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BlogDigital Public Relations: Strategy In Action

5th September 20172

Digital PR

If you have a business and don’t yet use a digital PR strategy or you have a digital PR strategy that isn’t doing a lot for your business, then this article is a must read.  Before we dig in, you might be asking, “What is digital PR?”, so let me give you the definition of digital public relations.  You might also hear digital public relations referred to as online PR. They are the same things, so my answer will cover what is online PR or what is online public relations with the online public relations definition. The online PR definition I use is that digital PR or online PR is a tactic that will increase your company’s branding and presence by building relationships with key online content writers and online journalists so that your business will gain more press views, citations about you and your business and good quality backlinks to your website to gain ‘press hits’, or citations, and high-quality backlinks.

I have found that online PR is one of the best marketing strategies for businesses because it is cost-effective.  The goal of PR online is to work in tandem with your other online business building strategies like social media and link building and blogging and other forms of digital communication. PR online is certainly a very low-cost way to create brand awareness, however, it does require having a great strategy and knowing how to use this form of PR to truly create results.

Digital PR Companies

Digital PR agencies do more than just build exposure and elevate your brand awareness. A digital PR agency will have the right PR tactics and know how to combine them in the digital world and will actually give you a return on investment by getting your company and your brand in front of your exact target audience who can become buyers and therefore will increase your sales and return on investment from your digital marketing strategy.

A digital PR firm will be able to create content that the media will resonate with and will know how to get links to your website from the PR they put out on your behalf. This PR can really help your website’s search engine optimization. Digital PR services can include writing your PR pieces as well as placing them in places that will leverage and optimize your exposure. An online PR agency can actually look at all of your digital channels and synergize them into one online marketing plan.  When hiring an online PR company, talk with them about their digital PR tools and their online PR activities that they will conduct for your business.

I am a big fan of online public relations when a solid online PR strategy is deployed.  What you don’t want to do is hit or miss online PR that is not tied to your social media presence, your website, and other online channels.

Here are some online PR examples.


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