic, and transparent with their prospects, customers, employees and vendors and I am in the process of creating more heartful business leaders.

Here is what I found, based on my surveys.

Heartrepreneur® Research Data Says…

Overall, employee satisfaction was defined as employees acting happy at work and being motivated to get their jobs done and having good morale in the workplace. Employee retention was the main measurement that my clients used to tell if an employee was satisfied.

Customer satisfaction was summed up as creating a good experience for buyers and meeting their expectations of the buying situation.  Most of my survey answers defined satisfaction as customers liking and enjoying the products and services purchased as much as they thought they would when making a buying decision.  None of my clients used the american customer satisfaction index ( as benchmarks.  All of them were also curious how they compared to other companies in their industry and which of their competitors had the highest job satisfaction reported by their employees.  Of all the clients surveyed, none of them knew the jobs with highest satisfaction as reported by employees.

What The Heartrepreneur® Research Means…

So what does this all mean?  My research led me to the following conclusions.

  1. Business owners guess how to satisfy customers
  2. They don’t ask often enough if their customers are satisfied
  3. Often they lose customers finding out later their customers were not satisfied and the reason they left is they felt the company provided poor service
  4. Business owners did not measure employee morale but guessed at it
  5. They also didn’t know how satisfied their employees were

Lessons From The Heartrepreneur® Survey

What are the lessons from my surveys?  Here is what a Heartrepreneur®  will do in their business to retain customers and employees and also create tremendous cost savings. We all know it costs more to get a new customer than to retain one and that hiring and training new employees is expensive and that the disengaged worker who is unhappy is not productive and calls out more and gets injured more. We can keep our customers and employees if we follow some simple rules to being a Heartrepreneur® as a business owner.

  1. Communicate with customers and employees regularly
  2. Ask employees if they are happy and what might please them more
  3. Listen and tune in to what employees tell you – without being defensive
  4. Be interested in what employees and customers have to say
  5. Make changes in how you operate as a company based on the feedback your customers and employees give you
  6. Whenever a customer or employee acts in a way that causes you to see them as potentially unhappy, intervene immediately to find out the cause
  7. Be curious about what your company can do more right according to customers and employees
  8. Learn from best practices of companies who have high retention rates of customers and employees
  9. Always be in the mode of believing it is you, the Heartrepreneur® business owner who must satisfy your customers and employees

If you need help to improve your employee or customer relations, does lunch and learns and seminars on these topics, and I also do keynotes on these topics, and you can also hire us to help your business through business coaching and mentoring here:

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